Bachelor of Fine Art in Art Education
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Bachelor of Fine Art in Art Education

people become art teachers because they didn’t
have good art teachers. A lot of people want to
become art teachers, though, because they had a fantastic
teacher that changed the direction of their life. [MBIRA MUSIC PLAYING] We emphasize
contemporary practices, and for some that means the
teaching is the artwork, and for others that means
adopting performance in a classroom. I mean, there’s an incredibly
huge breadth of experiences that people bring to the
classes in the BFA/AE program. And then in turn, they
go out to the schools, and then they’re able to
combine that with the knowledge and experiences of the
children in the classrooms. KAT ALICE TAE: The
ideas that I want talk about in my curriculum
are the ones that I’m exploring in my own art– not stuff that I’ve already
come to a conclusion about, or have a strong opinion
about, but genuine questions that I’m exploring through
my studio practice. One of the big projects that
we did in AP art this year was gesture, and how the
body communicates meaning. And we started to talk about
the politics of the body, but also the
metaphors of the body. The body is something that I
explore a lot in my artwork, so it was really cool to be
able to share that with them. And you could see the
look in their eyes when they hear something
that really clicks with them, or resonates, but they
hadn’t heard before. NICOLE MARROQUIN:
One of the things that’s unique about our
program is that students become licensed to teach K through 12. When students enter
the BFA program, they go immediately
into classrooms. They start to work with
students within the first month. The strength of the
program is that they get a lot of one-on-one
time with faculty, and they get to collaborate
with each other. We have an incredibly
strong network of alumni that are teaching
in the schools, many of which become our mentor teachers. OLIVIA GUDE: The School
of the Art Institute is a magical place,
where you find yourself in connection with currents of
what’s happening in the arts, and in design, and in
film, across the world. And so you’re at
this place where there is ultimate respect for
the significance and importance of artistic practice. And art program is designed
to align artistic practice and pedagogical practice. And I think we’re very
good at helping students to understand what they can do
uniquely as artist-teachers, and also what’s needed
uniquely for students in their particular communities.

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