Artists Turn Cute Drawings Into Nightmares

Artists Turn Cute Drawings Into Nightmares

– [Julia] Welcome to Drawfee
where we take your dumb ideas – [Jacob] And make even dumber drawings. – [Julia] I'm Julia. – [Jacob] I'm Jacob. – [Julia] And today
it's only the two of us. – [Jacob] A duo. – [Julia] A duo. – [Jacob] A duepisode. It's Duesday. – [Julia] Duepisode. – [Jacob] It's Duosday. – [Julia] Anyway. – [Jacob] We're doing an
episode just the two of us, Nathan's gone. – [Julia] Nathan's gone, what a nightmare. – [Jacob] Oh nice, good segway. – [Julia] What we're doing today is something that I thought might be fun and I've also seen it in the comments – Yeah, I don't
– A few times. – [Jacob] I don't know
like a specific person that suggested it, but I
know you've talked about it. – [Julia] Yeah, I've talked about maybe doing this a few
times, but let's test it out. What we're gonna do is since
Jacob and I draw so differently is that before this episode, Jacob drew something cute and
I drew something nightmarish, and we're gonna try to do the reverse on each other's drawings. – [Jacob] Yeah, I'm
gonna make her nightmare into something cute and she's gonna make my cute thing into something nightmarish. It's the nightmare cute challenge. Or the cute nightmare
challenge depending on which way you'd like to phrase it. But one way is correct and
I won't tell you which one. – [Julia] So, I did a drawing beforehand and Jacob's in the driver's seat, so Jacob's gonna look at my nightmare and try to cute it up. – [Jacob] I'm gonna pull it
up right now, here we go. Let's see what we got. Wowee. – [Julia] Not what you expected, huh? – [Jacob] No. – [Julia] I did one of those– – [Jacob] How could it be what I expected? – [Julia] I did one of those things where I kind of just zoned out
and started drawing things. – [Jacob] You sure did,
this is so upsetting. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Okay wow. – [Julia] Yeah. So I didn't have a super big
amount of time to do this before this recording, but I had fun with it. – [Jacob] Yeah clearly. – [Julia] And I tried
to go in a little bit of a different direction,
an unexpected direction and – [Jacob] It's really cool. It's a really cool design
– Thank you, thank you – [Jacob] And it's not,
it is definitely not like – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Other things you've done. – [Julia] Yeah, you
know you've been playing a lot of Sekiro recently and I've been watching you play all of it and – [Jacob] I recall. – [Julia] Yeah and last night
we got to some cave bits with some, some bugoid creatures. – [Jacob] There was some buggy, there were some buggy boys in there, yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, some buggy humans. And I think that was on the brain 'cause I was trying to kind of design like if humans were stuck in caves forever. You know?
– Sure. – [Julia] If we only
evolved within a cave. – [Jacob] I like that. – [Julia] Yeah, so I tried
to make a cave dwelling evolved human. – [Jacob] There's also some definite like Hollow Knight vibes in here. Sort of like the mask like
face and the buggy parts. – [Julia] Yeah, well the face you know, I was referring to those
like cave dwelling axolotls, I forget what they're called, but they're like axolotls
that are completely smooth and have no eyes anymore and
has the really long snouts. – [Jacob] They like evolved
out of needing to see. – [Julia] Yeah and they're really pale and like somewhat translucent like you can see their blood, like their veins and stuff underneath and it's almost like you
can see through them, it's really cool. Interesting.
– Yeah it's really – [Julia] So, I was kinda channeling that and then those just God awful centipedes that live in caves. – [Jacob] Yeah, I hate those. – [Julia] Oh you're drawing like a Binding of Isaac kind of dealio right now. – [Jacob] Yeah I mean I kinda thought, if you wanna make something cute, – [Julia] Yeah, – [Jacob] Step one make it rounder. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Step two, make it squatter, – [Julia] Yeah, I mean this person already looks like a mushroom. – [Jacob] Yeah, I was
kinda trying to channel a little bit of a mushroom shape as well. I wonder, do I have to
keep the expression? Does it matter? – [Julia] No, I don't think so. I think you can do whatever you want. – [Jacob] I'm gonna roll with it for now. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] We're gonna see, see how it turns out
'cause we got like little – [Julia] He does already look so cute. – [Jacob] That's the only noise
I can think when I do these. – [Julia] Hi. – [Jacob] 'Cause it feels
like he would have to talk with like a little bit of a lisp because he's got too many centipede bits coming out of his mouth. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Hey, you gonna eat all that? – [Julia] It's like someone trying to talk
with a load of fries in their mouth, you know? – [Jacob] Yeah, totally,
and there's drippies. – [Julia] Yeah, 'cause
that mouth cannot close. – [Jacob] Yeah, it
can't close all the way, – [Julia] So it's always
just kinda dripping. – [Jacob] And then we've got, you kinda have these head lines here and sort of a nosey, nosey line. – [Julia] Yeah, like
the nose is evolving out a little bit and like smoothing out. – [Jacob] Don't need it. – [Julia] We don't need
those sniffers I believe. – [Jacob] Don't need
eyes, don't need nose, – [Julia] I guess you do
need sniffers in a cave, huh? – [Jacob] Sniffers might
actually be pretty helpful. – [Julia] Yeah, it might
be the most helpful. Well I've done and mucked that up, huh. – [Jacob] And I think I'm gonna go with another like, if we're gonna
make this a teaching moment as well, another tenant
of making things cuter is simplification. – [Julia] Yeah, oh my God. – [Jacob] And making shapes bigger. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] So I'm gonna
go with one big shroom kinda coming out of
where this eye would be. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] And then I do some little ones sort of around it, but way less. Like you put in a lot of detail here. And they're kinda like
growing off of each other and that's really cool. So cool, that I'm going to not do it. – [Julia] That's fine. – [Jacob] 'Cause it goes
against my nature as an artist. – [Julia] Yeah, I kind of just zoned out and was zoomed in and just
kept drawing the same shape and like just moving up
the canvas and repeating. – [Jacob] Zone out and zoom in. – [Julia] Zone out and zoom in. – [Jacob] Hey kids, are
you having trouble drawing something unique and interesting? – [Julia] Zone out and zoom in. – [Jacob] Zone out and zoom in. I do really like the way
you did this shading. – [Julia] Thank you. – [Jacob] So I'm gonna
mimic that a little bit, I'm gonna chunk in some shading here. – [Julia] My original plan was to put in some more detailed shading like some gradients and whatnot, but, – [Jacob] I think we can do
that in like final renders. – [Julia] Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. – [Jacob] We don't need
to have it done here for this portion. And we'll just have some lines here so you can tell that it's
kind of like bulging out. I'm going for like cute creepy. I think Binding of Isaac
is a good reference point, Hollow Knight's a good reference point. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jacob] I like things
that are like creepy cute. So like it does scare you,
but also you're kinda like, hey little guy. – [Julia] Oh, hey there. – Hey little buddy,
– You doing alright? – [Jacob] What are you doing? – [Julia] It's like ants. You're like aw it's just so cute. But, they haven't like, lives, ant lives are dramatic. – [Jacob] Ant lives are dramatic. It's like you're so cute, but
also please leave my house. – [Julia] They have like a monarchy, they have scouts, they have soldier ants, like they got a whole hierarchy in there. – [Jacob] Yeah they
definitely got a whole like war going on that we're not, we're not privy to. – [Julia] You just look
at them and you're like, aw, look at you, you little round thing. – [Jacob] Do you think that there's like, some you know, fourth
dimensional creatures out there that are looking down at
us saying the same thing? – [Julia] Probably. – [Jacob] And like with them we have like all these little armies, and battles, and all these little problems that – [Julia] Listen, I
didn't sign up for Drawfee to have an existential crisis, alright? – [Jacob] Oh, that's my bad. – [Julia] Yeah, thanks, thank you. If we could avoid that, that would be just splendid. – [Jacob] See it's not for a crisis, it's so you can say look, you know, maybe my problems aren't so bad in the grand scheme of things. Maybe things will be okay.
– That's true. – [Jacob] Yeah, so we'll get
like a little mushroom there. Just like a couple hinted
at shrooms back here. – [Julia] He almost looks like like a little wooden peg doll. – [Jacob] Yeah, kind of. You made the face sort of like mask-y. – [Julia] A little bit, yeah. – [Jacob] So I kinda am
keeping in with that idea and you don't have a body here. – [Julia] No. I think that's up for you to interpret, I did have little centipede
legs coming out the back, – [Jacob] Yeah, I saw that, yeah. We'll get some of those. I have an idea of kind of
what I wanna do with this. I like the centipede legs on the back and because like, you know, like you said we've been going through Sekiro and every time I'm playing
like a From Soft game, I always love sort of the
tragic implied stories of characters, you know? So I'm kinda thinking in that vein, where like you see this character and maybe the way he's, the way his person body is sitting, seems to suggest I don't, I don't want anything
to do with harming you. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] But his bug body
does want to harm you. So like, you get, you
know you get close to it and the bug parts lash out and the person parts
kinda sitting here like I don't, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. – [Julia] I feel some sort
of connection between us, but bug parts not so much. – [Jacob] My bug parts don't
seem to like you very much. Oh, I like this little guy. – [Julia] Yeah. I could see this being like
a Steam game, you know? – [Jacob] Yeah, I really was like– – [Julia] Like a Switch Nindie. – [Jacob] Thinking like Hollow Knight NPC that you would find in sort of like an infested mushroom-y area. Let's get so more drippies, maybe there's like water
dripping down from above. – [Julia] I'm sorry. – [Jacob] Some of it's
like splashing on the – [Julia] I'm trying
not to get in the way. – [Jacob] Splashing on the mushrooms. That kinda drips off of there. – [Julia] Yeah, there's some stalactites over there hanging out. – [Jacob] Oh I like this,
I'm happy with this. – [Julia] Yeah, you did a great job. I wasn't super happy with my drawing, and then you came out and made something very cute and great out of it. – [Jacob] I really like your drawing, I think your drawing is awesome. – [Julia] Oh thank you,
it's just not as spooky as I wanted it to be, he's just kinda eerie and weird. – [Jacob] I think eerie and weird is just as good as spooky. – [Julia] Well thank you. – [Jacob] For all of you out there that might now be so spooky,
but you are eerie and weird, I see you. – [Julia] We support you. – [Jacob] And I support
you and I'm here for you. Alright, what do you say
we give you my cute thing, – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] And we see what
you're able to turn it into. – [Julia] Alright. – [Jacob] Alright Julia,
are you ready to see what cuteness is in store for you? – [Jacob] Oh I can't wait to ruin it. – [Jacob] I think this is gonna be difficult to make frightening. – Yeah?
– Yeah. So I'm really interested
to see what you do. – [Julia] Alright, let's see, boop. Oh. (laughing) – [Jacob] He's the
happiest little cowboy worm who ever existed. – [Julia] Why did we both do bugs? – [Jacob] I don't know,
yours wasn't a bug, well I guess it kinda was a bug. – [Julia] Mine was a
bug human cave dweller. – [Jacob] Mine's just
sort of bug in shape. He's got hands, he has hands
and feet like a person, but six of them like an insect, but a body like a worm. – [Julia] I can't believe, you gave me cowboy aesthetic. – [Jacob] To my mind there
are few things less spooky than a little cowboy outfit. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] And so I really
wanted to give you something, and also a big silly mustache. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] So I think you've
got your work cut out for you. You definitely have to my mind the harder job in this episode 'cause your job is additive
and my job is subtractive. I think it's easier to take away from what's already
there, but I don't know you're always good at this kind of thing, so I'm sure you'll, Julia finds a way. – [Julia] I'll figure it out. – [Jacob] You've already got
a really good shape here. – [Julia] Thanks. You know what I'm thinking of? You know, it's hard for me
to draw something spooky now, 'cause now I'm just
thinking about those little puppy outfits I love so much
of like the little cowboys. – [Jacob] Yeah, I was
kinda going for that feel. The feel of like an
outfit a puppy would wear. – [Julia] Yeah, okay so I
got a worm shape in here. – [Jacob] You do got a worm shape, and that's a good start. – [Julia] Yeah, so I
think what I'm gonna do, – [Jacob] I figured worm body might help you out a little bit 'cause there's definitely
some spooky directions. Spooky wormy directions. – [Julia] I tried to put in
like some human features. Originally I was just
gonna do like human shape, some sort of humanoid thing going on, but I thought that would be cruel, so I put in some features back in, – [Jacob] I appreciate that. – [Julia] To help you out and I feel like it has been returned in kind. – [Jacob] With the worm body? – [Julia] With the worm body 'cause good golly,
Molly, this cowboy outfit is gonna be something. – [Jacob] 'Cause if
you put a cowboy outfit on almost anything it becomes cute. It's like a hidden rule of cuteness. 'Cause I can't imagine, oh are you gonna make a mustache
into like a tooth stache. – [Julia] Well now I'm
debating if I wanna do a whole, can I, do I have
to do a whole worm body? As you have done to yours,
or can I just do like the top of the worm? – [Jacob] I mean you can do
whatever you want, I think. But if I don't see his bottom half, I'm going to assume he's
wearing little boots. – [Julia] He's going to
be wearing little boots. Okay, you know what I'm
gonna get real in here. – [Jacob] Okay you wanna go in. – [Julia] Yeah, I wanna go in there because I feel like to horror things up, you really gotta get some deets in there. – [Jacob] Yeah, the
horror's in the details. – [Julia] Yeah. You know, just it really
let's you get into some folds, oh my worm looks like
he's gonna eat yours. – [Jacob] He does, it looks
like they're interacting. Like they're friends. It sort of looks like
when in like a cartoon you've got the little
guy whose the fast talker and his big bodyguard brutish friend is really a sweetheart at heart. Is your worm a sweetheart at heart? – [Julia] No, I mean he could
be, but I don't think so. – [Jacob] I think that a
problem we're gonna run into is that anything placed next
to this jovial cowboy worm is going to seem more
harmless by association. It's like if you see this
jovial cowboy worm come to town, whoever's with them you're
like well they can't be so bad. – [Julia] Yeah, I'm trying, so okay. Little earthwormies, adorable. Not so adorable, ringwormies, hookwormies. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, any worm
that has the horrible mouth. – [Julia] Any worm that
has them horrible teeths and that big hole. – [Jacob] I don't like the big hole. – [Julia] I don't either,
it's just real creepy. So, I'm trying to get in that like kind of aesthetic going on, you know. Aesthetic, that's the right
word that I'm looking for for worm teeth, okay. I realized I was being too precious and we had to move on so
I'm kinda cutting in there. – [Jacob] This worm needs braces. – [Julia] The spookiest
thing of all, bad dental. – [Jacob] I haven't brushed in years. – [Julia] Have you ever tried to buy a toothbrush for a worm? It doesn't work, no one sells them. Please.
– Please. – [Julia] Someone make me a, just like a a spin pro for worm. – [Jacob] A spin pro? – [Julia] A spin pro. – [Jacob] I don't think
that's a brand of toothbrush. – [Julia] That's the name
of my toothbrush that I use. It's a spin pro. 'Cause it spins
professionally like a dentist. Dentists known for spinning. – [Jacob] You're going down a hole here where I can not follow you. Into this weird worm dentistry. – [Julia] Aw, now I really
wanna see a worm dentist, okay. – [Jacob] Do you know how many
worm orthodontists there are? Zero, they don't let worms
into orthodontist school on account of we don't
typically have hands. – [Julia] So I became a cowboy. – [Jacob] They do let
worms into cowboy school. – [Julia] Where anyone can be a cowboy. You can't prove I've never been, in a saddle on a cow. – [Jacob] Saddle on a cow? – [Julia] A saddle on a cow. – [Jacob] You're not
supposed to ride the cow. – [Julia] What? I thought that's what cowboys did. – [Jacob] Why do they
call them cowboys then? – [Julia] I thought that's what, ah dang it. I think what this worm's deal, is that he is actually huge, so this is just like a big ole dude. – [Jacob] I'm intrigued to
see where you go from here. – [Julia] Yeah, you've given
me a hard one, you know? This is a difficult one. – [Jacob] I was kinda
thinking maybe there's like elements that you can
incorporate into the worm body, like if you put a cowboy hat on this worm it's gonna be silly. But if you evoke a cowboy hat through some sort of
protrusions or appendages, – [Julia] Right. – [Jacob] You know perhaps
we can remain in spooky town where we wanna live. – [Julia] Well no wait,
I definitely want him to be wearing a cowboy hat. – [Jacob] You want him to
be wearing a cowboy hat. – [Julia] I feel like
you've given me challenge that I cannot back away from. – [Jacob] I don't think it's possible to make something wearing
a cowboy hat scary. – [Julia] I think it is. So let's just get some bones
sticking out of this guy like he's been eating some peoples. – [Jacob] He's a bone worm. Wow, in between each and every
tooth you've caught a bone. – [Julia] Just, I can't get toothbrushes, come on it's really hard
to get dental floss. Alright, so get that in there. So I think you know, part of his deal, with all of his like eating of people, so I'm gonna draw like a little, – [Jacob] So you're gonna
suggest that he ate a cowboy at some point. – [Julia] Yeah, basically, but, – [Jacob] Is there a
little skull up there? – [Julia] Yeah, he's gonna
be like covered in them, but I thought we should
get the important one out of the way. – [Jacob] So there's a,
there's gonna be a cowboy. The implication here,
– Yeah. – [Jacob] Is that he somehow
managed to eat and digest a human head, but not the cowboy hat that was on the head. – [Julia] Well no, not necessarily, maybe the skull, you know, maybe it like rotted away, you know, the skin and the flesh
and stuff like that. – [Jacob] But the hat was
made of stronger stuff. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] It remained on
through the rotting process. – [Julia] He looks happy to be there, I'm not gonna do that. – [Jacob] And no amount of
movement this worm has done, – [Julia] Like he's putting it back on. – [Jacob] The worm puts the hat back on? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Onto the skull? – [Julia] Yeah. Well he's got armies,
he's got little arms. – [Jacob] Oh, yours will also have arms. – [Julia] Well yeah. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Julia] You've also
set the challenge to me, that he is gonna have arms. – [Jacob] What's happening here? – [Julia] I think like, you know, a little bandana got caught. – [Jacob] Got caught on the bone? So this is just a worm that eats cowboys. – [Julia] It's just a worm that like, is trying his best, maybe
he lives in like a tight, he's like too big for the
space that he lives in, you know so there's not a
lot of room to maneuver in, you know? – [Jacob] Don't make him sympathetic, we're supposed to be scared of him. – [Julia] Well just think
about being in a cave and you're like oh the worst thing that could happen is a bear, and then this asshole pops out, just covered in human bits. – [Jacob] Covered in cowboy bits. And you're like every cowboy
that's been in here has died to this worm and I'm not even a cowboy, what chance do I have? – [Julia] I think I wanna change the positioning of my worm. – [Jacob] Okay. – [Julia] I want him to be
really just hunched over. – [Jacob] Well I think like, I definitely went you
know, worm human hybrid. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I think you could even like human up the body a little more. Like a gross flabby, – [Julia] Ah Jacob, you've
called my card, huh? – [Jacob] Is that where you're headed? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I think that's a good call, I think that's a good idea. – [Julia] Way to spoil it. – [Jacob] So that way his little grabby, he can hunch over with his grabby hands. – [Julia] I am nothing if not strong with the element of surprise, but here we are. – [Jacob] Listen, we're working
on it together, you know? I want you to succeed. – [Julia] So we're doing
an Earthworm Jim situation. – [Jacob] Kind of. This would be like if
Earthworm Jim were real. – [Julia] Yeah, so let's scrunch that up. – [Jacob] The little
skull with the cowboy hat on it's head is so funny. 'Cause it's like he's
trying to wear the hat, but can't get it out of the skull. – [Julia] I don't know how hats work. – [Jacob] He just put the
whole head on his head. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] But it's almost like
scary in the sense of like you know, like if there's
like a really big, strong like scary enemy, but it doesn't
know that it's doing bad. – [Julia] Right. – [Jacob] It's just like
trying to do it's thing, but it's too strong and powerful, so it ends up ripping people apart. The worm's kinda got that vibe, like he just wanted the
hat, but ripped off a head, but didn't realize he did a bad. – [Julia] I thought this
is how fashions worked. – [Jacob] Just stuck it on top and then went back to his wormy business. – [Julia] Yeah, I think I want, I think I want him like, no, maybe, – [Jacob] Gonna go for like a twist? A twisty look? – [Julia] Yeah, so it's like his head, this like worm head has
somehow been birthed from his body, like maybe
he had a human skull at some point and then he lost his head, you know like he was decapitated, and then this grew in its stead. – [Jacob] Oh so it's like
an infested body situation. Like Resident Evil four. Like you blast, someone
blasted off the head, and this worm came out. I like that, that's cool. – [Julia] Then the whole
body has had to like, adapt from it. – [Jacob] Oh, you could
stick it on a shambler. – [Julia] On a shambler? – [Jacob] Make it like
a shambly worm zombie. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] That's pretty
sweet, I like these twisties. – [Julia] Thanks, when in
doubt, throw in some twisties. – [Jacob] That's the Julia way. – [Julia] That's the Julia way, yeah. – [Jacob] It looks like
the, you know that gif, I think it's from like Mass Effect where there's like a glitch and Commander Shepherd's turning around and his head spins around like four times? Be like what did you say? – [Julia] What'd you say to me? – [Jacob] It looks like
the worm just did that. Like you came in the back door, and the worms head spun
around like five times to look at you. They're like excuse me,
you got something to say? – [Julia] Yeah, okay so I want, – [Jacob] I like that line. – [Julia] Yeah I want like, I want him to be like kinda hunched. – [Jacob] Oh yeah. – [Julia] Hunched into it. Hello? – [Jacob] Yeah, that's good. I'm a fan of that. I'm a fan of a good hunch and twist. – [Julia] The hunch and twist. – [Jacob] It's the dance
craze sweeping the nation. The hunch and twist. – [Julia] This dude looks jacked now, and I can't tell if I like that. I think I want him to
be really pretty gaunt. – [Jacob] Oh you're going for gaunt. – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Julia] Gaunt's a spooky look. – [Jacob] It is a spooky look. – [Julia] 'Cause you're just like, oh that's right, we're
all made of skeletons. – [Jacob] It does remind you. – [Julia] We got bones in there. – [Jacob] That we're
all made of skeletons. – [Julia] So worm is
just wearing a vest and a – [Jacob] Yeah, he's
wearing a vest and a bandana and then little boots. – [Julia] Okay, am I gonna
be giving him a vest? Is that what I should do? – [Jacob] I think you could
evoke a vest with tatters. – [Julia] Okay, I see. – [Jacob] Tatters of
clothes once worn that, you know kinda drape over the shoulders. – [Julia] Yeah, yeah, yeah, like that. – [Jacob] Do not put a
literal vest on this guy, 'cause again the clothing items I gave you are the crux of this challenge. How do you make a vest and a bandana and a tiny cowboy hat spooky? – [Julia] How do you make it spooky? Tatters. – [Jacob] Tatters is a good way. Hard to go wrong with tatters. 'Cause much like seeing
a gaunt skeleton person that reminds you that
you're just a skeleton, seeing a tattered vest
reminds you that some day your vest too will be tattered. – [Julia] But I love that vest. – [Jacob] Exactly, it's
the scariest thing of all. – [Julia] That's very pointy shoulder. – [Jacob] And you're gonna
have to find another vest and maybe it won't fit as well. – [Julia] No, then I'll have to go out amongst the humans and buy more clothing and I hate that. I want you to just be able
to see like his sternum. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, that's cool. – [Julia] You know,
and just like some skin really tightly pulled over. – [Jacob] I like that,
very leathery I imagine. Hardened leathery skin from
slithering around in a cave. – [Julia] Yeah, so does that mean like the ripped jeans look is spooky
and that's why it's cool? 'Cause you're like I'm
wearing the spookiness. – Yeah I think so.
– Yeah, I'm owning it. – [Jacob] That's why I wear ripped jeans, because I wanna frighten people with the prospect of
their jeans' mortality. – [Julia] Yeah, okay. – [Jacob] Some day your
jeans are gonna rip, and it's about time everyone faced that. You may as well own it. – [Julia] Ripped jeans? Or own pair of ripped jeans? – [Jacob] Both, all of it. You may as well all of it. – [Julia] Man this challenge was hard, I didn't think it would be so hard, but you gave me a cute cowboy. I think like maybe he's got like some extra feelers up here to indicate that little mustache he has. – [Jacob] Just sort of
like stick them out. – [Julia] Yeah, or maybe it's like, are those feelers or
there's second row of teeth that are going in? – [Jacob] Yeah 'cause I can't imagine how those teeth are helpful. – [Julia] You're like well
that row is definitely feelers. And I think I want him to
have some like history to him, like people have been trying to hunt him for a really long time, you know? – [Jacob] A bunch of cowboys
have been trying to hunt him. – [Julia] Bunch of cowboys
been trying to hunt him. – [Jacob] Clearly. And that's a mistake, he
was once a cowboy himself. He knows all the cowboy tricks. Oh, I like this sort of, – [Julia] This like,
you know marked up look, like someone's been trying
to take shots at him. – [Jacob] And it just bounces
off his hardened hide. – [Julia] Yeah, he's been
in the cave for so long which I think is actually the opposite. I think everything that dwells in a cave is really soft and squishy. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think that's
also true, but not this guy. – [Julia] Not this guy. This guy's evolved beyond that. This was difficult. – [Jacob] Well I like this worm, not friend that you've made. – [Julia] Certainly not a friend. – [Jacob] This worm foe? Perhaps?
– Worm foe, yeah. Perhaps. I do like your cowboy
here, your worm cowboy. – [Jacob] Howdy partner. – [Julia] He's really
cute and really welcoming and he looks like he'd be the sheriff of a cute little worm town like a Busy World of Richard
Scary adjacent sorta thing. – [Jacob] I imagine that this
thing you've drawn is his son. – [Julia] Dad, I wanna go to baseball. – [Jacob] Now son, you know
when you go to baseball everyone screams and runs away. – [Julia] Baseball! – [Jacob] You can't play
baseball with the other kids, you have a giant twisty worm
head and a horrible flesh body. – [Julia] You keep eating their dads. – [Jacob] You keep eating their dads. – [Julia] Every time you get
upset you eat their dads. – [Jacob] Every time you get upset you eat someone's dad
and that's a problem. Imagine if your dad, me, got eaten. How would you feel? – [Julia] Not good. – [Jacob] That's exactly
right, you're learning. Don't eat anymore dads. – [Julia] Baseball. – [Jacob] The dad hunter. – [Julia] Nice. I don't know, I think I did it. – [Jacob] I think you did it. I think it's spooky, the
only thing that's not spooky is that skull with the cowboy hat sitting on top of his head
like a little ornament. – [Julia] Should I get rid of it and replace it? – [Jacob] There's gotta be something. It's very cute is the problem. It's very endearing. – [Julia] Maybe he's got
like, they're so smooth up in the caves, but like he's got some like ridges going on that, – [Jacob] Oh this kinda looks
like he slicked back his hair, he wants to look fancy. He's going on his first date. – [Julia] Prom. I wanna go to prom. – [Jacob] Last time you went
to prom you ate every teacher and every teacher's dad. Don't even know how
you found half of them. – [Julia] Prom. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think
this is good, you did well. – [Julia] Okay, yeah, I'm
trying to find that sweet spot between them being real slick looking, but also get in some
creepy bumpies in there. – [Jacob] Yeah, mostly
I don't wanna touch this and that's the appropriate
reaction I think. – [Julia] I think I don't wanna touch it because it has a bend in it that makes it look like a finger. – [Jacob] It does kinda look like a finger and that upsets me as well. – [Julia] But that is genuinely upsetting. – [Jacob] A big wormy finger that I hate. – [Julia] Yeah, I wanna
bring these ridges up a little bit more just so
they read a little bit better, and less like a tangent, there we go. And bring this, bring
his head in a little bit. Yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think
we're just about done here. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Thanks for watching everybody, this was our nightmare cute
slash cute nightmare challenge. – [Julia] Yep, yep, yep. – [Jacob] Let us know in the
comments if you'd like to see more of this kind of
thing or if anything else in this vein that you can think of that we could possibly do. I think this was a really fun idea. I'd like to do another
one of these sometime. – [Julia] Heck yeah. – [Jacob] Also let us know in the comments just if you liked the video
and wanna tell us a nice thing. I love to see nice things. – [Julia] I love to see
nice things in the comments. – [Jacob] This would also
be a good time to shout out mine and Julia's video game stream. – [Julia] Yeah! – [Jacob] Called Secret
Sleepover Society on Twitch. Go give us a follow, we stream every week Wednesdays and Sunday nights at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. And we play just a wide variety of things, normally have a real good ass time. – [Julia] Yeah and we tweet about it. We have a Secret Sleepover
Society Twitter I think it's. – [Jacob] Yeah, follow us there. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Follow us wherever. Come check it out if you want to. – [Julia] Come check it out,
it's just a fun casual time. – [Jacob] And as always, we're sorry. – [Julia] Sorry!

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  2. I thought for sure Julia would draw a cowboy that was 3/4ths of the way done transforming into a horrific centipede/worm monster.

  3. Anyone else getting Neil Gaiman/ Chris Riddell/ Coraline vibes from Julia's original nightmare ?? (I love them all ~> 😉 y'all should design my next tattoo Xx)

  4. I think it would be cool if the worm was composed out of the bodies of cowboys, and the heads of its victims are like fused into the skin along with their clothing.

  5. Uhh I've seen the first one before in a different video from y'all. The nightmare and chute version. Am I nuts? Im not sure what video, but I've seen this. I looked at the date it came out and I know I've seen it wayyy before then.

  6. Can we get Julia’s mushroom monster on a sweatshirt? That would be the coolest piece of clothing that I’d own.

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  8. The mushroom boy reminds me of Rice Boy, an excellent web comic I love. Recommend!

  9. I'm surprised Julia didn't take her Bloodborne approach.
    …Take a normal looking thing.

    And split it in half.

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