Artists Try To Draw Pokémon As Wrong As Possible

Artists Try To Draw Pokémon As Wrong As Possible

welcome to draw fee where we take time ideas and make even dumber drawing I'm Nathan I'm Jacob hey I'm Justin and you may you may notice Julia's missin from this episode but that's okay cuz this is part 1 of a two-parter we're doing and the second part is gonna be just julia drawing let me explain what we're doing this idea comes to us from Noah G on the drop out discord who says I'd love a pokemon from memory episode where Jacob and Nathan tried to predict how Julia would draw a pokemon then in the second episode have Julia draw the Pokemon and see how different or similar they are I think by this point anyone who has seen any of our videos has probably seen Julia try a drop Pokemon or try and draw something she's always she's got some tennis shoes she draws a beautiful nightmare every time and we're not we're not gonna get close but we can we can try we can shoot for the moon because we'll land among the stars land in the nightmare board in the nightmare vortex as the expression goes so yeah this is gonna be a different Pokemon from memory episode we're not gonna be trying to draw the Pokemon we're probably gonna be trying to get as far away from what they actually look like as possible you don't want to be close no yeah it looks like this is gonna be interesting we're gonna be trying to predict Julia's behavior which is nearly impossible feat it's a fool's errand I'm I'm excited to try though Jacob even a single element yeah he draws I will consider yeah come up with a with a scoring system to see who wins yeah for sure Jacob what is the Pokemon I am trying to predict for Julia Nathan your Pokemon is from Jen – okay it is masquerade masquerade masquerade you know that one was from Jen – number 284 that's got to be Jen – right yeah yeah that makes sense yes Jin 3 right now oh my no introduced like 80 new Pokemon well that's fuckin up Matt Mascarene is the butterfly looking one right it's like that Moscow mouth guy that's that mouth guy it evolves from surskit doesn't dude right I do and it's really how could you forget surskit he's a little hockey puck but he's a little um curling iron with with legs right surskit's name means nothing it's just like two cents this guy right this is not what you came here for I know this is a warm-up there's a surskit Master rain okay so Julia's obviously gonna be drawing some sort of Victorian like I think it's she's she would give it like one of them one of them like masquerade mask with like the big nose okay I know the big nose she loves drawing the big nose I know it's like Julia usually goes for like the the fourth or fifth off from what you would expect yeah bye so now if you like your tuxedo man yeah I feel like she she wouldn't it's not gonna be straightforward it's not gonna be straight gonna be just a masquerade ball right but we'll start with the mask within like sometimes it is yeah that's the problem is she's a wild card you never know sometimes she would just draw a man in the masquerade mask like it's done like when it was a cow in a business suit I think the temptation we're gonna run into here he's trying to make it Pokemon yeah cuz I'm already tempted to like see ways in this for it to be a Pokemon onus rights and that has to you got to get that right out no it's just a human man he's beautiful and grotesque I'm trying to think of like all the Pokemon Julie is drawn I'd like to draw from that I feel like they come in a couple types right one is is a human man human man in some sort of torturous pose yeah I do need to get that in there and the other is just like nightmare horror creature like the Wigglytuff with the two mouths bent over backwards yeah rain is in there so I think maybe she'd make it a king okay I just maybe this is Jughead Jughead goes to the sex party like Peter Griffin yeah like multiple layers of crown Julie is real good at fashion and I'm not good at fashion at all I don't know it I don't I just don't know it I feel like the butt protruding from the crown it's good yeah maybe like just like one of these up here is that a middle finger it kind of looks like a middle it does kind of look like a middle finger Julia does like to draw middle those okay we're gonna get we're gonna get at just hands and not where they should go so this is this is just a middle finger now coming up out of the crown because this is probably the part of the episode where we would have been making a lot of jokes about Judge Jed and she would be sick of our shit and so she had a middle finger as if to say that's to you that yes fuck you guys that's just for you yeah but you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna go take a leap here I'm gonna say it is just attached to the head okay that's alright I think we're gonna do that and then maybe like widow's peak it a little bit classic so it's a jojo's hair hat it's a it's a JoJo's hair hat crown situation it's kind of a weighted man doing a disguise and you know what I think mustache I think curly mustache I do need to give this thing a body and I do think that julia has recently been drawing people sort of reclining sort of leaning back reclining figures this has been Julia's finding yeah it's a new year I think we're gonna get that good yeah and yeah maybe maybe maybe the mouth maybe let's get one of those nice horseshoe mounds she likes to do oh yeah cuz she's been doing that kind of the characters who are leaning back on oh yeah they're they're upset with their own existence yeah they don't want to be a part of this and yet you're right the long necks that are kind of bending in a way that you wouldn't hope they would really elongate that neck yeah and I'm kind of I'm gonna give it a tie I know she doesn't always give the drawings a tie but I'm trying it I'm trying to just get elements yeah and it can't be too far off you try and give it a tie I like a tie but then maybe we'll go back to like a sort of a medieval like like tunic it's you know we're crossing some fashion boundaries here I think some real some real noodley arms is one of them gonna be kind of like up behind the head like oh that's good yeah like this Oh what do I do I think it's coming all the way around there are no joints there are no bones in these arms all the bones go to the face yeah all the bones and Julie's drawings are in the face right angles and corners it's all in the face I feel like another element you could do is to get that sort of a one leg is kicked out forwards oh yes and the other ones like little inched up little teeny tiny legs are gonna be on this yeah yeah yeah cuz you're either gonna get just the tiniest tiniest legs or just the longest legs legs coming out from a head I'm gonna do teeny tiny legs because I imagine she's Spencer she spends a lot more time making this mask like very ornate yeah okay that's probably a good guess maybe let's get some like runs at a time and has to like quickly draw the body on like Julia this is only the first drawing yeah oh it's but she will include the Adam's apple in the yeah that's definitely true I think you had it right the first time yeah that like more angular it goes like down and out yeah like that that'll work yeah and then yeah I think this sort of torso you're going for around a round tour single round tours just a bag of loose ravioli and then yeah we are gonna do just a little kicky a little kick e foot no one respects the ravioli king little booties cuz you know the most important thing which you really captured here is definitely not a polka this is not this is not a Pokemon in any way no now nothing about it maybe at this point she like asks for a clue or or we say like Julie let me give you one one key element you're missing and you'll say you'll say like wings because masquerade is mostly wings so I think we are gonna give him some wings not maybe maybe maybe yes bug wings but like not the kind just not the right not the right right like just some big fly wings I think the clue I would have given her if if pressed would have been it is known as the eyeball Pokemon oh no that's a mistake so that would probably have led down a road I'm sure so we'll get an eye coming here yeah more eyes it can't be a bad decision yeah and maybe I will give her that clue when she drops known as the eyeball Pokemon Oh God eyes nowhere near the eye holes in the mask no that's not where they need to be anywhere but there it makes it seem like that's the true head yeah the other one is up here it's perfect wings baby eyes on well the eyes on the wings is correct though that is correct yeah stay away from that she might whoopsy into I'm gonna put some eyes on the wings man I just can't wait to see her do none of this yeah no no this is completely wrong I'm so excited for tomorrow's recording yeah it's gonna be great him what's this hand doing another middle finger let's get another middle finger yeah let's get another one there just for safekeeping that's uh that's a drawing and I think appropriately that is the wrong hand for that arm which is a thing Julia likes to do as well you know I don't think there's anything right about this character so you probably can't say that's the result yeah no you're right you're right yeah yeah you know you're right when you're right you're right when I'm right I'm right and I'm right Jacob gets flipped off a lot so he knows exactly when is that's still I think yeah there we go there we go now you got it now I'm offended now I'm offended before I was like ring-finger that doesn't offend me at all yes I'll marry you okay this is my Mascarene prediction for Julia great and we can we can look up masquerade just for fun yeah sure let's take a look at masquerade it's just a moth without it's just a moth with eyeballs on the wings and the little Casper goes and their source kit I drew surskit little blush i masquerades fun is it has the intimidate ability so it you just you switch it out cuts the opponent's attack power shut up shut up Justin yes they want it do you want to draw Juna drawing Knight oh well you're good okay what do I got Who am I not draw Justin I'm gonna give you I think this is might be a deceptively softball suggestion for you because I feel like Julia would have a lot of fun with this name of a Pokemon because it is sort of her whole aesthetic this is a Pokemon that originally appeared in Gen 4 great this pokemons name is okay this is this is good because the Noir yeah part is totally on Brandt for Julie right so we're going to break those words up desk into desk noir so let's see and it does kind of have a high collar it's like yeah it's it's you know it's it's a Pokemon design yeah no I'm I'm seeing it now like we know it's gonna have a high collar we know it's gonna have probably either a stylish haircut or a detective's hat it's gonna be smoking a cigarette it's gonna be smoking a cigarette I bet yeah that's that's a very Julia suggestion this is one where Julia gets and she's like given her permission yeah yeah okay starting with just a man is good yeah yeah so this is Jay just just a man just a guy and you started in the right spot – she starts nose she goes no it takes a nose out of probe yeah oh yeah its nose and breath because that's I mean that's that's a prominent nose yes that she gets like good nose and then sort of tired disaffected look like but somehow piercing also yeah we've described it often as like you'd see this person across a bar yeah and they would be giving you this look like through a haze of smoke that's how you should watch all draw few videos put your phone on the other side of the bar crank that volume the other patrons won't mind no or see you just you know see the range of earpods I don't know how long how far those they go pretty far yeah I got some of those great hey mine my ears don't work with those are too big my ear holes are too big this is this is just a true fact about me Nathan's got big-ass ears oh my I'm glad we're finally milos my lobes go the wrong way they just sort of stick out they don't this they're supposed to fold back and then form this little crevice we've got no crevice I got no crevice it just just Falls right the heck out dang dude that's rough I didn't know you were one of those no crevices yeah I got really small your holes yeah you got a nice you got a nice little little little little nook yeah I do for but when I have like spills but it has the ear buds that go inside the ear mm-hmm sometimes little things are too big and they won't stay oh so we need to combine our ears and you have the perfect so I don't think I've ever been more uncomfortable with a conversation just I love it just means drawing how he feels how are your earholes that's not Justin why don't you want to talk about euros we could just stay with pokémon's of Pokemon heavier x' but some of them don't don't have visible holes that's you can use guy gears but you never see where where the where the hole in them is yeah yeah you don't that's fine Justin I have a tip for you here sure oh this is actually nevermind I like what you did more than what I was gonna say okay so this is this is the highest collar like I don't even think Julia would dare go there yeah this is real I think I'm being pretty conservative you've reached past the threshold of what we once thought was possible for collars his face is just gonna go straight into that body oh nice no no yeah I thought you had like a prominent chin but I think it's just on that just much it's many Chin's that's what you get you get a bunch of chin so you got a thick enough neck yeah I mean normally you want they're sad they're you know they've been through stuff they've they've loved and lost loved and lost and loved and lost again so he's got he's a little he's a little Johnny to collar he's gonna have he's got another business caller as well wonderful you're covering all your bases I like that whichever collar she decides to go with you're gonna have represented here yeah it's this is the shotgun approach just put as many julia troops as i can i think yeah every drop should have a business collar i think that will definitely one of us will be right and at least one of us will be right yes that's a that's a safe choice I love this stubby tie yeah it's good what do you thinking bod y z– yeah do you think we Julia would get the clue that dusk noir has sort of like a second face down on its tummy no I'm gonna say hard no on that but uh it's still possible that she would give it a second face on its tummy I mean that's that's also true like but it would be because of any reason let's do that it's just that's just you leaving Julie yeah you know I was thinking about dusk and you know the creatures that lurk in the shadows and so I'm giving it a tummy mouths a mouth that can only scream I'm getting like Will Eisner vibes from this graphic novelist Will Eisner the the award named you after him yeah he's he's like the graphic novel guy living on Andrew Justin I always knew Eisner as the name of my dentist growing up your dentist will Eisner no it was it was a David Eisner will eisenerz brother flies nur's brother really made sure that all of the characters he drew had clean teeth big ear holes now Justin yes you're spending a lot of time rendering this fade which I do think it's really true what are you thinking for this body yeah you're you're buying yourself time you don't have to address the body city are you thinking small legs you think in all legs I'm gonna do you one better and say no no my friends okay I'm true to the Pokemon in that sense yes but only incidentally only incidentally not on purpose no legs is a risky choice because Julia likes to include legs yeah well maybe she's got a next episode she's gonna be drawing three drawings so that's true so you know you don't know maybe she'll have tired of legs you might get all the legs out in your drawing yeah maybe my drawing is gonna be the big legs drawing and I got that wrong and then Justin is gonna have this cloud real nice clouds man it's just a bunch of circles well you draw that circle thanks buddy so he's he's is dusk he's a Setting Sun because that's how I had to be setting and if you caught him in the morning he looks really happy this is this is why you're never supposed to look directly at the Sun you will see this man from the waist down his son he's your son and then above that he's this guy detective does he have arms I've got it kind of question I've got a question question wait what's the other light source that's casting a shadow down if the Sun is below his good there's another son thank you know that a spotlight oh okay that's a it's a surskit that's a short surskit it's the the true light above cast its light upon that's why yeah he's like that like every every goddamn day this is surskit why is this bug blushing what's an embarrassed of is it embarrassed to be treating me like garbage if it wasn't probably stop doing it sunburned on his neck he's got his arm out what what's this oh there's an eyeball oh good okay one of his arm eyes that's one of his arm eyes so he's just gonna have a lot of arm eyes and they're all just glaring at this surskit yeah that's yeah I hope this is exactly what Julia draws I'd be very impressed if it was if she drew a sad schlubby detective whose bottom half is the Sun oh is his arm also cloud is it their infinite they don't know they don't have a beginning Orion you know you got those infinite arms it's just it's hard to work out all the muscle groups well it's like when when it you know a newer detective guy is talking about a woman whose leg yo you know all the way all the way down right all the way down his his arms just go old they just go all the way they stole away its arms all the way it's only arms all the way this this has like a very dreamlike quality to it like this it's like this is something that you would explain to your friend the next day like I had a weird dream where this guy he was the Sun and your friend is just like I don't care little bit like his arms they were that doesn't mean anything as a mom I didn't have the dream no you're not listening though imagine arms you know how arms are like regular arms arms imagine if they weren't your arms they were like someone else's but also yours at the same time you know I'm talking about you know timeout knows what you're talking about Justin listening the arms had a whole bunch of eyes and um does he have hands well you can't just it's an unknowable question it's impossible to know because you can't reach the end of no there's no end mighty arms there there are intense debates about the nature of dusk NORs hands and so just so we're clear here we're saying you can capture this guy in a pokeball yeah that's right right and then make him do battles for you against yeah yeah and it's not even you know that good wall certain certain types give him give him will-o'-wisp so you can Nathan I swear to God if you start talking about Pokemon technicalities again look it's just this is like Nathan's version of talking about his dreams like no one else could possibly understand are you I'm signing a Julia because Julia drew this nice and that means I win are you done Justin um I don't know because he does go on infinitely sorry well this is all truly done right but this is all you could fit on this yeah I mean Ambus it's it's it's all I could do on a mortal engine such as this so I think I think we're gonna call it this is this is what this is what desk nor so I mean it's just sort of a ghost with a fairly fairly the same the evolved form of name of desk clops if you look at it it's kind of it's a little too close actually I should have got his nipple shale ash his nipple shows which are eyes for his tummy face yeah there there under the the infinite shirt yeah it's hard to see cuz the sun's there also and the surskit and the surface but it's there it's there hey you know what Jacob yeah let's get in here okay Jacob I got a good fun great one for you and I'm really excited I'm really excited too are you excited this better not be a thing we were like this is gonna be good and then it's something stupid and lame your your pokemon is CEO oh the evolved form of spheal Celia Celia Celia Celia I don't even think I know what Celia looks like I'm just a great song it's basically this they they just did it again yeah it's they did more walrus yeah they got it's sort of a it's sort of a chunkier okay okay Celia Celia it just likes a friendly a friendly little like baby walrus like a cute walrus but that's not what you're drawing no no try to stay far away from that I'm thinking Julia would not know that it was the evolved on we video we would certainly not tell we would definitely not tell her that so it would be unrelated yeah Celia yeah that's just a little fun thing for us and again like spheal sphere and seal are right in the name she went a wretched man yes oh really man that were so with this one I think it could really be anyone's all bets are off anyone's game I think the the one thing you guys haven't covered you've covered the man faced ones yeah but not just like the like blue muumuus worldly toughs with a dome sort of a dome face screaming dome yeah and I think I think see leo is definitely a good candidate for that so I think we're gonna give it like you know was that a mouth we're gonna give it a mouth because she'll sometimes do these okay needs to actually be more curved mm-hmm I got a really channel the Julia juice yeah the juice leader saves all of her curves for drawing those mouths yeah cuz they're they're kind of like more like like this if they're like screaming yeah which it is screaming it is scream make no mistakes going and then maybe there's like you know the twisting sort of mouth skin yeah it shows that that's not where the mouth is supposed to be fighting the skin to be there yeah it's fighting the skin to be there you sure drawing sad daddy hello this is kind of like sad daddy's mouth oh I love sad daddy you did a good job with sad daddy but Julia likes to do these sort of he's like longer eyes yeah and then she likes to do these sunken eyes yes that are sort of like this I'm gonna try to really angle up the sort of twisting of flesh yes oh yeah we haven't drawn enough we haven't drawn anything super twisty because we haven't done any of those so I think I've twisted the neck on mine a little more it's Rend my flesh your your your arms are pretty twisty though yeah I got the eyes yeah you're right I did a pretty good job so catch see Leo just to get it to stop screaming yeah it is always screaming so yeah this one is like these are very good we definitely need one of these to cover our bases like if one of us is gonna be right because I'm now thinking it's less of a competition more of a team effort right we just one of us to be a little bit right but a bit you just want to get a couple elements I don't think I don't think we're gonna I think like she's gonna pull something out of left field what if she perfectly just draws the Pokemon I what if she's like I've memorized every Pokemon right now she's researching just to every just to make you guys look like idiots I wouldn't know what to do with myself this artist gruesome Pokemon we're gonna figure oh oh yeah what happened to it sort of a sort of a melting candle yeah it's a melting candle and there's gonna be a little face okay over here more a face does these like a little melty face and now is this the real face or like a decoy face I think none of them are the real real I think this creature has no face and many four yes in having many faces it has forgotten its true face and it doesn't need a face anymore this is a patented Julia melty tired face so it's got like a little yeah it's just like I'm also here hey Julia puts a lot of like self insertion into those kinds of faces yeah you can sort of tell how Julia's feeling about being on the episode and then looks as in the eye and said this is me this is me listening to you try and make jokes yeah we're just gonna give it a little no mistake yeah this is definitely Julia okay now I'm gonna have to do the shrink that's a move uh-huh that she does cuz she does face first his face first and she runs out of room let's fill this and make this you know none of us use the appropriate tool yeah I I think I wasn't trying to match the the style I was just sort of trying to draw like mine would be a fan art of what of what she drew it's like yeah a cover song it's not trying to be exactly like the original it's just it's doing your own thing it was what they make I was trying to draw my version of what Julia would draw we're gonna go with definitely like a huh goodness a hunched posture and then I think no since none of us went all legs I'm gonna go you're gonna get the legs yes deep the deep squat pose or ones coming out over here and ones coming out this way a real deep angular squat they're very stable all of these abominations have good center-of-gravity credibly balanced can't knock it over what the dangle this a bit more okay good that might be more of a Jacob affectation I think that's fine I think we we've inserted ourselves a little bit into each of our drawings yeah like Julia's not drawing clouds like that but I like the clouds that Justin drew I also like the clouds that Justin Drew may the clouds that Justin drew it sounds like a children's book it does that I wouldn't read can we get some more twisting oh yeah some work some more twists eNOS we can definitely get some more in some parts yeah twist it every second has to be agony for this thing yeah it's just you know it's fun to see how being friends with different artists can really influence your style and just like thinking about what's what's even possible to do with a drawing yeah and I feel like knowing julia has definitely opened up a world of possibilities use so much in her tool kit can I can I make a suggestion yeah please do um can we just get like a second hole here where you can see sort of God rest of the mouth yeah happening there's like decay happening in his face like you you can see the teeth and tongue yeah let me um really make these teeth obvious here yeah and let's add some tongue taste buds yep kind of make that really gross gross DUP there yeah that's horrible I hate that one thing we definitely need is a caller oh yeah with a get the get the tray I hate caller in there one of us is gonna be right she's not gonna draw three drawings none of which have a tie in collar no she couldn't possibly that's just our safety yeah it's like a free square that's the free square that's the in the pink exactly of course there's a collar and a tie yeah that's what all Pokemon have I feel like this is the closest to a Pokemon it just in that it's like not a man it's it's far from a human man yeah which is good I need to fix these legs because Julia would do a shapely oh yeah she'd get that calf muscle muscle yeah the straight legs are too Jake that's very me yeah I was I was having a very Jacob centric view point it doesn't my bad she does the little sticky legs when she makes them short yeah when when they're launched other to draw the legs long you're gonna get you're gonna get some calf muscle and they'd probably be in like some heels oh yeah she's again she knows that that fashion and this year's Met Gala was crazy I feel like I see when sealeo showed up and started devouring everyone while it was wild maybe like little shorts yeah yeah keep it modest though so this shirt is like a short oh it's like a little romper she does do rompers sometimes yeah romper with the with a tie yeah Rob that's a that's a look right there that I think I've just invented this is good you know what we haven't done was make anything very wet hmm oh that's true maybe effing Italy maybe some sort of like just just like a tendril just like one of those swoop ease that she'll she'll draw sometimes like one of them swoopy pointees swoopy pointees you know yeah yeah like a tentacle yeah will do yeah is that we'll get this around and then we'll just put a face on there's no no there's not another face no other face you can shoot as many that's not gonna make a difference and I think this would have kind of more of oh yeah oh that's good wait and twist it is mm-hmm this tendril is very important I feel like you you picked up a little bit of Justin in this drawing I have long used Justin as my example for how to make objects look weighty yeah and to be Justin's the master of folds and object weight I just you know things with a lot of skin and fat it's just it's nice to draw it's nice it feels good it does feel good you know it doesn't feel good what I'm looking at right now oh I think this one's just got oh my god it's so pleasant happy face and hello please please don't mind my uh my colleague my colleague here he is screaming but uh his views do not represent my you know opinions my own and then I think this is he's just got his own like hair that's a really good Julia face you just did yeah this is like her classic comic face yeah we can have all things represented yeah yeah this is this is for sure see leo we covered the board we covered the spread I'm sure and let's get a sleeve on here if you part of the sure if you guys seen leo oh yeah I see leo damn it Nathan but but just for me that's just for you but that's okay that's just for me right have it doing a little tude why not I just I see a space where a butt could be yeah and I think what a shame if I didn't pull one yep yep yep yeah if I didn't put one in there perfect put a little dude you know you wanna do it yeah in the episode with the tooth there we go I can't help it I can't restrain myself okay so this is look at that adorable little oh he's so nice this one and only face he's so nice and not this not this doesn't – he's a good boy he might – he may the Tooting is the least troubling part yeah so these are our predictions this is part 1 of this two-parter tune in whenever the next video comes out it's gonna be the very next the very next one that we post will be Julia's actually drawing these and we're gonna see how close we get I honestly can't wait look look forward to that we're sorry we're sorry oh and sign up for drop out that's where we got the suggestion from now we're not sorry for that we're not sorry for that if you're in the drop out discord let me read your suggestions there yeah yeah we'll talk to you we'll talk to you and you can watch cartoon hell Justin Justin's episode will be out by now by the time this video goes up so Jacob and Justin have both been on episodes Halla of that nega stop watching and that we really piqued serious piqued at that point yeah you can you can watch them all on there and there's a lot of other good stuff on there too it's the best way to support draw feed directly if that's something you're interested in doing we'd appreciate it and we're sorry again we're sorry too

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  2. Get random demon names and convince Julia that they are Pokemon names and she what she comes up with

  3. I really feel like Julia would draw every one of these but with zero input from anyone else. Just total silence while they're giggling about bois and friends in the background, and then there's Sealeo.

  4. would be really funny if you gave Julia absol to draw but you just described it as the disaster pokemon

  5. You guys should draw the Pokemon versions of yourselves, but in 3 phases of evolution based on randomized attributes

  6. Surskit is bug and water type, and is based on those teeny bugs that walk on water. Ya surf on water, and bugs tend to skitter.
    Surf + Skitter = Surskit

  7. Ok I have just a random idea that I think Julia would totally draw. So you know how everyone draws noodle arms when they tend to get long..but what if…you had a really long arm…with just too many joints. Or just a character with excessive joints.. like at least 3 per limb… And like… some of them branch off… And maybe there are limbs where there shouldn't be. Like a good old nose arm.

    …so yeah, that's my idea. Lol I'm normally not this creepy, but I really appreciate Juilias drawings and all this interpretation of them in this episode got my creative juices flowing.

  8. I was dumbfounded by Justin's shading. I was like "why is he ruining this with these rand— OHHHH!" Beautiful.

  9. Every time my partner or I needs to smile, we shout "SEALEO!" to one another and burst into laughter. Thank you for brightening our lives when we need it most!

  10. Ya'll keep drawing people as Pokemon. You guys give her so much heck about this, she won't do it again… Or will she? 😂

  11. After saying Julia wouldn't recognise sealeo as spheals evolution, it looks eerily similar to her spheal. You have the arched back with butt sticking out, and business suit.

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