ARTIST PROBLEMS (Ft. TheOdd1sOut and Tabbes)

ARTIST PROBLEMS (Ft. TheOdd1sOut and Tabbes)

so what are we doing here again I told you we're here to clad with a big youtuber isn't this James's house exactly he hasn't gotten back to any of my 50 emails so this is like the next best thing I just need to put his name in the title of one of my videos if all you want to do is use his name in one of your videos then why don't you just do it because that's clickbait tabs and I'll never stoop to that level now quick pass me that bat so I could bash his window in ah heavy sleeper come on here we go come on James give me something do something I could use anything okay maybe something else all right Jim perfect you get what you need it yeah let's bounce I hope this was worth it oh yeah you tell me the artists problem video that topic so uh no real pump up before you say anything I'm gonna need you to hold this what is it it's your opinion I'm gonna need you to take this and shove it up your artists problems we've got a lot of them and even if you aren't an artist yourself and more of an art enthusiast then you've got some issues of your own like look at this these people are gathering around some glasses sitting on the museum floor this this isn't even art you people don't understand some guy just left his glasses here but if I take this dirty napkin I just blew my nose and drop it on the floor is it is it art now no don't crowd around and take pictures with the dirty napkin you people are the problem you all have problems god damn it you know what this is fine I could just control-z and everything's gonna you know this isn't that bad I could just erase everything that's a pretty good picture of Trump in the White House imagine if he got elected right almost I'm just one more little detail in boy oh boy do I love painting stars in this dimly lit room filled with candles with my favorite dope blood-based acrylic paints hmm I think I'm gonna paint a star but this time when the happy little circle around it hi don't you hate when that happens hashtag relatable yo what's going on it's your boy oven Adam attics just want to say thanks again for watching the video as always leave a like comment down below and hit that subscribe a notification bellow if you want to be alerted to when I upload again in another 10 years oh God and hey before I get into some other things just want to give a quick shout out to James from the odd ones out and tabs for lending their mouth noises please go check out the channels you probably heard of them before links are in the description and hey before you click off to a better video I just want to plug in my discord server real quick this is the third time we heard we releasing this discord server I've worked with Taylor and some of the mods to really improve it we've introduced contests and other things right now the contest going on is a beach themed art contest where you have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card so make sure you join the contest make sure you join the server I'm usually in there every once in a while you want to talk to me and yet that's it Wow thanks so much please keep keep being cool i'ma see you later fam I promise won't be long all right bye you know if I stick if I stick grass up my nose it actually does make me sneeze so if you want to get a a real sneeze and B I could totally do that

29 thoughts on “ARTIST PROBLEMS (Ft. TheOdd1sOut and Tabbes)”

  1. I was waiting for James to say something at the end of the video but looks like all I got was his sneeze…😓

  2. Yes yes, everyone can relate to when you accidentally summon Satan well drawing on the ground with your casual friend: Dead animals in a dimly lit room

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