Artisan Thinner vs Water

Artisan Thinner vs Water

I've explained to you in another video exactly what artists on the water mix boil calories and how the range works what I'd like to do now is to show you the benefits of using artisan thinner over water whilst you're painting using water during your painting process of artists and is perfectly fine that's one of the big bonuses of the paint however using the thinner you'll find that you'll get a much better performance out of color let me show you this in action on the paper here so what I'm going to do is squeeze out two blobs of the artisan permanent row side-by-side like so for the first blob we're going to fin this with water and for the second blob I'm going to fin that with artists and thinner first of all I'm gonna thin this with some water so this is some water introduced here I start to finish with a knife you can see I'm actually creating an emulsion with the water and the and the oil color now this is lightened in hue compared to the nee color out of the tube you know and it performs well it's nice to use it feels like an oil color that's been thinned still however this lightness in hue will go back to the original color as the water evaporates out of the film so it's not a permanent change in color there'll be a color shift as that dries if I now introduce some of the thinner straight away I can feel that this has a much more oily consistency to it it feels more like a Terps if you paint currently an oil color and use Terps this instantly feels like you're using a Terps rather than a thin watery consistency you can see it breaks down nicely and there's no shift in here at all this hasn't lightened as I've used the thinner so working this through with a brush you can see that the artists and that's been thinned with water flows nice and easy but again I have this issue with color shift whether the hue of the paint is lightened whereas in comparison when I pushed the brush through the artisan that's been thinned with the thinner it has a much nicer feel to it a much more oily consistency so in summary it's absolutely fine to use water during your painting process with artisan so long as you account for the color shift that will occur using thinner gives you a much nicer feel feels much more like you're using a turps with the conventional oil color and just gives you that extra level of performance


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