we got another box this one's a dad addressed you couch pop pouch pop little clever funny meme on the mailing label stop setting us chimney on appeal box fuck you don't worry guys this one's from Gordon peaceful wanna know when I'm gonna smile I mean in LA so if you have anything you'd like to mail them you can send them something turn out alright like a little gift exchange yeah Secret Santa depending on whether or not your gift is good or not we'll see if we bleep that oh it is cool I thought this was gonna be something bad more or coming more are coming this is this is a note that you must have made to like disguise like the sender but you have your fuckin address on the box you've already forgotten whose face that is are you for real it's obviously Joe it is long hair that's James Colonel Sanders nice thanks Gordon it was pretty cool Gordon why do you have a bunch of like women like magazine oh yeah dude ages are you into this shit what is this he went to the horizon store the fuck is this you gave us you gave us pull on this isn't new first of all it's empty okay give us a Verizon bag filled with some fucking fucking lucky charms Gordon thanks man sorry oh there's a lot in here there's a lot of Lucky Charms in Jesus gleefully pooping pear but what does that mean I guess she really killer ransom or something and I think you know how to use this first site that you're doing this I mean that says a lot about you I'm impressed I'm concerned where is this gonna go this could be the hood ornament for the van just stand here I'll just stay here Gordon he sent some Lucky Charms if you're hungry there's a hardcore nurse do it what about if you hit this what if you're like oh my mouth what I'm trying to think of what scenario my mouth would be the scenario is this use you slide and somehow physics work against your body and you somehow tumble and hit every corner and then hit this and then you're there and that's it it's game over but I see what you're saying but you know I've played a lot of video games in my time yeah I know how like job will trade all that works there's no one here it's okay I probably do a fun floor up here you could do a front-flip can you do any tricks on your own what's your starting if you're starting ability call this to lunch and show me your lunch oh that's good yeah can you do it yeah they're like that's it huh that's it had a good run I'll leave you there [Applause] are you okay what you're okay job cool good Alex yeah that was a cool front flip right is it could be from I believe need you I just do this for like gags now I know I know it's from the park balls funny just Park Courtney calm down do front piece oh yeah no I wasn't stopping I landed yeah that's not weird I didn't know you're back to do that my second father might necessarily all right definitely die hi and welcome back to behind the couch we have another package we got another package dude Wow are you oh let me get it from somebody from Juba Plus hey Alexa call me uber not anyone that's watching this is gonna get an uber call to the Xbox shut off the owner has a fucking exploit what he keeps opening a package no I'm not gonna open this now what now people will assess patches anymore because we're just starting to open pot she's got a knife dude it's just a bit where you're gonna incentivize me to open a model she's got a knife dude I'm kind of curious what something it sounded like it was broken when she took it earlier stop sending us dumb shit dude we persona p.o box Wow a fucking box of crazy dude I can't believe this is the craziest thing you've ever gotten in this warehouse a giant box full of bouncy balls are you freaking kidding us the bouncy balls dude no this is dangerous tasers were worth it so I am back with more stupid gifts I think I found a new hobby Cheers Ethan can you imagine what would happen if one more – how can you compare Tasers – bounce balls wait is it candy huh oh these are dishes I always went down yeah yeah yeah I take it back you're so pretty dude over the place monitors have someone take our entrance forever to clean up James is this crazy is so crazy bouncy bags are so crazy everyone just calm down I think anything that got us about two minutes of fun James took the picture of Trevor and hung it up himself I'm not hanging up and anything did you're doing stencil art that's what it is ain't it you have a panel I think it's looking pretty good kind of a pain that it yeah yeah yeah and I see no no you may not you know you nope doesn't really look like at that point you didn't do a good job I just did with the Senate so offered you okay jokes on him now I can improvise stupid spiked hair weird weird shit that he does to it every day okay give him a unibrow to you know asshole a little stupid smirk seems like me men and shit that's not his nose that's now that's like a line is nothing that's the shadow for his no line for that you have no idea what you know art more than you word is blue lie on the color spectrum I'm talking to me about spectrums huh I'll talk to me about spectrums some talk you know do you know where does red lie on the color spectrum underneath the side of which your face interesting though whatever man I'm proud of my work it looks like he's crying here too like if you if you see that he's like crying which is usually what he does it's a lot on the daily basis anyway it's cute a fan I like it it's good art hey Alexa call me an uber Wow another masterpiece preserved forever oh cool I'm making his desk Bend thanks for watching behind the scenes where Trevor's face was permanently preserved it looked like the character from Eraserhead the needles needles in the head the needles which I haven't seen a main character of raise your head now and see have you subscribed you our post roles are getting more abstract you know patreon will help support that if you like weird post roles fine for patron the day and keep great art where it belongs in the streets

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