Artifacts Rescued From Notre Dame Fire

Artifacts Rescued From Notre Dame Fire

call it the miracle of notre 'adam the devastating fire that held the world transfixed destroyed the cathedral spire and much of its roof but the frescoes the pietas the grand organ all survived even the Rose windows though partly damaged by heat have not been destroyed the high altar installed in 1989 was damaged but the cross inside the church is still there Les Trent with more on the fires aftermath a moving vigil in Paris tonight in the wake of the disaster at notre-dame Cathedral thousands gathered to express their grief and shock as the world got its first look inside the ruins of nutri dom debris is everywhere and look across appearing to glow on the altar a symbol of hope for the entire world the famous stained glass windows are reported to be intact but it's feared that many paintings statues and other relics have been destroyed CBS News correspondent Elaine Cobb is in Paris the Paris prosecutor's office says they have no belief that there was any intention to damage the church I believe some of the workers who were involved in the work on the roof have already been questioned some 50 experts and investigators will be talking to all the people involved and combing through the debris inside the Cathedral in the hope of finding an answer as to how exactly it started Michelle Obama was in Paris yesterday on a tour boat on the river Sen when the fire broke out the boat had to turn back before it passed note Redang dramatic video shot by a police drone shows the blaze at its peak it took just an hour for note to Dom's entire roof and spire to be lost it was very tough to watch because you couldn't believe what you were seeing I know could such a disaster happen here retired New York Fire Department battalion chief Wayne McPartland says cathedrals in the US are vulnerable all cathedrals especially the older cathedrals are always in danger of a fire threat because like there basically a standing alumni yahoo told the wood that was used in construction yesterday President Trump raised the hackles of the French government by tweeting advice on how to fight the fire perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out must act quickly that's totally unrealistic if you drop tons of water from the air especially on a burning structure like no chudan that would lead to a partial a total collapse the disaster happened at the start of the holiest week of the Christian calendar Easter week some are noting that Easter celebrates resurrection and pray that Notre Dom rises again from the ashes you

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  1. The lost is painful, but God used it for his glory, a lot joined together around his church, remember France remember your roots.

  2. Somehow it looks just like I imagined (I havent seen it on the news my grandma just told me about it) but it just might look prettier OH WAIT A MINUTE it looked prettier I like crosses 🙂 my friend has a golden necklace with a cross but she doesn’t believe in god I did go to church but I quit for the stupidest reason which is because it was boring and we learning sign language actually no we learned emoji language GAH

  3. The place was on my list back last October. I am very grateful that I got to see this beautiful Cathedral just 5 1/2 months before the destructive fire. Ave Maria De Paris NOTRE DAME

  4. May God be with us all we all live for a reason and we’re here to cherish the moments with family and loved ones I hope to see Notre Dame built up again so people can praise the lord.

  5. Gold melts at 1064 Celsius
    Wood burns at 600 Celsius

  6. 200m from Bernard Arnault, Europe richest man and owner of Louis Vitton, 200m from familie Bittencourt know from L’Oreal.. more money coming in! Lets make it more beautiful then

  7. Wood burns at 600 melts 1948 degrees. That’s why the cross stayed. It’s not hope it’s just science

  8. Do people not know that gold burns at higher temperatures than wood?? And that is why the cross is still there?? Its not a miracle it's just science

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