24 thoughts on “Artifact Altergeists – Top 8 ARG States Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Profile 2018”

  1. I think this is style of deck I'm gonna try. Do you have any advice? I was told the infinite impermanence are a must!! I see that you dont like it. I do not see the down side but I'm new. In fact I'm not super sure what it does! Mind helping me out?

  2. Dzeff, would Eater of Millions work in this deck as well as it does in Frogs? I’m making a budget version of the deck without Ash and Impermanence, was wondering if you thought it was a good tech.

    Also shoutout to Mermail Abyssgunde in the background 😀

  3. I kind of think that genderbended Denko Sekka is meant to be Dark Magician. It would make sense, right? Dark Magician playing volleyball with Dark Magician Girl?

  4. How much clash did you run into with running multifaker vs artifact engine? does multifaker not resolve when you activate sanctum? Would you consider using artifact ignition in the future or just more artifact monsters in general?

  5. ARG>ARG states. Besides, whenever Texas(my home state) hosts an ARG, it usually averages the same # of attendants as a normal regional, the same top calibur players usually attend both(same for most ARGs in other states, excluding ARG state championships) & ARG has better prize support, which most people already know anyways.

  6. I like seeing your altergeist deck profiles,

    Sure i try to play the deck moost compedetif right now
    But I just like the deck

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