Art van Guard @ Infogamer by Reboot

Art van Guard @ Infogamer by Reboot

One two, one two. God afternoon to our dear visitors. I’m inviting you to come forward a bit, please. We are introducing another local team of developers and they could well use your support. They will telly ou a story about a very, very interesting project of theirs which goes by the name Art van Guard. This way you can see a little more of what’s going on in our local market (area) every new project more intersting than the previous one. With us are here Ivo, Goran and Ana, or better said Ana, Goran and Ivo who will tell you about this interesting project. I will pass on this microphone to them, but before that I ask you to say hello to them with your applause. Thank you very much. And now, girl and boys from our domestic developers house have the stage. Well, thank you. I would like to thank the organizers/promoters for making it possible for us to participate and thank you for coming here in such large numbers and showing your interest in our project. Please, another applause for the organizers/promoters and for yourself. As Davor had already introduced, I am Ivo and these are Ana and Goran. You will hear them a bit later. Let me make an introduction.
This is Art van Guard, our project that we started working on about three months ago The idea itself is much older, but it took time to adapt it to this environment. One of the key things was time. We finally found enough time to start the project. Second key thing was motivation which came trough one other project that earned us recognition at world level. The third key thing was at long last this flat design which comes with Windows Metro interface, with new iOS 7 and such things, but finally it will look acceptable to others. The concept/idea is as follows: Art is a former police detecive who lost his emloyment and through this, his memory. There is going to be 259 levels organized like this. Why 259, exactly? Because of this hexagonal structure. Each level has a different gameplay. from “top-gun shooters”, “runners” to say, “physics puzzles”.
Not every level is the key level in the game, but those that are, will contain items to pick, which you must use later. The great feature is you don’t have to go for the next level higher, but there are six possibilities to go from the level you are at. Interesting part of the concept is it’s high level cross-platform feature. What does it mean? For instance you are waiting for a tram/streetcar playing it on your iPhone, coming home you play some on your PC or on PlayStation, then, in case of urgent visit to the toilet, continue on Android. A richness in possibilities! This is the first level example. It looks very dark/gloomy here, but in essence, we were inspired with “films noir” and trailers for Hitchcock done by Soul Bass, with Igor Hofbauer graphics and with some cult classics done by Zagreb School of Animated Films like “Surrogate” and “Professor Balthazar”. The graphics are done in 2D collage then animated in UNITY, apologies, animated in Flash and later transferred into UNITY in 3D environment. You will hear more about it from Ana and Goran, actually. Here you are.
Hi, I’m Ana. Ivo had already said….. Thank you.
So, I’m doing animation. I do it in 2D environment using collage animation technique
creating an impression of a puppet theatre. Eeeh….In general, 2D animation is then transferred into UNITY 3D environment. Aaand Goran will tell you more about it. Hi everybody. Well, I’m Goran and logic in this game is in my care, which means whatever Ana and Ivo draw and animate, I have to organize and present to the player through some interaction. I used UNITY for this together with few open source tools which made it possible to transfer Flash animation into 3D environment of UNITY where there is a 2.5D, actually, where we restricted Art to only 1 Z index. where we restricted Art to only one Z index. Why UNITY? A very simple reason, in fact. UNITY makes multi-platforming possible. We can offer it accross different and most popular platforms, such as: Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, Windows Phone 8 and the Web itself where you can find this little demo of ours and try it out. Eeeh, what else? Generally, we started working on the next level which we announced today, you can test it on the Web. Add us on FaceBook and other social networks. Please, comment. Your comments are very important, We will take into account as many of them as possible and apply them in game development.
Once again, I’d like to thank the organizers/promoters. I’m not sure if anyone needs to add anything. Here.
Just a few words. Organizers allowed us to participate here free of charge. If you work on any games, if you want to participate here, feel free to apply next year and you will get the same opportunity. We made this project in last three months with a remark that it’s still just a hobby for us for now. We earn by other means to provide for a living, but we would love to change the situation and with your support I believe we can make it a full time job and finish this game as soon as possible. This is why I’m inviting you to participate, join us on social networks, offer your advice, wishes or some suggestions on how to make it as good as possible. Thank you. Our thanks go to the team who brought Art van Guard to us. If you have any more questions for them, you know the location where they are — at Indie Corner where you can have a peaceful chat and ask whatever interests you.
Thank you Ivo, for mentioning this: Next year, whoever has whatever project, everybody is welcome. We are here to make general public meet young developers and to push the scene all together. Thank you again for attending this small presentation and see you soon at one huge giveaway.
Thank you.

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  1. Predstavljanje Art van Guard projekta na glavnoj pozornici Reboot Infogamer 2013. sajma.
    Art van Guard project presentation on the main stage at Infogamer by Reboot 2013.

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