Art Therapy Body Scan Meditation | Art for Mindfulness

Art Therapy Body Scan Meditation | Art for Mindfulness

Hello friends today I’ll show you how to
practice mindfulness and do a mindful body scan through an art therapy
exercise. Make sure you find a space that feels comfortable and where you won’t be
disturbed. My name is Youhjung and I do art therapy with a lot of folks and this
is one way I incorporate mindfulness and art therapy together. So the materials
that you need are color pencils or markers and you need a sheet of paper
with a body outline, which you can draw yourself or I also have a template
already here and you can download this for free – I’ll link the PDF in the
description box below. So gently place your attention on your
breathing and your body. We will start with mindfulness and a body scan. Become quiet and listen to the silence hear your breath as you breathe in to
your lungs and as air leaves from your nose and mouth. Begin noticing your body, starting from
the feet, notice any sensation you feel in your feet and notice your legs – how do
your legs feel? Then bring your attention to your bottom
and your hips. How do they feel? Remember to breathe and now notice how
your back feels and notice any sensations in your shoulders now and
also your neck. Now feel any sensation that you have on
your face – perhaps your forehead, your cheekbones, or the
sensations in your ears. Be aware where your tongue is – see if you
can relax them and feel at this moment how your entire head feels like, in the
crown of the head as well. Breathe and now we will slowly start our
art. You will take whatever color that feels right for you and color the body outline to represent how you feel right now, physically and emotionally, and indicate
where you feel it in your body. You might be coloring in the whole body or you
might be covering only certain areas of the body… there is no right or wrong way
to do this. So as you are drawing and coloring be
mindful of how your body feels in that moment, in that instant because
sensations can change in each moment. This is actually a short version of an
exercise I have in my new ebook called the “Mindful Life Workbook” I collaborated
with Heal Your Living which is the YouTube channel by Youheum, my sister, and we
collaborated to give you a lots of tools and art therapy exercises that we
actually personally like to use and have been using in our life to practice
mindfulness and self-care in our everyday life. So if you are interested
in learning more about the Mindful Life Workbook I have the link in my
description box below so make sure to see that. Through this exercise we are really
practicing mindfulness with our body and our emotions. A lot of the times we
resist, or run away from, or deny, or suppress our emotions and our physical
sensations, especially our pain and this is very helpful in non-judgmentally
becoming aware of those sensations and pains and emotions. So without pushing
them away or without being engulfed by them, we are acknowledging that they are
here and we are seeing them for what they really are. When you are done with your drawing
let’s bring a journal or pen and paper and do some reflective writing. So answer
the following questions – describe the physical sensations you have drawn. Second question is – what are other places
in your body that you feel certain emotions? For example if you feel nervous,
you might feel this in your stomach. We all have different responses and
physical sensations that are tied to our emotions. And last question is – what did
you learn from this drawing? What is it that you take away from looking at this
drawing and seeing all these sensations kind of mapped out in your body? That’s all for today’s exercise but
there are more details and additional exercises in the Mindful Life Workbook so
make sure to check that out. Thank you so much for following along with this self
art therapy practice – creating art is a wonderful way to practice mindfulness
and self-care. Thank you again and I’ll see you next time. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Art Therapy Body Scan Meditation | Art for Mindfulness”

  1. This is a very helpful exercise in mindfulness and loved the simplicity of it also soothing voice supporting this mind body spirit video thank you so much for your beautiful spirit xx

  2. I liked that you started with a body scan. It helped me to calm down. I didn't have any crayons so I used line patterns instead.

  3. Your videos are very unique. I'm glad to see someone sharing explorations of art in a therapeutic sense. I'm an artist studying concept art and I wonder how effective these kinds of exercises are for someone like me. Do you see differences in effect with trained artists?

  4. I loved this practice! It really helped me out & I appreciate your work. I was wondering if in the future you would do an art therapy series for children? My step son has gone through so much & he really enjoys art. Some of his work does express certain issues & I want to support him by sharing your exercises with him. Thank you & have a wonderful day!

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