Art From The Heart, Therapy For The Soul

Art From The Heart, Therapy For The Soul

In order to do this kind of emotional art one needs to close her eyes and start to paint by emotions by how you feel It’s all in the strokes of lines After that, when the person starts blocking the colours She is actually blocking the distractions from the surroundings She is actually stepping into the realm of freedom Hi, my name is Barry I’m a full time artist and I’m also using art to reach out to people I had a bad past I was a drug abuser for many years and that also led me to many years of self-condemnation disappointment and pain When I get in touch with art It opens up my eyes to see that I have been taking life for granted Things that I should treasure, I did not This is a watercolour painting that I did while I was in prison Instant noodles without this substance is nothing If you unwrap this whole substance the flavour comes out Last time I wanted to become somebody rich I wanted to be successful Later I found out that no, (the flavour) is in the substance of a life well-lived The substance is the heart that if you do something meaningful for others and you start to love someone that you don’t feel like loving I think that’s a very flavourful thing So there’s a story that goes (like this) A boy was picking starfishes Then, there came an old man who asked the boy How many can you save? Does it really matter? But the boy turned back and told the old man Yes, it may not matter to you But it does matter to that one starfish The old man went back pondered over what the young boy had said And he came back to do likewise I sat down and reflected over the whole course of my life And I found out that all this while There were good Samaritans who actually extended their hand So that prompted me to want to paint this When I painted this, I see myself as a starfish I was washed ashore by currents But I do not want to be a starfish I want to be the boy who picks starfishes Not only that, I want to use art to send a message hoping my audience will come back and do likewise

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  1. Glad he "woke up" and turned his life around. His artworks are pretty good and he speaks quite good English. Hope he'll be able to stay clean and continue to encourage others to change.

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