art class w avani

art class w avani

-Noen? -Yes, Avani? -Do you consider yourself a painter? What is a painter, Avani? At first I was scared. Its really up to you to figure out what it is you are expressing I am drawing with a pencil. So I guess this is what’s going on in my head 30 seconds guys. Uhh uhh ahh I literally wrote to Avani: “I’m sorry, you have to see peepee” Hi, welcome to the Noen show. if you haven’t been here before hi, how are you and if you have Welcome back. Today I have something very exciting and special to get into. But before we do that I would like to announce that the winner of last week’s episode is… Congratulations Dixie, it’s fine. For this week’s episode we have someone very special Everyone welcome… [drum sounds] Avani!! yayy Everyone clap [clapping noises] -hi I’m so glad to be here Really? -Yeah It didn´t sound like you meant it when you said it Do you know what we’re doing today Avani? I just know that it involves art [ding sound] -it does involve art. Today we are going to be learning how to do some of that art. Are you excited? You nervous? -Good scared good-scared, scared too -I’m not nervous, but I’m excited couple seconds ago you were nervous -huh? -huh? hmm I think we’re ready. I think it’s time. Let’s go I’m gonna go this way, too [music plays] [music continues] -Welcome Avani and Noen. I’m Ann Bridges and you’re in my studio in Koreatown and we’re here for an art lesson We’re going to start out with a free-flowing, expressionistic exercise to create something out of your imagination and I should say it’s supposed to be really fun. So don’t put pressure on yourself about being perfect or having to be better than anybody else’s there’ll be no grade May not be a grade, but there will be a winner and I get to pick it because this is my show. -Huh? It’s a good idea to be thinking about what you’re expressing so maybe take a few minutes and just brainstorm. Hmmm… You have a plan? Yes Can we hear your plan? -Yes. I’m just gonna- just gonna start drawing lines until I see it is something and then take it [laughter] Did you enjoy the self-expression drawing? -Uhhh… I didn’t know what I was doing That’s kind of why I take the line approach to it I just scribble on it until I can see a shape. I am drawing with a pencil something in my head. -Are you okay? Nope. [music plays] What have you been up to Avani? outside of painting Um well I’m a tiktoker. So I do tiktok dances Renegade? -I love renegade Yeah -I’m trying to be CEO renegade -I mean.. -It’s not working well -So how’s it coming over here? -So what’s happening on my paper right now is there’s somehow a skull on there -I don’t know where it came from. -Well it came from your head, Avani -Silly goose. -You’re so smart. -I did the line thing that I said I was doing. Kinda looks like a frog with the cool little haircut and a butterfly on it It’s kind of what I uh, I went with here. -I wouldn’t consider this a self-portrait I don’t think I look like a frog. I would hope that people don’t say that I look like a frog behind my back Um. Well the same thing that I do whenever anything else doesn’t work out in my life -Cry about it -Cry -Okay, guys very good! Noen could you tell us a little bit about your piece and could we see it please? -I would love to. This is my piece. I’m naming it…uhhh uhhh uhhh ahhh -I really like that name -Fingerpaints…Probably not the move.. fingers are bigger than I remember them being when I was painting. for that reason. I’m out -I like the shapes of it. I think it’s very clear. -Kinda looks like a pokemon -Oh, um It looks like sushi This is mine. So I guess this is what’s going on in my head. Uhh dead with flowers from Sponge Bob this the skull’s name is Noen’s hair because it’s dead and colorful. -and colorful -Yeah -Kinda upset no cap Sensitive topic too soon thing is one of those things where I can joke about it for a minute…it hit a little too close Hit a little too close to home. And then while I like the Star Wars flowers, I mean the Sponge Bob flowers they kind of look like bell peppers -They don’t look like sliced bell peppers. I think it’s really nice to be just positive with one another Okay, here we are we’re back this time we’re gonna draw some observation. So what I want you to do is draw me a picture of that setup. -We did this classic still alive with a couple of different fruits -Couple tricks you can use when you are doing observational drawing is you can use your pencil as a measuring tool. So hold your pencils up just like this and shut one eye -Um, I found the still alive easier just cuz like we had something to look at and draw -We had an apple, we had an orange and we had a lemon and, you know, I’ve definitely not want to body shame but they were kind of lumpy and they were not very perfect fruit -You alright there, Noen? -Yes. It’s a very intimidating orange Lemons they have a nipple on one side and kind of a nipple on the other side but not really. Orange kind of just ugly little circle You know you never realized how square an apple is until you draw it Apples they’re just built like that more like a like a pyramid and I not apparently like a trapezoid like an upside-down trapezoid Yeah, you know trapezoids like a rectangle but one side is longer than the other Anyways, what were we talking about? -Good. That’s a great Apple Avani it’s nice that you’re really seeing how dark the shadow is and then making those distinctions All right I think you got it Very nice, really really nice. -This is mine. I think the hardest part was getting the shape right on the apple I don’t know why it’s just really shaped weird -Fruit is organic -That apple be weird -If the purpose of it is to look like someone inexperienced did it is the point then it’s good because it because we are inexperienced. It’s not perfect It’s not even close right but if that’s the point, it’s good which but it is good You did a good job, but it’s not perfect, but it’s not supposed to be. I i tried really hard Um yeah mine’s umm…mine’s not good. It’s not as good -I like the shape of his better than I did with mine – I tried to really make sure you can tell which one of the fruits is which. This is definitely a lemon -yeah -this is definitely an apple, and this is definitely -a bowl…bowl -All right Well, this is going to be the third section of our drawing class and we’re gonna focus on human beings the human forms So we’re gonna think about the skeleton -So before we get started I want to introduce our model Patrick Kelly -At first I would- I’m like- I was scared, I was terrified -He’s a professional model a long time in LA. Also an actor and a stuntman -I was like, he’s gonna stand up there pull off the robe And I’m gonna- is just gonna be staring at me the whole time. -I literally wrote to Avani on my phone at one point. I’m like: “I’m sorry you have to see peepee” -You okay Avani? -Yes -Are you feeling nervous? -No -Good, okay -I kinda felt like I was gonna not be able to draw because I would fail to think about anything else -Uh, thankfully, he was wearing something underneath the robe. Yeah -We’re gonna start out with really fast poses and the really fast poses are just gonna get you out of your head -So could we do three one minutes, please? You start with an imaginary line that connects the top of the shoulders, but for the sternum -It’s so crazy like how just a bunch of scribbles. But once you like connect certain pieces, it looks like a like a silhouette -You guys are doing great -Do you feel like there’s more pressure when you’re drawing like a real life model that’s like there compared to like fruit? -It depends cuz like what we did it wasn’t like exact drawings -I was worried that I was gonna start drawing it and it was gonna look like like insulting but after doing how I felt like, it was fun. I felt like I had an accurate enough representation No feelings hurt -Ummm…uhhh -Honestly if I was a model you know what now that i think about it I would probably choose not to look at any of them. I’d be like people can interpret my body however they want to but I don’t want my feelings hurt. [clock ticking] -Okay, so now Guys, we’re going to five minutes. -There’s been time pressure about the whole day. -So it’s gonna go really really fast -What do you think about the pressure? -I didn’t like it -Okay here we go, the model’s in pose -The one-minute ones you can like miss out a little bit And like, have an excuse to like, miss a few parts -I’m missing a lot of the body I’m always missing an arm or a leg or Chest -But then when we get on to the five-minute one you had more time to like make it look better but like for me mine looked worse than all the other ones because I was… -thinking about it too much. -yeah -I kinda was going though the same thing -Okay, 30 seconds guys You can put nipples on the ribcage you can Come down find the belly button And then drop down and get the trunks shape with the trunks Thank you Wow Really good you guys How you holding up? -My hand hurts -That’s the conclusion of the life drawing part of the class. Patrick, thank you very much -These are a couple of the one-minutes that I was doing. Forearms and calves not it They’re too difficult… uh for the most part. So they just ended up getting left off. -This is mine And like I kind of got most of it but mine were like a lot smaller -I mean if you look at mine, I literally missed 90% of the legs and 90% of the arms These are our five-minute drawings So I started with this one and then realized how wide I made the shoulders and realized that it was going to be a close-up of his chest so I scrapped it and this is what I came out with…Uh what do you think about it, Avani? -Same as the one-minute ones. I like how it’s just more detailed on certain spots. This was mine. I missed the bottom half and I didn’t even try to draw the feet or the hands. -I really applaud you for… -I really applaud you for the forearms and the calves. Looks good -Swag – We’re gonna do a judgement kind of like, you know A very like traditional episode but art is something that is just it’s very subjective And it’s all about you know, the way that you see it. Yeah art is an interpretation of someone else’s interpretation of life So I feel like it’s something that’s hard to just put a number on it and say like this is better. This is the Noen show. There will be no judgement this week Just some learning experience. In other words, please don’t say anything mean about my drawing -You can comment that I did better, it’s whatever, just whatever you want -Thank you guys for watching. Thank you so much. Avani did you have a good time? -No -Okay. It’s okay

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