ARK VALGUERO Artifact Of The CUNNING How To Get It!

ARK VALGUERO Artifact Of The CUNNING How To Get It!

I go Steve here in this video on a shout to get the artifact of a cunning as you can see I'm in a snow area and it's a blue obelisk in front of me this is where I am on the map and that's the coordinate 17 by 29 right I'll show you the surrounding so you can see where I am but small lake in front of me some trees to the left spike he rocks behind me but the easiest landmarks spot is that jagged rock sticking up fly down just past this lake behind the tree you have an entrance to the cave this is a GPS that's where it isn't a map 15 point 4 by 22 7.3 right you can go in on foot you can also fly in at the moment so I'm not sure if I change it later come to the doorway go throw it master crystals the novice ramp if we can get up behind this rock is the artifact of a cunning nice easy artifact to get but don't worry forget much harder right when you've got it go back through the cave right once of firaon I guess a bit cold in here there's my turret on show the GPS of the entrance again 15.6 by 27.5 that's it on the map just to show you that you can fly in you

15 thoughts on “ARK VALGUERO Artifact Of The CUNNING How To Get It!”

  1. Can you do a “Lets Play” please?
    Everyone else uses mods so it takes away the fun and not worth watching.

  2. Very cunning hiding the artifact cave under one of the most prominent landmarks in the area. And no creatures to defend it? I don't mean to sound like an ass. I would expect more consistent challenges on this map.

  3. ok so did you do a server wipe before going into the cave? cause I need to know for a play thru? are we expecting things to spawn in here?

  4. Love you video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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