Ark - Ragnarok - Devourer Artifact - Getting It Solo (Basilosaurus' Wreck Face)

Ark – Ragnarok – Devourer Artifact – Getting It Solo (Basilosaurus' Wreck Face)

hi guys so I am gonna be grabbing an artifact today and this is one I won't tested out with the missus and I found out where it was I was gonna have a go at getting its solo hopefully just be a nice video so you can see how to do that so what I'm gonna be taking is I've got a plesiosaur here this guy has got 18,000 health he's got a stamina he's got three hundred fifty four percent melee now it's a little bit loaded down with cracker ass right now this guy has got very decent stats as well as our zero source which I called Barry by accident because I thought it was a guy and it wasn't oh well I'm actually 20,000 health and three hundred seventy percent men eh that's kind of main stats there that mean anything I'm gonna give him a little bit more health now he was at aim at 140 and 145 and the plesiosaur was at aim at level 95 so what I'm going to do is I'm just gonna take these guys out and I grab a little bit of meat for them and then I will show you where to go with this so I'm gonna get that please you sorta follow me okay guys so I've got these guys from food and I'm ready to go over to get the artifact now so I'm by the blue obelisk there as you can see oh there we go there we go you can see a little bit better sorry about the floating please I saw I had a cheeky Charlotte qualms about to record right now the easiest way to find where this place is is if you're at the blue obelisk and you're looking back along the coast you should be on a sort of southwest of the diagonal here so bring up my map so as you can see here the direction I'm facing is kinda southwest so I really want to go in that direction so you kind of just wanna it's all a little of a diagonal anyway so what you want to go to is forty seven point four by two point three zero two point three that's where the actual artifact is but if you just follow away from that obelisk dude Galloway thank you I save you just fall away from that obelisk if you please is so stupid turd face there we go as you can see I'm kind of going in the right direction and once you get towards the edge of the map you'll you'll should be able to see it if you've got the government under now what I've got here is I've got a fairly nice set of scuba gear well the actual tank I'm just wearing standard goggles and I'm also just wearing standard flippers that should be enough now I'm not coming here to really fight everything I'm coming here more than anything to just get the artifact you should be able to get in there quickly I've got the positive Soros because they can't be grabbed by squids now the plesiosaurs can be grabbed by squids and there's also like electric eels there so what I plan to do is if there is anything nasty down there I plan to tank it up towards the basilosaurus now the possessors can't go that deep unfortunately because they do actually start taking damage but I've not actually tested if they how far down they can go towards this I might be able to get quite close and just leave the plesiosaur where it is if I can go and deal with squids that'd be great okay so I'm getting quite close to this area now I just have to stop a little bit of stamina set the please useful to a little bit further a higher follower distance I'm mostly going south here but anyway so once you get into sort of the area of about about just over 4e and within about side three on a longitude so I say once you get to about there so when you see me get to 40 by 3 ish it'll be easy to see what's going on so because it'll put on me goggles now and go underwater unfortunately is quite hard to see this when you actually underwater so this is why I'm travelling on the surface here just now the easiest way to find this is once you see this Ridge here at the edge of the map as long as you're north enough of it it's very easy to find where you're gonna go you'll see like a little cavern ish kind of construction down there so at this point here I know I'm okay I can put away the GPS I've once you see this area here so this area along the edge of the map and you also see these rock formations here you're in the right area so now what we're going to do here is I'm going to leave the polizia saw up top and I'll give it a go and see what's going on with the business so as you can see already there is a split down there so what I'm going to do is set the plesiosaur to not follow okay let's go and see what I can do about our squared with a positive sort I might be able to get deep enough to damage it on my tongue now they do take damage if you go too deep on Abels in a soilless but as you can see they are fairly good at taking out squids because squid can't grab them and what I'd like to do is actually clear the air squids and you know they did a fairly good health regen so even if you're in the area where they're going to do damage or take damage from being so low you can still get back up to the top so I was living like five okay now as you can see this resort is making mincemeat in the square now actually I will say as well if you've never attacked a squid before we found this out once they've Anna tentacles Jack Reacher cancer attack them so the plesiosaur was doing fine like one on one with a squid the problem is that squids tend to do tend to swarm in on you and we did get attacked by an alpha so I want to have this guy here because it's got nice health regen here we go squeeze probably gonna get ready to run in a second he's going to do a ink attack let's see if I can there we go that's the attack as you see the bacillus source is taking a little bit of health damage there but once you get out of that area now Brazil sores do have like ridiculously health good health regen if you have a look here it's already going up so fast so I'm okay going down to sort of that depth I think be what I could do is tank on a tight one up so what I'm going to do is I'm going to clear away this spread and then same as anything else on the way also what I quite like about this area is a squid tend to get stuck against the rules which is cool because I know I've got him pinned right now so I can just keep smacking away on it you know getting away there we go wow that's pretty split so the pasilla services health was actually down in the late seventeen thousand worth of health as you can see that health regen is crazy good and so as a squid can't grab them so you can literally cancer surface and be safe enough now apparently they can potentially die if you go too deep on them which is why I bought the please all along because I can get down further now there's also other stuff down there that I want to be careful this dunk dunkey bunk Cleo's I can't Patterson properly the Chompy Chompy fish but they don't seem to be aggressive but there are eels down there which are nasty little bastards they will shock your creature so I kind of was clear the squeaker don't want to be caught but heels and caught by these squid at the same time when I mama please yourself okay so when you follow down into this Canyon what you're gonna see is you'll see this area here what you're looking for is that formation of an rocks there now you would actually see them a little bit better when you get lower down if you've got a mask on so I'm just gonna tell that guy to stop following now I'm also just gonna leave him up here for a second I don't see any more squid around so see you'd probably want to clear I really don't see any matter to make sure no I just see anglerfish although this a couple of squid down this let's try and get it done quickly so what you want to do is you want to go down in here and you're gonna see it's really hard to see it but this is the artifact here just grab it as quick as you can there we go you want to have your flippers on obviously and then just go back okay so there's the episode of sauce over there should be fine on the help says basically if you got a bit of the sauce like literally just below a liquid this you're okay so see if I can show you those eels as well so those sweety squid I said only 50 female now I don't see any others we have found our first round here before longer toes I'm just going to go and deal with one of these on this guy so so as you can see the squid is actually grab me here but it's really not too much of an issue don't do too much damage my main concern more than anything is those angler fish now I've kind of messed this up a little bit because I want to be a bit closer on squid idea so what I want to be getting right in close to them but also their attacks are an AoE so if you do see them getting ready to grab you just go right in close to them ego and you see I'm still smacking on him here now we also have a high level one you do want to be careful and they do a lot of damage now this guy is going to do his anyway I'm not gonna go and chase after watch now but I'm gonna finish it now you just want to be careful not to do this around the other squid because they do have quite a large a growing distance so I'm just gonna deal with that I think I'm getting too close yo squid there see if I can now one thing you do have to be really careful of is that squid ink actually affects your character as well and we lost a couple of others because we had them on our shoulders and yeah well okay so I've managed to scare that squid off so even if you don't actually kill the squid it's fine as long as you just scare them off because as you can see they were hanging around there I managed to get down there quick enough so it's just if you see them sort of coming towards you to give you your crap you you are lo que anh a plesiosaur Lanza as high health it was a particularly high level one yeah be careful this see what we've got here we've got a 20 and a 50 male so I'm going to do is I see you do I just have to go up a little bit unable run away but it's not gonna be some source as you can see these ones again I got stuck against a cliff so easy enough to you're just going I think is annoying now I will say that okay so yes as you can see if you take a bit of sauce along with you so Isis got decent health you should be able to just sort of deal with those squids quite easily you know even if it is a case of bringing it up towards a positive sauce as you can see this I am rich just sitting just you know at about the lip of this area he's not taking any extra damage don't believe no it's healthy he's getting that nice healthy gen I dealt with those Goods about a problem now the real problem I mean the one that honestly scares me the most is the heels cuz those squid I mean you know potentially as long as you play it safe you should be okay but what you can see is these heels down here this is them here and now do I see any other stuff don't get their attention they can't write I want to get away from them now to see these with a scratch you can get away for the surface but these guys they follow yeah this if I can so I actually want to test out how he does against them here we go so he comes Budi squids not speedy eels even now this is caught he doesn't seem to be taking damage from their electric tank which is awesome so once again once the reason you want to bring the this is one reason you want to bring along the Ibiza the sauce because he is just making mincemeat of these we had real issue with these guys when we took just to please your sores down there so those are nicely dealt with okay guys so right I'm gonna call this video I've done as you can see that method of taking a Brazil asaurus and a plesiosaur plesiosaur to kite stuff over to visit us or visit us or to take out the squids and that was a good way to do it and once again you want to go to forty seven point four by zero point two point zero two point three and I should see here I'm at forty five point three and zero two point five and what you're looking for is this what you're looking for is this structure here so once you get one charge you get to the edge of the map and I would say come out coming in from a like a more north position and once you get to the edge of the map you're looking for this sort of Canyon here drop downs like Canyon and you should be able to see it even if it's a bit murky you're looking for that there and then just wipe down inside there and see if it has respond yet oh yeah how's right okay and what you're looking for is this thing it's quite hard to see when you're looking for that and just I can't take a second one obviously because you're gonna have one that needs one time actually gonna put one on the feature no I can't okay right so yeah I can only get one at a time but that's what you're looking for it's very hard it's kind of hard to see because you know god it's underwater hope you guys found that useful I hope it's tips actually helps of you and yeah I hope she gets the artifacts catch you all soon have fun

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  1. As I uploaded this I realised I probably should have put a platform saddle on the plesiosaur to test if I could keep more artifacts in a storage container. I'll check that later on and update this. d'oh!

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