Apple's Advertising Secrets

Apple's Advertising Secrets

Apple has an advertising style that's as iconic as it is copied the internet is full of parodies and look-alikes from competitors yet somehow the magic in Apple's commercials isn't spoiled even though we know the formula it never ceases to blow our minds to see the newest iPhone commercial come out why what makes Apple special a big reason is thanks to the guidance of Mike Markkula he was an early investor in Apple and with the vice-president of marketing in 1977 when Apple was first getting off the ground Marco Lee wrote a three-point marketing philosophy that had run into the forefront of the company ever since Apple's marketing focus he says should be empathy focus and impute with empathy Apple strives to connect customers feelings while others talk about detailed specs and processor power Apple talks a lot about battery lives the way it feels in your hands and the way it will connect you with others focus focus on accomplishing the main goals and eliminate unimportant opportunities while other companies make a million different variations of their products Apple only makes a few when Steve Jobs came back to Apple he cut down their number of product lines from several dozen to four by refocusing Apple on a few products they were able to create a superior experience impute this is possibly the most important principle of marquales marketing manifesto Marshall wrote people do judge a book by its cover you may have the best products but if you present them poorly it will be perceived for you if you present them in a creative professional manner you will impute the desired qualities in other words the way an iPhone ad is presented is the way that the iPhone will be perceived and that seems obvious but this means that even the colors of the ad whether the space is cluttered or clean the tone of voice of the narrator the animations control the way the iPhone is viewed even though all of these have nothing to do with smartphones actual performance and this can either hurt or help a company which is why I Markel of nature Apple kept it as a guiding principle to their business fast-forward 40 years later Apple is the master at using this to their advantage if you watch an Apple ad you can find everything you need to know from the first few seconds even if the audio is muted now that we know the three philosophies Apple uses let's talk about the types of advertisements Apple does in the lifecycle of one of their products they pretty much fall into three categories the introduction this is the first video and it's basically a hype video pumped up music pretty screens everywhere basically just showing off the phone iPhone 7 make the things you do most even better it's the best iPhone we've ever made respects this is the second video they'll make if they can get Johnny I to do this one that's the best the point of this video is to make people feel like their old device is outdated and slow a ton of talk about redesign and a lot a lot of comparative words and they'll also use pretty sounding but ultimately meaningless words like color gamut advanced sensors and unique to put it on a much larger scale we design it's 78 percent most screen area a greater level of precision we completely re-engineered the touch subsystem increasing the sensitivity of the sensors doubling the touch refresh rate the most the highest a greater s specifically designed a much larger display and see more precise multi-touch technology in entirely new for speaker architecture more and in different ways flexibility we've developed a new technology more productive more creative an entirely new scale after the intro inspects it's all about narrative this is just classic content marketing and what is that basically it's when you tell a story where your product just so happens to facilitate or cause something to happen but there's no explicit promotion pay attention to this video because it's a classic case of content marketing thousand times good night oh you're watching your daughter at a Romeo and Juliet play and capturing that special moment well catch it better with the new iPhone this is a really good way to sell anything this fave continues to the rest of the product life cycles until they announce the next device at which point we come to distances which really isn't an ad but its necessary for advertising this is where they wipe all the evidence of the old advertisements from their channels and their web page this is so customers don't get distracted one way if they want to buy a refurbished iPhone 5 then you have to be seven is out and this is also so you never realized isn't saying the same stuff for years that's pretty much it now you know how Apple advertises thanks for watching [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Tbh it’s kinda funny seeing people who are so smug about the fact that they don’t own an apple device, Samsung, google etc are all the same in their morals, just apple have more good ads.

  2. "impute" is a revealing term. It does mean assigning or attributing value or credit to something, but with the implication of being false and unjust. In Apple's own reckoning, a monitor stand is worth a grand because that's the price they entered into their accounting. Not very empathetic to screw the consumer over like this, and not very focused on trimming your product line, charging for two items that beforehand were sold together. That ordeal was all impudent imputation.

  3. Funny how you tried to call out Kurzgesagt for being pop-sci but every one of your videos is total pseudoscience clickbait bullshit

  4. Coffee how do you look at something people see as regular and manage to phycoanalyse it. I'd be interested in developing a skill like this where do you start?

  5. No mater how you put it, the simplest explanation is that the average Apple customer is a sheep, easily swayed by style over substance.

  6. Ads that don't tell me what the product actually is and instead go for lifestyle and appearance make me suspicious. I've never liked the apple ads for that reason

  7. The distance step is perfectly exemplified by how most the videos linked in the description is no longer available.

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