15 thoughts on “API Tutorial for Marketers with Postman App”

  1. hi Julian, you mentioned techmarketer.io/postman but seems it doesn't live yet. Any updates on this?

  2. how to fixed it.

    "code": "woocommerce_rest_authentication_error",
    "message": "Invalid Signature – provided signature does not match.",
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  3. hi sir i have a one problem while i try to get api from this software,which was i placed the link on get params and click the send button.,its nothing happen after 20 mins,so many times i try to fix it but its not works fine what can i do.,i reinstalled it also..

  4. how can we bit bucket API? and can you help with a bit bucket API and help me to find out which API will helpful to me please can you help as soon as possible.

  5. Hi Julian is nice video your video tutorial are easy to learn. I learn more tricks from u. I have one request how to use the Facebook marketing API in Facebook developer tool and may know what the use

  6. Great content. Can you show examples of the interaction of different api in google docs (app script) more detail.

  7. Signed up the the additional videos. Thanks for the knowledge you share. Definitely would like more advanced videos like this.

  8. Love it! I'd been wondering about how to use Postman, so this was a great intro. I'd love to see more videos on this topic.

  9. hi Julien, great video as always. Not sure if this question relates to this video but if I want to set up a tag to fire for a specific geolocation, is there any API to geolocate users?

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