Annoying Jun at the GEOLOGY MUSEUM

Annoying Jun at the GEOLOGY MUSEUM

Rachel: Hey guys! Jun: Hey! Today we’re in Ibaraki Prefecture, …and we’re going to be going to a couple cool places. But starting off, we’re at …a geological museum. Okay, I majored in geology for a year …my first year in university before I knew what I wanted to do. So, I took eighteen credit hours worth of geology classes, …and I loved it. I love rocks. Jun: It’s huge. Rachel: They show you where all of these came from. Look at the cobalt! Jun: Wow! Rachel: That’s so pretty! Giant metamorphic rock! Jun: How do they even do this? Jun: Wow. Jun: It’s gigantic. Rachel: Japan is pretty much all mountains, so a lot of their rock looks like this …like we were just at Gifu Castle the other day, and just walking up the side of the mountain …you can see all of the rocks that are just turned up like- it’s so cool! Rachel: Hey Jun, Jun. Jun: Yeah? Rachel: Kuma, that’s the Japanese word for bear, right? Jun: Oh, okay. Rachel: This is cool. Rachel: Hey Jun. Did you hear about the geologist who used to illicitly smuggle expensive rocks across the seas? They called him a Pyrite. (Pirate) *Jun’s exasperated laugh* Rachel: It’s so shiny. Oh my gosh. I can’t show you the shiny. Jun: I don’t know how they carry this without breaking. Rachel: You can’t see how sparkly these are because the camera’s just like ‘noo I can’t handle it!’ Rachel: Hey Jun, hey Jun. Jun: Yeah? Rachel: I’m thinking about getting back into rock collecting. What do you think one of these would sulfur? (Sell for) *Jun’s exasperated laugh again* Jun: I don’t know. Rachel: Hey Jun. Jun: Yes… Hey Jun. Did you hear about the ant who divorced his wife? He had to pay her antimony Jun: Heh heh… Okay. Jun: Wow! Look at this one. Rachel: Stibnite. Jun: What..? Heh. Rachel: That’s like some fantasy… Jun: Yeah… …rock right there. That’s awesome. Jun: It’s salt. It’s so pretty. Rachel: You know Sean Connery? Jun: Uhh… Kind of. Rachel: You know what he calls a lighthouse? Jun: U-uhm… Rachel: Scheelite. (Sea light) Jun: *exasperated* Okay… Jun: It looks like it’s printed on there. Rachel: Don’t get too close too me; albite. (I’ll bite) Jun: Okay! Feel like I’m looking at a Korean- It’s a fossil. Rachel: Hey Jun, Jun: *laughs* How many more puns are you gonna make? Rachel: Nevermind. (It says cummingtonite ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) This is a- a really cool place to come, I think. Jun: I think so too. Rachel: Granite, you have to take a car to get here. (Jun is tired) Rachel: No way! No way Jun! Jun: Yeah? Rachel: Dude, it’s dinosaur skin!! It’s skin of dinosaurs!!! Why are you not more impressed?!?! Jun: I am. Rachel: Oh, you can look at one of the specimens in… …3D. Jun: Yeah, yeah! Rachel: That’s this little one right here. It’s a bunch of Pyrite. Jun: *softly* Yeah, Pyrite. It’s kinda cute. Rachel: Yeah, look at all the different sizes. That’s cool. This is fossilized mammoth!! It’s a MAMMOTH Jun! Jun: *indifferently* Yeah… Rachel: Hue hue, look at the size of this mammoth’s bone! It’s huge! Jun: Gigantic. Rachel: It’s a… mammoth… wouldn’t you say? Jun: Yup. Rachel: So, this was the oldest rock on Earth. Jun: Yeah, on Earth Rachel: It’s pretty Gneiss. (Nice) Jun: *doesn’t care* It’s from Canada. Rachel: Look it’s a topographic map of… Japan! Jun: Interesting. Rachel: That’s so cool! Jun: Where’s Mt. Fuji? Oh, that one. It’s very easy to spot. Rachel: Geology of the Japanese Islands. Sedimentary rocks… Jun: Cool~ Rachel: Pyroclastic flows… Volcanic rocks and how old they are… That is awesome!! Rachel: Hey Jun, Jun: Yeah? Rachel: Can you imagine being the person who …collects all of these rocks and …figures out exactly what they are? Jun: I mean, have no idea how to do that. Rachel: Must be pretty Tuff. (Tough) Jun: Yep… Tuff. Yep, Tuff. *is done* Rachel: This is… a footprint from a… …freaking dinosaur!! This is a dinosaur footprint!! Look at- Look at- look at how big this is!! Jun: It’s pretty big. Rachel: Look at the size of this dinosaur foot!!! Jun: Arosaurus. Rachel: LOOK AT HOW BIG IT IS!!! LOOK HOW BIG THIS DINOSAUR IS!!! Jun: It’s big! Rachel: COULD YOU IMAGINE STGSTSTLT DINOSAUR??!?!? LOOK AT HOW BIG THAT IS!! You gotta be kidding me! Here’re the bones of this… …Desmostylus..? This is what it would look like. How insane is that?! This thing is huge! Jun: Looks like a hippopotamus… in this picture. Rachel: No- oh- no~ No, no! What is this? No… Oh my god… As if hippopotamuses weren’t bad enough. Aw this is- this is the… …Iriomote cat. This is the only cat that’s specific to only Japan, …and it’s only found on one island. The… Iriomote… Jun: Iriomony- Iriomoteya no neko Rachel: So cute~ Ewwww, giant salamander… Flourescent minerals. Jun: Can I press the button? Rachel: PRESS IT. Jun: Oh wow! Jun: It’s pretty. Rachel: That is awesome! Look at how bright those shine~! Jun: That green one is like… …brighter than my future. (“how do you do, fellow kids?”) Rachel: Bright– fsfswha-what?!! Jun: This is like that chicken egg. Rachel: Dinosaur egg replica!! This is what a dinosaur egg was like! Do you think Daenerys could hatch one of these? Jun: I’m sure she can! Rachel: That’d be really awesome army. Jun: Yeah, for sure! Rachel: Dragons AND DINOSAURS! Dude, look how big this ammonite is! Jun: It’s gigantic! Rachel: Dinosaur skin!!! It’s dinosaur skin, Jun!!! Jun: So excited. Rachel: Jun it’s dinosaur skin!!! ? Oh. Ah… Like, Jurassic Park? Jun: Yes. Rachel: That’s not what dinosaurs used to look like. They had f- feathers, …they looked like …chickens. They were birds. They were- they were- Birds are basically modern dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eventually evolve, …like, …modern birds. So all those Velociraptors, they weren’t big, they were much smaller, …and they had colorful feathers, …and they were like lil chickens, lil murder chickens. Little murder chickens that ran around …and …eat stuff. Jun: Really? But didn’t they also find the …fossils too? Rachel: Yeah, these are fossils. See? You can see the wings. Jun: Yeah, I mean the big ones. They were big. Rachel: Yeah, there are some big dinosaurs too. Jun: There’re many big dinosaurs. Rachel: There’re, yeah, there were some big dinosaurs too. Rachel: A lot of them were CHICKENS! Murder chickens! Plate tectonics! You just lit up the… You just lit up the… Edges of the Earth. You guys, these are so gorgeous. Oh my gosh, they’re so pretty! Look at these colors! The map of the volcanoes… …in the world. The hot springs. Geothermal areas. Hot springs. Volcanoes. Oh… Snap! That’s a heck a lot of volcanoes. This is cool. This is cool! You guys this is just neat. I really like this place. Jun: Yeah, it was a rock. (how the tables have turned) *Rachel is amused* Rachel: This place rocks. Jun: This place rocks. *Rachel is proud* Rachel: They have a whole bunch of stuff upstairs, like volcanoes… and …earthquakes and stuff. There’s a lot to see here. I know they said, …typically people only spend an hour, but I definitely could spend longer. So, this was the Geology Museum. They also have a Science Museum nearby and, like, the JAXA …which is like the Japanese version- Jun: Japanese NASA, yeah. Rachel: NASA, yeah. A lot of cool stuff here. If you’re interested in coming or …if you’re gonna be in Ibaraki Prefecture and you wanna see other stuff …then check out Ibakira TV which is Ibaraki Prefecture’s …YouTube channel. They have a lot of videos on different spots that you can visit here. Jun: Yeah. Rachel: Lots of really neat stuff. So, head on over there if you’re interested and thank you for watching! Bye~

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  1. I know I’m late but Rachel you should have said

    Did you hear about the ant that got sued he needed an antournuty

  2. Hey Rachel… i think your face is getting more and more asian now. I think you guys are meant to be together. God bless u both 😇

  3. Geology major!. Did you know in WW2 geologist was key in determining the exact location of the beach sand Japan was using as ballast to launch balloon bombs against America. Once located the US launched a raid on this beach launch site and the balloon bombs stopped.

  4. One thing I learn, Japanese know how to behave. Most people in my country (North Korea) often make loud voice when they visit public place and laugh like a donkey. Japanese keep their voice down in public space/area

  5. Hey Jun did you hear about the geologist who used to illicitly smuggle expensive rocks over seas?.. They called him pyrite. 😑😵 hahah I honestly thought she was stating a legit factoid.

  6. every time I see this, I say to myself you gotta come to the R.O.M. the Royal Ontario Museum, we actually had some famous paintings there, and even had an exhibit of the great terracotta warriors, a whole bloody army.

    It was so Fuckin cool.

  7. Woah that’s really cool! They have the chemical/periodic (I haven’t been in uni for a bit forgive me) formula names on some of the displays! I’d probably geek out just as much as Rachel lol 😝

  8. Example of Pun: Hey Jun, being a geologist must be tuff!

    Example of Dark Humor: Damn, that rock is brighter than my future.

  9. somtimes i want u guys tell few story abut ur past when u guys traped in VR mmorpg. i know its hard for u guys, but i just want heard few stories about u guys having fun times in there together.

    and i realy like that anime that based of ur real live story :3

  10. ….I want to hug her so much these pun they make me laugh and hurt at the same times The puns are so cheesy but so good.

  11. @Rachel & Jun's Adventures!:
    Wanna' know what's missing from all this, to annoy Rachael-back for all this punstering?
    Have Poki mysteriously run through the inside of one of the Display Cases, as he both snuck into the Car, hiding under a seat, followed you into the Museum, and figured out how to get inside of a Case to look at the 'pretty rocks' to annoy her!!! 😀
    We need to buy Rachael, or Jun a small Drumkit!

  12. Rachel: pun
    Jun: haha 😅
    actually dying inside

    Also 5:55
    I think this might be one of the hyalites of the trip

  13. Flash backs to parks and rec…
    Ron in England: Look, a clock. We don’t have that in America.
    Me with this video: Look, a rock! We don’t have that in America.

    I love your channel so much! Keep up the great work guys ❤️

  14. LoL i think Jun likes it when you "annoy" him Rachel…lol

    Anyways, have you guys ever looked into visiting the Daiymo and Shogun places, like Azuchi Castle? I love those kinds of adventures…I find it fascinating!
    Let me know if you ever do… I would definitely be staying tuned for it….although, I would rather visit it myself one day. It's still exciting to see others document their travels. 😀

  15. I LOVED THIS SO MUCH AHHH, I have been watching a lot of your cat videos lately to help cheer me up and i stumbled across this video. I was so thrilled to hear you majored in geology!!! I love geology too and have yet to visit a museum, it looked super cool

  16. "hey Jun.."
    "How many more puns are you gonna do?!?"
    Oh Jun you married her. 😂😂
    Edit: I think Jun realized he married a rock nerd. 😂😂😂

  17. I collect rocks so I would the same if I were there…and my name is Rachael 💜 Jyeah

    Everytime I heard Rachel say "Hey Jun!" I kept hearing the Beatles. "Heeeey Jude" 😂😂

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