Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Studio Ghibli Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Studio Ghibli Characters From Memory

hey I’m Kira hey I’m butch creator of fairly oddparents Danny fan on the tuff puppy and Bunsen is a beast on Nickelodeon and today we’re drawing Studio Ghibli characters from memory and be sure to stick around at the end of the video to find out how you can enter for a chance to win this Wacom Intuos tablet courtesy of our good friends at welcome creative there’s two free creative software downloads and pistachios it doesn’t come with pistachios it’s the colors pistachio I think everyone’s gonna get mad at me I’ve always seen a limited number of Miyazaki films I appreciate what he’s done but I’m tremendously but the drawing things from memories gonna be a little tricky for me I love some more recent anime like one punch man and stuff like that I also love older anime like Speed Racer oh you know I really don’t wanna get though that witch from spirited away it was like a thousand wrinkles on her face yeah I want to get her I see only one who’s not like an innocent woman yeah oh my god I love Kiki’s Delivery Service I haven’t seen this film since it came out in the u.s. so like 90s yeah so Kevin’s oh you start drawing Kevin oh wait no [Music] he’s like a bunch of triangles use triangles [Music] she’s the old lady she’s the old lady yeah she’s like a big giant old lady a huge head like kind of a like a bob like a samurai yeah I remember seeing this movie as well as movies where you hear that it’s like a classic and it’s amazing yeah and you watch it and it’s like oh my god like it’s a classic it’s amazing you know yeah Jackie I’m nervous for this because as you know I do not draw in an anime style you really don’t the question is do I actually attempt to draw in an anime style or do I do my own thing I feel like if you try to do it there’s one thing the comments have told me Jackie is that when I draw in my own way it ends up looking like me from what I remember of her she’s kind of like she looks like an ogre almost she’s like a troll so mean super wrinkly super detailed every time I watched it I was kind of like amazed that they had to redraw her I said that man that many times it’s so hard I have never seen this character I’d be very honest with you I’m just kind of making up an old lady what’s like the animal he’s closest to is it like a teddy bear like not even a raccoon he’s got whiskers yeah oh thanks for telling me that I didn’t know does he have teeth at all yes yeah yeah like when he opens his mouth to do that he’s got like a full set of like human teeth I don’t know if you can see Kiki in your mind but her outfit is very simple it’s just she’s just wearing a dress yeah and she has like props that you know right she has a broom yeah and oh she has like a big bone yeah yes yes okay yep that’s for all the people who say I never help Kevin I help Kevin all the time I help him cross the street I help them get some sugar from his neighbors I don’t know what else old people do you do help me check what is you Baba wearing what does she wear like a kimono thing she’s wearing like um it’s kind of like one of those long old lady dresses where it’s like long sleeves it’s blue I have a ton of those at my house you know got what’s your favorite Studio Ghibli film I honestly really love spirited away really yeah but also uh mmm I really like Howl’s Moving Castle – my favorite Ghibli movie is Princess Mononoke yes nossek on the valley of the wind which I think was very underrated yeah so what’s your favorite Studio Ghibli felt am I saying it right is it Ghibli or Ghibli um no I say Studio Ghibli I say Ghibli I think you’re valid okay but my favorite Ghibli movies probably spirited away angry I love that old near and dear to my heart close second though Porco Rosso really does she have a stick or a weapon of any kind or a UH I don’t think so she has a lot of rings on her fingers though she does yeah okay she holds like an umbrella am i right oh yeah that’s a super iconic scene but one where they were waiting for the cat bus oh they’re waiting okay I don’t have them waiting for anything it’s like a big tail see I don’t know I think there’s like a tail but like every tail I give them doesn’t look right I gave them like a like a bunny tail here’s what I love about Studio Ghibli movies not everything is explained mm-hmm like sometimes just like weird things happen and they never explain it and I’m like you know what I like that yeah who needs the explanation yeah I feel really cleaning everything is a very Western form of storytelling that’s very true Kevin I think about this a lot when it comes to storytelling are you patronizing me right no I’m not I’m this is being for reals because I think a lot of people’s criticisms against anime movies is that there’s no ending right but it doesn’t have to have it right because life doesn’t have an ending unless you die yeah I love the feel of this tablet though this is really cool yeah they’re really nice I don’t know what they did to like the glass on top but it feels a lot more premium than like other tablets I’ve drawn on its got like a texture to it it feels like you’re kind of drawing more like natural surface like paper remember the first time I discovered I could make a gradient on the background my life changed that day he’s great right no he’s around right Turner oh there’s nothing he’s got to be seen like brownish gray oh my god what’s happening I was like confident and now I don’t know I wouldn’t do that I’m gonna hope that she has blue eyes okay I think it got his color he needs like a brown gray yeah I’m almost done just get me away three seconds or it’s like 30 more seconds 302 ah did you just dab yeah who dabs anymore I did I’m as done as I’ll ever be I think if I did not put those arrows on his chest you wouldn’t know it really you know that was it yeah all Totoro is some arrows his arrows on his chest and the umbrella okay that’s that’s about all I can do I think again like I always say I think I got the gist of them down but I definitely miss them are like how do you think you did I think I did okay you know I think it’s cute I think for a quick sketch it’s pretty good I thought I did terribly oh and I want to apologize for all of you Ghibli fans out there I don’t know if you guys can see it but Kevin is tearing up right now he’s really about to cry Oh [Music] [Applause] oh my god oh my god okay you were right he’s great very good very good teeth you’re talking about teeth your teeth in here are very good yeah I want to see what our tail situation is yeah I’m like a rabbit tail I did I gave him like a racket-tail thing yeah it’s fine yours is great yours is fine what do you mean you were yeah I was expecting like the world’s worst drawing from the way you said it like you drew like a scribble what the heck that’s what she looks like this is incredible I wish she look like this oh you’re very kind beautiful you did a nice job what he looks like this gosh I should it would help if I watch the movie oh yeah okay so yeah that’s he’s great yeah he’s good I think and we’re I’m gonna say so you got I mean you put whiskers on himself I think your character exists in his world though oh thanks yeah okay but we both got like different parts of him right yeah so you got his tail cuz he’s got like a stubby tail yeah oh yeah this is so wrong see accessories I couldn’t I remember the Rings I couldn’t remember this jewel you said bun on her head and she’s got like a like a like a dumpling on her shine dumpling that’s what that is I think I got the eye shadow you got that right yeah yeah I just drew a person nice oh you know what we both forgot her big orange bag you sure did yeah she it’s the delivery service so what does she keep the things in she’s doing weird stuff and you know what ours aren’t delivering Jack yep I think both of us drew her hair a little too long I think so I think it’s much shorter than I remember I do I do remember her radio I just didn’t have time to draw it in because he listens to that radio or in her broom yeah yeah on the way back when Spotify didn’t exist now that I’ve seen the character and every time I do this every time every time I attempt to draw an anime type character it always ends up more in my style than the anime style so I’ve just got to keep things in mind about anime for example the shadows on the face there’s tons of highlights shadows varied anime characters are extremely detailed I was always got to remember that you made a Greek character design be proud of yourself very so to enter for a chance to win this walk them into a tablet all you have to do is go to the BuzzFeed comics Instagram account which is at Comic look for this post and follow the instructions in the description best of luck to you comes with pistachios you know she listens to on her Spotify Kiki do you love me [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Studio Ghibli Characters From Memory”

  1. I think Jason ended up drawing Frank from Donnie Darko lol… They should do an episode where everyone has to draw creepy characters so Jason finally has a chance to shine.

  2. Why does all of Jason’s work look like it was drawn by a toddler who was trying to hold a crayon with their toes??? It’s maaaad aggy…JUST BE GOOD FOR ONCE!

  3. Omg I frigging loved Hartman's shows! I hope to become an animator/voice actor and he inspired a big part of it! Love you hartman!

    Love, a random child on the internet

  4. Super impressed with Butch here. Thinking of the similar styles of Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom. I almost expected it to be the only style he had but he can pull off anime like the best of em. Props dude.

  5. Am i the only one in the world who has never heard of Studio Ghibli? No idea who these characters are. Have i been under a rock? Even Kevin knew.
    You'd think i would have heard something in my 30 years but…

  6. Jackie: Ah…. Ah….puts down pen ….dab Kevin: Did you just dab? Who dabs anymore? Jackie: I dab XD jackie and kevin are the best !!!

  7. Does anyone else ship Kevin and Jackie? Like strictly in the little world that exists within the confines of these YouTube videos, but like… They would be so cute

  8. I absolutely love Studio Ghibli ❤️ all of the characters are awesome
    And all of the art are greattt , it’s well done 👶🏻💗
    As usual , I love Jackie and Kevin XD
    Butch Yubaba is so cool!!

  9. I love that all of Kevin’s drawing look like him.

    Also. Kevin’s voice reminds me of Jon from Garfield (he’s the owner).

  10. 10:19
    Kevin: You know what Kiki listens to on her radio
    Jackie: …
    Kevin: Kiki do you love me are we riding
    Jackie: ewww


  11. Im kinda laughing too hard at all the comments about kevin's drawings ending up looking like him. Only for him to say exactly that on here 🤣🤣

  12. Butch's was way off, nevertheless, the characters are and it was still really good. Only used to seeing his Nickelodeon cartoon art style.

  13. Butch Hartman is a stuck up person. Glad nobody is even giving him the recognition, he's not even mentioned in the title.

    Won't then mention that he can't even draw his own art style anymore

  14. I feel like Jackie always has to find a way to nicely tell Kevin his drawings are in fact drawings, just not the character

  15. Kevin now remember when Jackie turns 40. "Jackie's old. Jackie's old. Jackie's old. "
    0:27 yep, she deserved it.

  16. I have five animated movies made by Studio Ghibli; Spirited Away, Kari-gurashi no Arietti, tale of the princess Kaguya, tales from earthsea and omoide no Marnie. And I have also got to see the moving castle and Totoro and princess Mononoke.

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