Andrea Mitchell Recaps Impeachment Hearing: ‘The Drama On Capitol Hill’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Andrea Mitchell Recaps Impeachment Hearing: ‘The Drama On Capitol Hill’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

47 thoughts on “Andrea Mitchell Recaps Impeachment Hearing: ‘The Drama On Capitol Hill’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC”

  1. Republicans have no honor, courage, or respect.
    Trump met with Russia while his Administration privately told Ukraine they will announce support… instead he took a picture in the Oval Office with a rep from Russia… He is not in Americas interest no matter how you look at it.

  2. Captian Bone Spurs along with General Dooty have invaded the floor flange and are now attacking wax seal, they expect to take the bowl by lunch. But then the opposing forces with Colonel Sanders no relation to bernie……has a pressure cooker…we can't tellll ohHHHHH NOOOO INCOMMING

  3. The question now is whether Republicans, who have tacitly endorsed Trump’s behavior so far, will go on record to uphold the propriety of this conduct and in doing so, affirm the constitutionality of such behavior not just for him but for presidents to come.

    Future actions of the next President:

    > defy congressional power of the pursue by misusing allocated funds ;

    > reject authority of congressional oversight: ignore subpoenas and document requests;

    > engage in multiple instances of obstruction of justice determined by Special Counsel;

    > violates campaign-finance law using secret hush money payments;

    > fires those who refuse to act unethically;

    > declares federal law enforcement officials investigating him/her guilty of treason;

    > rescinds security clearance of those critical of their administration;

    > recommends a foreign leader not admit Congressional members into their country;

    > block the use of government transport to members of Congress;

    > releases highly classified itelligence to his/her party and foreign enemy;

    > threaten to cut off highway funds/disaster aid to states/territories of other party;

    > self-dealing to enrich his/her business;

    > refuse to release tax returns for use in Congress oversight responsibility;

    > circumvent Constitution's advice-and–consent provision using "acting" officials unconfirmed by the Senate;

    > offer pardons to those who commit crimes to enforce his/her policies;

    > establish without congressional approval a network of internment caps;

    > ask foreign power to investigate his/her political opponent;

    On impeachment, the worm has turned

    –Dana Milbank, WaPo, Sep 24/19

  4. Gym Jordan, Gaetz, the party of Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins (the "other" republican Collins) convicted criminals, in this house. Nunes will be the next one to go down, despite all his flailing, when he should have just shut up and tread water. The wheels of karma grind slowly, but exceedingly fine.

  5. "I am disgusted by the conduct of Republican senators who pose as reputable people, but shamelessly hide under rocks instead of calling out the president's horrendous behavior as the gross misconduct that they know it to be," Don Ayer tRump knows his biggest enemy is the truth !

  6. Gaetz is a frat boy chach, who had multiple DUI's thrown about because his dad was a politician too. Im sure he does the same drugs that Hunter Biden does.

  7. I watched the whole thing so far.

    Conclusions: Democrats are champions of justice in defense of democracy and the GOP are not even trying to hide that they want to turn the US into a dictatorship which they alone can rule over as they so wish.

    The GOP are just downright no different from Putin's attack dogs at this point.

  8. Trump abused his power and violated the emoluments clause when he bailed his son out from an illegal hunt of endangered species in Mongolia.

  9. Ridiculous, the White House and the Republicans screaming up and down the whole time that this is fake, unnecessary, bad for the country, etc. But roll the clock back, Mueller let Trump off the hook on collusion. Democrats said it was not politically smart to pursue obstruction. Then the moron does this,. The smart thing would have been to bring some juicy items to the table along with an apology right off the hop. But no, in typical fashion arrived with demands to accept the lame explanations and lies. They could have put this away in Aug. but here they are because of one man's bloated ego and a hard-right party that treats politics as war. They brought themselves here because of their arrogance.

  10. Hank Johnson??????? 😂😂😂😂😂 are you kidding me this fool doesn't have a clue what he's doing I wish this was satire but it's not he really said this!!!!!

  11. The only drama is how many Dems are going to vote with the Republicans on the full house vote … Everything else is settled

  12. How can you drag in Hunter Biden and a possible (?) Drug addiction ? ….stooges….disgrace. they must be getting some serious money for this… and then the chief clown himself: months ago he is complaining that the US is the only country giving money to Ukraine for their ongoing war effort – and -LOL – now he is tweeting that the european countries are not contributing enough ??? Give me break….. which bushwacker is so stupid to believe him any more ?

  13. I think that til Trump is able to sit in front of the Senate and be questioned by both dems and Republican then we will see just how comfortable with seeing truth of how much heis

  14. I am an Independent but I can't imagine voting for any GOP candidate or position. In fact, I am gonna make it a point not to.

  15. I like how the republican defense is to talk about the activities of someone who is not on trial, during an investigation of the president for obstruction and soliciting a foreign government to interfere in the election….I mean, if that's what were going to do let's go ahead and talk about Jim Jordans and his turning a blind eye to sexual misconduct at OSU, and Matt Gaetz and his brush with a DUI in 2008 when he refused to blow to abide the officers wish to check his blood alcohol level. Completely unrelated to the impeachment inquiry but apparently it doesn't matter, we have to dig up dirt on anything and everything to discredit and sidetrack from the real problem in this country.

  16. So USA like president Bush administration started the wat in Iraq. Obama administration was tired of the senseless war brought the military home. After the war they created isis. Why is Donald Trump keep calling Europe to help to pay for Ukraine. I know Europe always helped with everything. Trump need to look where this war came from

  17. I watched that skit, I learned Republicans are not at all worried Ukraine being corrupt they are however very jealous that Bidens son got a job… Disgusting
    I learned they make up things that the dems don't do anything, and ignore that it is their Moscow MITCH whom sits on them all. Waist of Money
    I learned that republicans talk loud and fast track blabbering all of which and puts me to sleep. Show over.

  18. How can Gaetz allege corruption by Hunter Biden. Hunter isn't even in politics. And by the way, did anyone warn Alabama that Trump's tweetstorm was coming?

  19. Doubt if anyone cares. This will be a huge stone around DEMOCRAT'S necks. Congrats, you made Trump a sympathetic victim and woke his base up.

  20. Donald is really that 'out of his mind', this impeachment is not about what he is doing for the US
    and will be doing to make it better. Open your eyes you big dumbo it is about how you has repetitively
    done bad things to benefit your chance to be re-elected in 2020 and your obstruction of justice.
    The thing I really hate is how Donald Trump says something and then later just plain out lies about it.

  21. who watches this crap? between fox "news" , this and msnbc circle jerking and peddling their corporate dogshit no wonder news media is in decline, they fail to actually do real reporting. Sad joke

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