Ancient Illuminati Artifacts & Serpent Seedline Revealed!

Ancient Illuminati Artifacts & Serpent Seedline Revealed!

I'll tell you we're living in some strange times by the time most of us have learned the language of our culture or region wherever we're from we pretty much accept that that's it we understand communication now we're all set we're good to go but we miss something one thing we're not taught in school or in culture in general is that there's many languages there's a lot of other languages taking place all around us right now that most people don't see this all goes back to the secrets of the Freemasons or the Illuminati these secrets that have been kept for years and years and years with all these secret societies kept away from mass consumption well these secrets are being revealed more and more there is a language of symbols and most times words mean something well they mean more than something they have hidden meanings check this out this is an actual picture from Siberia in northern Russia just overnight this over 260 foot hole just opened up Russia is actually the process right now of sending scientists out there to try to figure out what this is where it came from why it exists where does it go but the thing about this story that really stood out for me it goes back to what we were just talking about with sometimes words mean more than what you think the actual town does took place in is translated to get this the end of the world speaking of words and how oftentimes words are or played off of each other there's a history with a lot of our words that most people don't even understand right here's a great example of that this is Sobek the crocodile god where else have you seen so Beck your local stores that's right so be so I like to follow the patterns I like to follow the symbols I like to follow the signs I wanted to share this story with you it's very interesting to me because it's right in line with a lot of the other videos I've made covering very similar subjects what you're looking at here is the first poster to come out for the new Will Smith movie it's going to be called redemption of cain now they're actually filming it from what I understand right now this summer is supposed to go into production so it should be out within a year or so but what's really interesting about this whole movie to me is it's the idea that they're actually adding a vampiric twist to the story and you can look some of this up for yourself I'm sure they'll probably a trailer out in a few months or whatever but apparently the twist is going to be that Kane is going to have something to do with vampires and it all has to do with that sir bloodline it's very interesting as I said I've covered this subject and many other videos before this goes back to the whole idea of the Fallen Angels there's also the idea of the seed of Cain then we're also looking at things or ideas such as the wheat and the tares which tells us that there's a separate race among us now is that all just a metaphor for demonic possession or for evil people and wickedness and things like this possibly you know that these things can have multiple explanations I believe but it's interesting because we keep seeing the same theme coming up so recently we had the Noah movie of course that was more of a gnostic gospel which is anti-christian okay now we have a lot of these biblical movies kind of popping up and this is going to be another one but it's going to do the same thing that Noah did it's going to take the original story it's going to twist it's going to distort it but I'm also very curious because I wonder if they're going to actually be in some ways telling us more truth in this movie then than what we've been led to believe and that's one thing I find really interesting about our our world and our reality in general is that we're living at a time right now where we actually I feel get more truth from things such as movies and television shows than we do in schools and from our history books and things like this if we just open our eyes and look on the right places we find proof all throughout our history of this other race some kind of a serpent race living among us what's really fascinating is that there is a history of this serpent race it's been recorded for as long as anything's been recorded but we find it coming up in every culture we find it in hieroglyphs we find it with the Incas we find it in media we find it in movies and science fiction and television shows but we see it everywhere this goes back that hidden history we've talked about in my channel before this goes back to the idea that we were never really told everything we've been given a little bit of history in these government schools and whatnot just enough to kind of get you by but there's so much more going on this same serpent race comes up all over the place you can call it the wheat and the tares call them the tares if you'd like you can call them the seed of Cain and call them an alien race among us you know whatever label you want to put on it by the devil's seed line you can also look into the research if I believe it's Rh negative maybe it is but there's a certain kind of blood type that most of the elites share and other Royals so check that out as well but this all ties in with the same idea of the same theme so all that being said I want you to check this out it's always interesting to notice the synchronicities with different stories symbols all these things but I think that we have to have these synchronicities to know that we're onto something these connections they seem to fall into place so what and long ago just a few weeks back this story came out that Jaden and Willis Smith Will Smith's kids like to sleep with snakes they sleep with serpents again I think that's all out there for a reason it all falls right in line with the movie he's making about the serpent race you kind of see the connection there with the same time I found another story in the same week that I want to share with you and I think it's very interesting check this out this is a story out of Ecuador it has to do with some of the most important relics to our human history ever but of course like most things of real importance most people had never heard about this stuff but you should look up father Carlo kress beam see our ESPI Crespi many years ago discovered these things out there in Ecuador of these different relics these pictures and things like this and garnered lots of interest throughout the years a lot of professors have been out there is scientists checking all this stuff out it's all legit it's very interesting because they find direct connections between the artwork and the different relics and what not to babylon connecting babylon all the way with pre inca civilizations and they find a lot of similar thing on these on these relics that were kind of speaking of serpentine type things and whatnot check this out right here there's talking about some of the artwork and and whatnot but it says everything that the Indians brought me from the tunnels dates to before Christ most of the symbols and prehistoric representations are older than the flood father Crespi is partially stacked as metal plaques by motifs for example those with pictures of pyramids I took a close look at more than 40 and some of them are reproduced in this book all the pyramid engravings have four things in common a Sun but more frequently several suns is depicted above the pyramid so we have a pyramid in the Sun and here's the fun part snakes are always flying next to or over the pyramid animals of various kinds are always present so here we have the Sun we have the the pyramid symbol of course which is the obvious Illuminati and also freemason symbol and now we've got the Serpent's flying around right next to it so this goes back to the serpent race we're speaking of check out some of the artwork now so here's father Crespi with one of the relics and here's another one it's uh actually a golden helmet and at the very top of the golden helmet looks like we have a crocodile hmm this was a stone carving they found you've probably done some research on some of this if not you know look into some of the Greek creatures the Greek monsters the Griffin things like that so this reminds me of them to me all that goes back to the inner breeding with the Fallen Angels and mixing different DNA's and creating different kinds of creatures we know that same things happening actually right now in our world today look up Montauk Project to begin with or any one of these random weird monsters that wash up on the beach all across the world any given month so there's that and here's another one that's fairly similar this was another one of the stone carvings found there the bottom part doesn't come out very well but at the very bottom it looks like the person's actually wearing shoes so we have another kind of human creature hybrid and it looks like some kind of serpent thing happening there with him here's a gold plate had some strange hieroglyphics on it and at the very bottom had the snake it looks like a two-headed snake on both ends and this is from another large gold and this piece right here shows some of what they were speaking of earlier with the actual pyramids and the suns and the snakes up there at the top flying around here's another photo of another one of the gold plates here it looks like some kind of a ruler and they are surrounded by serpents here's another photo of another gold plate with a course on their flying serpent up there it looks like somebody wearing something similar to one of those wacky fish Pope hats we've all come to love so much so there you have it you guys and I'll stop here this is another carved stone artifact showing another one of the pyramids with hieroglyphs and then a son at the very top again a very common symbol we see with the Freemasons slash Illuminati so I'll leave it at that folks I just kind of wanted to show you these connections I found I think it's interesting that Will Smith of all people is making this movie it's going to be another movie about the Bible but it's going to be twisting and distorting somewhat or is it throwing in the idea of the the seed of Cain which many of us see that as kind of a weak and seed line but throwing the storyline in there that they're vampires as well which makes sense vampires demons seed of Cain tares all this stuff to me it's all kind of the same thing just different approaches so I wanted to share that with you guys thanks so much for checking out the video and we'll talk to you soon all right take care out there and stay prepared living in some really crazy times

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  1. the name of god in arabic, which it was at the beginning of the video is : بسم الله it means in the name of god (Allah the only god), it has nothing to do with a magic or ancient anything like Egypt or ect . more information read quran, its not just bunch of wasting time old stories, its combined with everything.

  2. KJ, I've been following you for over a year now and I'm sorry you're taking some heat on this. Thank you for what you're sharing, you're not forcing anyone friend. We have to try and sort it all out, it's a lot, but you're doing a good job! Take care and God Bles you, and Chubs.

  3. Well this explains Will Smith's weirdly shaped butt then. 😛
    You probably already know this, but the Pope hats started with Dagon worship.

    When he showed the Sobe drink, if you said "No s**t!!!" out loud like I did, vote this up.

  4. Got further n2 the vampire stuff as a teen than I should have…book of Nod. That's the connection btween Cain & the vampire story. & the RH negative thing bothers me. Hope there is no truth 2 the things I've herd…u should do a vid. Imma research….

  5. I wonder how literally we should see these depictions of half human, half crocodile , lion, snake etc.
    Is this part of the imagination of the ancients where they perhaps, saw strong figures to be as strong as a ferocious beast or, where they are indeed what they appear to literally be?
    Ie., if I saw someone as a free minded spirit I could draw a body onto a bird or, draw wings on a person but they are still just a person. I'm divided on these depictions but also still fascinated with an open mind.
    Great video !
    Thank you !

  6. I'm a Dragon. What do you want to know about Us? I was baptized in a Presbyterian church when I was an infant. I have no problem with Jesus, I just detest most Christians. TBH, I dislike most cults.

  7. I know ppl may discredit this but there was a show a haunting supposedly real that someone was possessed by so beck after visiting a gallery with a mummy who worshipped those gods. Scared me

  8. I cant take anything crispi found seriously. He maybe found a few, but then he admitted he "put out the word" that whoever found any relics, he would pay them for them. Then he started getting flooded with them. most of his stuff are from those people who brought him so called "relics". They were poor and jus wanted money so they were steady bringing him fakes. Mexico n south america are good at making these type of fakes. Its a big buisness for them

  9. Its as we are looking at the recordings of history and some of the recordings are of thede satanic rituals fantasys etc. They where out in the open idol worship as the leaders ie sbadow government of then convinced the people that these idols whefe benevolent now they have to stuff it down our throats keep researching my friend for I hope you know that the proper phropet daniel said that knowledge will increase exponentially in those days and you are one of the exponents keep researching, brave well protected , man.

  10. The entrances are opening for the genetically engineered "monsters, creatures." As in the days of Noah, so it will be in the end of days." It's coming people, it's not science fiction.

  11. What do the cats floating by the pyramid mean? I know there is 1 country that thinks of them as gods. I will research just in case you are too busy

  12. God created all things even the wicked for the day of evil … Mr JK I think you're on to something with these beings that were created to test us and they don't even have souls so when they die they don't go to hell they just go to the junkyard

  13. : @ 9:17 You notice the "creature" has some sort of pouch/bucket/bag. I would not have notice the significance but for another vid I saw where someone showed so many different cultures from different times, and different regions have this bery thing in common…strange !!

  14. There’s an old vampire rpg game called vampire the masquerade. The history is that cain was the first vampire.

  15. The use of the word Vowels when broken up reveals our "Vow to the Els." The governors of this creation we perpetuate…by agreement of course…

  16. Cain and Abel when combined phonetically spells Cannibal. Weird. And Wired… makes me wonder if we really are the children of human sacrifice…

  17. Revelation mentions a Red Dragon. Prince Charles is a descendent of Vlad Dracul or Vlad the Impaler and that is why he owns Dracul's former castle in Transylvania. Vlad Dracul was known for using torture and being extremely sadistic. He would impale people alive and there are testimonies made about him being involved with cannibalism. The Dracul Clan of Transylvania were members of the Order of the Dragon. Dracul means Dragon. Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales and Wales uses a Red Dragon on its flag. The Red Dragon is also a symbol for the City of London. The word Wales derives from Walha and Vlad Dracul was the Prince of Wallachia. The Bathory family were a Transylvanian nobility and relatives of the Dracul family. The "Blood Countess" Elizabeth Bathory was a serial killer that bathed in blood of hundreds of women. That is the real meaning of the House of Windsor's Order of the Bath which is really a satanic initiation involving blood bathing and a continuation of their ancestors satanic rituals. Elizabeth Bathory is also where Queen Elizabeth II takes her name from. The House of Windsor are extremely satanic and evil.

  18. DNA and energy is like a serpent. Two extremes of our consciousness. One divide and conquers, confuse language…the other unite and share knowledge. China are the feathered serpent, the dragon. Not a race. Narcissists come in all sorts of families.

  19. have you seen the new movie called he never died? and also we have the new TV show ash verses resident evil. It fits in to what this video is about. And I can't believe we now have a new TV show about the devil being cast as the good guy taking a vacation on earth.

  20. From what I understand, cherubim angels look like reptiles. Fierce looking creatures tasked with guarding the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden once Adam and Eve got thrown out. I believe these angels, those who fell are the Gods to ancient peoples. The reptilian "alien" that has a hold of this planet will also be corrupted cherubim also. Find Jesus man ! These things will show themselves soon !

  21. Also, check out the flying snake, Chrysopelea paradisi (translation: Paradise flying snake) in southeastern Asia. There is a YouTube showing the snake flying/gliding. Crazy stuff. Here's the link if you want it or you can search for it yourself:

  22. In the Bible Yah chose his people not because they were more righteous than the other people, but because they were fewer in number.  Their blood type would make them fewer in number and their eye color etc.  His people have always walked in the way of Cain.  Satan is the God of this world and has the whole world deceived including his people that were fewer in number.  They have gone after the way of Baalim as the scripture says.  Lord means Baal, and Baal had to do with Satan himself.  The God I believe in will destroy all wickedness off this planet earth and then those of his people who do search after him and seek him shall find him.  But in the book of Ezekiel he says he will bring his people back up out of their graves to a war torn earth.  You know the valley of dry bones.  And they will say to each other we are lost from our parts.  What they mean there is that they are not spirit after bone comes to bone, sinews and flesh come upon them and the four winds blow upon them and they are breathing air again on a war torn earth.  I imagine they think at that moment this can't be heaven it must be hell.  But our Father in heaven says he will give his people a new heart when he brings them up out of their graves.  We are here to learn a lesson in how not to live.  We only learn by experience, don't we?  Remember the prodigal son who came back after using up his inheritance.  He came home and was restored all that he had used up.  His brother did not like that.   Could that be a parallel of Esau and Joseph.  Joseph with his mother's aid stole the birthright.  Our Father in heaven will send his people a lie if they will believe a lie.  How terrible!  Just plain rotten little children.  But our Father is in control and one day all will be set straight..  He turned his people over to their own hearts lust and their own sins will correct them.

  23. I couldn't help but notice you made the connection between vampirism and the Fallen Angels. I'll throw some info your way. In the book of Exodus the Hebrews came upon the land of Israel and there was one of the Nephilim tribes "children of the fallen ones, different than giants" known as the Amalekites. In ancient Hebrew the name Amalekite translates to Vampire-Like-Demons. Hence why God commanded the Hebrews to utterly destroy them, even the women and children because they were only not human but also had the genetic evil of the Bene-Ha-Elohim aka Fallen Angels. When the Hebrews invaded most the Amalekites were slain, but in archaeological studies we see clear evidence of some managing to escape, predominately going over the Caucus Mountains and settling in modern Transylvania and Khazaria. There they were hailed as kings and became wealthy, hence the British/Dutch Royal families and the Rothchilds, "blood alters and sacrifice" also why you see so many people claiming to be Jews/Israeli descendants "Rothchild, Bloomberg, and many other top of the pyramid evil bastards" but are NOT Jews. I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST LOOKING AT THESE LINKS!!!
    Brien Forester at:
    Trey Smith at:

    Having read Enoch and seeing the Fallen Angels inner breeding with mankind it gives me the impression that the "Elite, Illuminati" or as I like to call them the "descendants thereof" are actually descendants of the fallen angels and through their occult practices commune with them. In Enoch it describes how the archangels bound them to the abyss of the flood, not only meaning physical water but the dimensional field bounding them in a dark realm. Commonly referred to as the underworld gods by ancient occult empires, Babylon, Assyira, Eqypt, Greece. In Enoch the Fallen Angels fell on Mount. Hermon, their offspring was known as divine rights to be kings. In ancient Greece their 'gods' fell upon Mount. Olympus and their offspring was kings by divine right, same story different cultures. 
    Illuminati are the descendants of the Watchers

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in HIGH places. Ephesians 6:12

    If people wants to know what the true ideologies of the "elite" Illuminati or whatever you want to call them take a good hard look into the Book of Enoch and the Watchers. Note the term the Watchers in Enoch and the "ALL SEEING EYE" they are one of the same. Take a look at the Nephilim and the ideologies of the ancient earthly occult. 
    Look up Brien Forester and his research in Peru about the Nephilim, he has actual remains. In the Book of Enoch it describes a time when the Bene-Ha-Elohim in Hebrew (Sons of God), or described as the Watchers (all seeing eye) came to this earth, dimensional beings took humans as wives and bred their own offspring.  In The Book of Enoch it clearly states that it is not for this generation but a distant one, one which has not come to pass yet, and eventually predicts Christ several thousand years before his coming and  predicts the tribulation of the elect. It also lists out the atrocities the "Fallen Ones", taught to humanity. 
    Teachings of the Watchers:
    1. Smiting of "human" baby in the womb = abortions which has been re-taught to society
    2. Seduction = Just look at how the elites using the media portrays how women should be
    3. War = Though there are "elites" who benefit financially from war but it also fuels the pleasures of the "old gods" which the fallen angels portrayed themselves as
    4. Illusionary Trade
    5. Financial Systems
    6.Witchcraft = Which was recently portrayed at the Grammy's itself, with the Hex symbolism and the allure of music and visual imagery, just have to look up blackmagic and witchcraft to understand.
    7. Summoning of Demons = Just research Aleister Crowley and the images he personally drawn himself of the demon he would frequently summon and take advise from.
    8. Signs of the Earth = This lead the ancient theories of human sacrifice to quote save the earth, or to stop the drought, or bring the rain. Now this is the modern climate/global warming/cooling. This is how they are also using this to justify eugenics and eventually bring back modern sacrifice: Abortions, death panels and eventually ritualized ceremonies.
    9. Signs of the Clouds
    10.  Sinned against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another's flesh, and drink the blood = This is a little more difficult to understand but it is simply they implied their genetics into even the animals, changing the animals from their natural forms, and even cannibalism. Today they create chimera using insect dna in salmon, or spiders in goats, GMOs and vampirism aka Amalekites. 

    These are just a handful of the teachings and ideologies of the Watchers but now look and see how the "Elites-Globalists" are pushing for these same ideologies and teachings, it's because the Illuminati are more than just a handful of old white guys with a lot of money. It's because they are of a different bloodline than we are, and they know it, we are of the bloodline of mankind, Hebrew = Adam, and they are of their bloodline of the Watchers. It's why they have our kids learning about the modern myth known as evolution which can easily be debunked if you study the entropy of genetics but yet their own children are learning the way the world really works.

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