Amputee Tries To Cook Pizza From Scratch *Hilarious*

Amputee Tries To Cook Pizza From Scratch *Hilarious*

Gotta get your hands dirty. Stump dirty. Oh my gosh. Well I bought everything that I needed except for a mixer. We’ve got a little guy over here. That’s gonna do a whole lot of beating the dough To be willing to find the light though You have to be willing to believe in yourself and to believe in your story and to believe that there’s more that we’re going through And that what you’re going through is going to bring you Further into who you’re supposed to be and your calling and find the good in it. oh my gosh, are we doing this right now? we’re back in the kitchen. Oh my crazy goodness guys. Welcome back to my channel If it’s your first time here, my name is Kristie Sita and I’m an amputee You know amputee in the kitchen and I’m sure Your first question….actually It’s probably not a question because it’s definitely in my thumbnail and this is actually all thanks to you guys because you voted on my Instagram (@kristiesita) story then I posted and I had about a thousand and one of you – not literally – but a lot of you saying *drumroll* P I Z Z A WERE MAKING A PIZZA! P I Z Z A My family would be very proud of me right now because they’re Italian and my dad has an Italian restaurant and I Never actually made my own pizza I don’t think? correct me if I’m wrong dad, that I’ve done this before.. definitely not with one hand. Definitely not as an amputee So we’re doing it We’re doing it good but we’re doing it from scratch guys from the very beginning from flour and sugar and yeast the first thing on our to-do list for the pizza is make the dough and I kind of ran into a dilemma on this one because I bought everything that I needed except for a mixer, so We’ve got a little guy over here. That’s gonna do a whole lot of beating To make the dough so stay tuned and I’m gonna be a journey guys. So let’s start Now. all right. Just me in my new fancy kitchen also, if you didn’t see my last video I showed you how I flipped this kitchen upside down inside out and backwards and My brand-new kitchen and its my first time cooking in it with you guys How much is a millilitre , okay So for the first part, I’m mixing hot water, yeast, and sugar into the bowl shot yeast. Oh Really.. this is a new one she popped! I feel like yeast is weird. so we need five milliliters of yeast Simple as can be. yeast in the yeazy. Ew, don’t ever say that again and sugar, lets get some sugar in here Now I mix in a cup of hot water Smells like… Mixture until foams on top. Yeah it foamed on top. Food processor aka stump stump mix in the flour and salt 2 cups of flour flour Why do I keep smelling everything. Uh, alright, here we go Ok not to bad Not to bad Okay, I’m gonna sneeze, oh I hate sneezing. yeah look at the light look at the light Is this supposed to be slowly or am I supposed to dump it in at once? Mix mix mix Okay. Yeah, this is okay. Yeah, that’s getting thicker Aw, okay, aw making dough. So proud of myself. I’ve never done this before. I’ve never made pizza.. PIZZA SAUCE!!!! PIZZA SAUCE!! My gosh, no, I forgot pizza sauce. What do I do about? Oh my gosh YOU THINK WE SHOULD STOP? Okay, let’s just keep going oh yeah, she’s turning it dough, how do I get this out now? Oh no.. that escalated quickly. Gotta get your hands dirty. Stump dirty. Oh my gosh Wow and a little bit more here. Okay now we just So just using my stump here to need the dough because if I want to hold the bowl than I gotta knead the dough with my something. This is like a machine. Okay ready? It’s a machine. Okay, okay Oh my gosh Until it forms a softball. I dont know how that’s going to happen.. Come on be useful stump This is really sticky. I don’t think pizza dough is supposed to be this sticky So literally the whole thing on my finger My whole hand it won’t come off, how do I Flour help me help me get this off my fingers. Okay, we’re getting better It’s getting better a neighbor who we think I’m still crazy. That’s one thing about this building I’ve noticed you will literally hear a lot and when I talk to you guys for some reason I just like to yell, so they’re probably like Who is this freaking 12 year old that’s yelling commentating how she’s cooking dinner. We’re doing fine. Am I supposed to needle this? Oh my gosh Come on why won’t you get less sticky? I just don’t understand what is happening Guys, look at my stump like this is disgusting. So now I just have to cover the bowl and slightly oils And you put the dough in there. we’re gonna cover it with a cloth and we’re gonna let it sit Alright so while we’re waiting for that to rise we are going to chop up the topping So I ‘m like super plain. So we’re just going to make a pepperoni pizza That’s probably not very entertaining TOTO! Want to say hi!? New update on toto. I’m obsessed with putting him in clothing all the time every day. He’s got like probably 15 outfits He’s got rain jackets. He’s got vests, he’s got track suits, he has jimmies. Do you want some pizza, too? Okay, bye I’m back with the knife. So I guess Okay, maybe that’s not the best I don’t have a like pepperoni. I’m just doing this so I can cut something for you guys Got it, didn’t plan for that to take so long but Okay, that’s a little close I know it’s kind of like jiggly look, I guess we’ll just Okay, that was okay Cutting So we’ve got the pepperoni there, all right now we’re on to grating the cheese Wow that was, that was smooth. fly for amputee girl So I’m holding it into my chest hoping that it’s gonna land right there. Okay. oh yeah, I feel like this chunk of cheese is about to snap or break. Oh, yeah, baby who’s the amputee in the kitchen? Mmm, I love cheese. Mmm Wow. Yep, love cheese I dont know, did that rise? That’s what it looks like. So I’m just gonna put some Flour down here. Why was that? oily okay, so we’re just Patted down a little bit. Okay, let’s roll this out. Yeah, I guess I mean why, why are you not rolling? I just don’t understand Come on get smaller get thinner. get smaller. get thinner my STUMP! Like it’s not thinning, THININING, get more thin! common thin crust, give me thin crust… oh you know what? this is how they do it! ITS THE PIZZA SHOW! That’s the end of the pizza show. so I’ve got my pizza pan Okay, this is about as good as it’s getting because I’m annoyed with it So we’ve got an off shaped pizza. I know my dad does like.. is this how you do it? he does like flipped things like these Aw dad, he’d be so proud of me. Just turning the crust with my stump Okay, so I’m assuming since I’m not doing like liquid that I would do a little bit of oil Ew I actually hate the taste of olive oil, so hopefully I can’t taste that now I’m gonna put the cheese all over Wow, this was pretty successful. Hopefully just depends how the crust cooks, but I mean pizzas still good with bad crust right? This is like my dad would do, my dad will put like seven layers of this wish us luck! My gosh, okay, so I just looked in this is only 13 minutes in and it’s freaking Like burnt and it’s sizzling like Do you see that sizzle going on? Like look at that. Look at that What is going on here? All right, let’s try and take this out All right So this is what we got That’s hard Ha ha ha Ow and instead of supposed to cook for 35 minutes and this is literally like 13 minutes well the crust is good Okay, so that brings us to the end of today’s cooking video Thank you guys so much for joining me for the first ever back amputee in the kitchen There’s so much more to come how this is gonna work though is you guys got a comment down below? What you want me to cook next or? You can plug in on my social media accounts on Instagram and I’ll be always putting a pole in there as well So let me know I’m gonna get my next idea from you guys So the crazier the better the more entertainment with everything comment down below and I love you guys so much Thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe share this video with a friend. Give it a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it Love you guys so much so so much and I’ll see you In my next video see you next Friday guys. Love you You

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    I was wondering what to have for 'linner' …… You have given Me an Idea.
    Have A GREAT Weekend Chef S.

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  7. you should leave the dough overnight to rise before making it. my favorite pizza recipe is from basics with babish. the pizza sauce is incredibly easy to make and its the best pizza sauce i've ever eaten. i only make pizzas from scratch now! also try using fresh mozzarella and shredding it next time instead of cheddar. i would also recommend poking the dough with a fork a couple of times after you've rolled it out to avoid it from bubbling up

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