AMAZING Recent Archeological Discoveries

AMAZING Recent Archeological Discoveries

49 thoughts on “AMAZING Recent Archeological Discoveries”

  1. It's not a person talking it's a bot. That's why the pronunciation sucks so badly. It does ruin the video.

  2. The One Ring thing comes from Solomon's testament Check it out The Testament of Solomon, translated by F. C. Conybeare.

  3. Who ever writes these scripts has not done any research for accuracy ! The book of Leviticus was written about 1512 B.C.E. at Sinai in the wilderness! Read your Bible fools!


  5. 6000 sumer words can be readed in hungarian of nowdays and this is known 40 30 years ago .egiptian too are you tube videos on hungarian pages who explain piramids .have a nice day

  6. The ring is a signate, lightly dipped on a sponge with ink and stamped on paper to see it's imprint, or on clay, before it's try to see the results.

  7. Yes , I learned something…LEARN HOW TO PRONOUNCE WORDS CORRECTLY!! I could enumerate the ones you slaughtered but it's just not worth the effort to try and correct without you actually hearing the words!

  8. Stopped listening when you talked about Noahs Ark and Red Sea. Do your homework…you are lost there young man..and slow down…

  9. How on earth do you expect someone to wear those "claws" into battle? They are rocks in the shape of a hand or paw with spikes or claws, last time I checked you cant wear a rock glove, so I am going to guess that they are ornamental, and not functional in battle…

  10. Do work, research this before u put it out there as facts, now u look like a stupid liar.ya big dummy read a book



  12. Mispronunciation detracts significantly from your credibility. I have provided corrections as followed:

    1. Ptolemaic (Tall-oh-may-ik)

    2. Cambridge (Came-Bridge)

    3. Abydos (Abby-Dose or Abby-Dos)

    4. Byzantine (Biz-an-teen)

    5. Leicester (Les-teR)

  13. "The name Jesus was very common thousands of years ago."

    Where the hell does this guy get his info from? "Jesus" was a name given to the messiah during the Council of Nicaea in 325 ad. Prior to that time, the name Jesus didnt exist. At least, there is no evidence that it did. The man Christians worship went by many names in history before being called "Jesus." Yeshua would have been more accurate.

  14. Pompie City are Mention in Quran before 1400 years ago..
    God till in Quran to Muhammad that i till u about some thing which no one can know before U..
    And i told u about that thing which are happen in future..
    Pompie people are so sin full..
    Man sex with man
    Disbilever of God..
    Girls are lisbian..
    Faud in sale and purchaising..
    Girls six with boy in between of so many people..
    And then God said in Quran
    I send prophit to him and then they did not follow and i destroy.. and know they are to be discoverd and same as Quran told about him

  15. If you're going to use names like Moche and Cambridge (among others), at least figure out how to pronounce them correctly.

  16. We camped at Chichen-itza 20 years ago. At night we went over and saw the jade jaguar and the pyramid within a pyramid. This is not news. It was opened many years ago. Now it takes special permission to see the jaguar. we were lucky I lead a group of students there and we went over at night when noone was there. We stayed in explorer rooms next to the Pyramid.

  17. He could have the voice of an Angel. And it still wouldn't make this true They dismantled a civilization and separated the people from their homes. And sold their belongings off to the Museum's and to the highest bidders. And sold the manuals and the scripts to there movie directors.. it's a new day now.

  18. With over 2 million
    Plus subscribers, not one of them is deaf? Why can’t this program be closed captioned?

  19. I'm glad that the world now knows the entire Egyptian pharaohs were black Nubian.
    Modern Egyptian are only descendant of roman and Arabs invaders.
    Whatever is discovered or being discovered undoubtedly has had strong link to kushitie Kingdom.
    Egyptian, please.stop falsifying others history just to feel good.

  20. This is so stupid the modern people are taking away discoverys for new generations, what about our children and there children, will they have no discoverys to find. I leave archaeologist 2 choices stop making discoveries, or plant new ones for our next generation! Like if you agree!

  21. Great video. Just for future reference it's pronounced KoNo Pic jars. Also the Byzantine coin is pronounced Biz In Teen. Also Jesus was not a common name thousands of years ago. That's a Latin based name. The name inscribed on the ossuary is Yessua or Yeshua. We're not sure of the pronunciation as the name changed over time back then but both were very popular Hebrew names. Jesus wasn't adopted as the name of the Christian's savior until Emperor Constantine legalized his form of Christianity which is Catholicism, and changed the name to a Latin based name. Some remark that the resemblance of Jesus (Pronounced Hay Zeus in Latin) is closely related to Zeus, the Greek name for Jupiter and highest God in the Greek and Roman mythological dogma. This is why several historians call Catholics Pagans. It appears that the Catholic church simply took Roman and Greek Pagan traditions and cultures and slightly changed the names to fit their religion into the rising popular Christian religion. As Catholicism spread into further Pagan lands more Pagan traditions got absorbed into the religion such as the Yuletide and All Saints Day which was originally the day the spirits were forced back to the realm of the dead after an all nighter in our world which was renamed to All Hallows Eve and is now called Halloween. This is how the Catholic church grew in popularity in its early days and out competed the other forms of Christianity. Later their influence grew so large that nobles began giving up their titles becuase they realized they'd have more power if they were priests and rose through the ranks of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. This is the time when the Catholic church simply began slaughtering it's opposition instead of adapting or assimilating other religions cultures into their own. I'm rambling. All this was simply to explain the name of Jesus and how it was never a popular name during the time these ossuaries were made. That name didn't exist until Christianity spread to Rome and Byzantium (which was later named Constantinople and today is called Istanbul).

  22. This whole thing is just liberal propaganda trash brainwashing and reinforcement of the religion of modern science…

  23. We are much much older as humans than our minds can work out. We have been on this planet longer than history can tell us at the moment and we were not as stupid or ape like as people think. It's all a matter of time and then history will go back even further.

  24. You must be American. Lean the annunciation of the words you use please. God stop butchering names and places.

  25. Dead sea scrolls is a 2nd AD century fake belonging to a heretic cult that was known to sexually abuse women and children.

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