All Portrait Ghosts and Boss Battles with Gold Portraits: Luigi's Mansion

All Portrait Ghosts and Boss Battles with Gold Portraits: Luigi's Mansion

37 thoughts on “All Portrait Ghosts and Boss Battles with Gold Portraits: Luigi's Mansion”

  1. Can someone help me with slim bankshot. I'm trying to get gold with him but he just knocks me away whenever he feels like it. He could be moving down while I'm moving the the stick as up as it can go but he still knocks me off.

  2. similarities to ghostbusters:
    Poltergust 3000- proton pack
    gameboy horror- walkie talkie/PKE meter
    flashlight-ghost trap pedal
    portraitficationizer-containment chamber

  3. how is he able to hold onto them for so long? Whenever I try Luigi bumps into something or the suction suddenly breaks and I have to start all over again.

  4. AW YEAH! also are the ghosts really evil? Seems like Luigi just intruded on a big family just for E gadd’s gallery collection.

  5. Henry and Orville Wright Luigi caught the Wright brothers! Talk about Mario and Luigi partners in time! Or am I getting the not so wright idea wink wink

  6. Has anyone noticed that it’s not just Luigi who’s “humming” the theme of the game when there’s a boss ghost in the room

  7. how the holy he'll did you do that with the eskimo ghost. he just won't cooperate. he breaks out after only like 30 health every single time. I can't get ready hang of how you drain the health faster. especially when they move around so much

  8. most creepiest bosses:: the Wandering Butlerm, the clockwerk soldiers and definitely Nana. Btw i just want to mention Henry and Orville boss fight, it wasnt that much creepy but a cool desgined Boss fight

  9. One thing to note is that ghosts in the beta were easier to catch, the only thing you had to worry about was the poltergust overheating. Another thing is that the portrait ghosts that were in the beta only 50 hp, and one more thing that I don’t think many people notice is that in this finished version of the game, Luigi can get drug around by ghosts and lose hp but in the beta luigi never lost health catching ghosts, only when the poltergust overheated.

  10. i cant get the ice guy i dont know how you sucked him up so fast ive gotten gold portraits on every other ghost i dont want to get a silver or bronze now 🙁

  11. Hey love the videos that u guys do also question what is the most hardest ghost or ghosts that u go up against and will there be a live stream videos

  12. 1 thing i hate about the green ghosts is that if you suck them up the other ones throw banana peels and u slip on them

  13. Easy way of catching a bunch of ghosts make them in a bundle then flash your light at them until you get all of them

  14. This game is stupid you are probably saying “what iTS TEh bEst gamE eVEr” this is why
    1:All the ghost are not doing anything wrong like Neville he is just reading a book near a camp fire
    2: E.gadd want Luigi to suck them up so he can put them in paintings
    And yes I now that some of the ghost are not nice like mr luggs but seriously why would E.gadd let Luigi try to suck ghost just for painting to put it in his collection

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