38 thoughts on “Airbrushing A Portrait – Full Tutorial”

  1. Half way through so far but still I agree to most comments: I learned more in this video than all other videos combined!
    Great detail work and very helpfull tips. I can't wait to use my airbrush again after watching the whole video!

  2. What makes a gun a Micro? I just started a week ago and am on a tight budget. I just bought a IWATA NEO with a 3mm I also have a 2mm needle I am using Createx paint. I just did my first portrait of my dog. Next I am going to do my Grandson I like your technique I will try it on my next project. Is there a real inexpensive paint to practice with? Thanks

  3. First off,What's the name of that air brush and what size needle that is because Damn it fires some thin ass lines the detail is amazing perfect good a$$ Job bra'

  4. I'm curious. Touching the surface doesn't have a negative effect on the paint job ( leaving oil from the skin)?

  5. I agree with your views on perfection. Its the imperfections that define one artist from another. Its the imperfections that shape your style. Imperfection is creativity in motion.

  6. Thankyou for your tutorial video,you helped me alot ,you sir are a great teacher !!!!!,you have gained another subscriber, again thanks,also you explain everything from a to z ,what can i say!!!!

  7. Ryan its a great video, I have watched parts of it a few times. So I have to tell you, at 1:05 when you are doing the under painting, a bug crawls under the tape on the top left. I was like wtf was that? I had to replay it a couple of times. lol Keep up the good work !!

  8. I've only discovered your videos a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to thank you for these awesome tutorials!

  9. Createx makes Wicked and it isn't water based as far as I know it is solvent based paint, just a heads up. This is a fantastic tutorial overall. Great explanation for your technique and style

  10. Beautiful portrait and Brilliant tutorial, you have a new subscriber, I am totally amazed, there should be more like this tutorial, very well explained.

  11. I only 1 hour in to your video and  its the best one ii have found. Very good work instructions and touching up on all details, very informative. Keep it up the force is with you lol .

  12. Ryan, you are an Arteeest Extrodinaire. You've inspired me so much with your knowledge, and videos. Today I received my Porter & Cable air compressor, my Cretex illustration colors should arrive tomorrow, and my Harder & Steenbeck Infinity 2 in 1 by Monday. Thanks so much for your teachings, especially for the newbies like me. Great tunes too! .

  13. Hi Ryan your work is amazing I think you hit the nail on the head when you said beginners rush to see the end and miss out on the detail that counts. Your video taught me alot rather than just hearing "dagger stroke practise practise practise….." what are you thoughts on the devilbliss dagr airbrush for detail work

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