Agario Song – Justin Bieber ‘What Do You Mean?’ Parody

Agario Song – Justin Bieber ‘What Do You Mean?’ Parody

Chad! Key KSic. I found a new virtual reality game where you can be Spider-man! Really?! Yeah do you want to play? Oh, I do but I can’t I’m playing Agario man! Chad! But you can be Spider-man! I know but I’m #1, sorry dude! Oh Chad! Hey Kassie! I just made your favorite homemade Twix bars. Oh, I love those…um…but can I eat one later because I’m playing Agario right now. I just made them Bro! I know, I know and I love them too but I can’t…I’m #1 Hey Chad… Hey Terry… I think Taco Bell has 8 for 1 burritos today. Dude! 8 for 1? Yeah. Aww man! I am starving too because I haven’t eaten since Friday so… Looks like you’re eating like crazy though. Yeah but I mean in real life I haven’t eaten ahh but got to pass then dude because if I quit now …oh man I’m so far. Really? Yeah, sorry dude! Oh Chad! Do you want some husband and wife time together? Yeah I do but I… How about when I die in Agario. No, how about right now. No I can’t! You see how big I am…in the game? Do you guys trust me?

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