Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (STEP BY STEP FORMULA)

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (STEP BY STEP FORMULA)

what's going on my friend Garrett berry here in this video what I want to do is break down affiliate marketing in very simple terms so if you're just getting started maybe you've seen a lot of YouTube videos but you don't know how to put all the pieces together inside this video I'm gonna break down every single easy and simple step so you can by the end of the video go out there and start to create your first commissions and money as soon as this week now if you don't know me my friend I've been online last five years full time I've made thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing and I see a lot of people time and time again they go wrong they spin their wheels and they make these same mistakes time and time again so what I'm gonna do again is break down these steps because a lot of people lay they have been talking about this on YouTube but not many of them are really teaching you real simple steps so before I get into that my friend though if you're new to the channel and you never want to miss out on my latest affiliate marketing and money-making strategies be sure to hit the subscribe button the bell icon below so you never miss out on my latest training and last but not least before I dive in if you want access to my a to Z affiliate marketing system we're gonna take all these steps and do them for you so once you understand all the steps you can literally just plug in hit a couple buttons and let this run go to the first link in the description below and check that out without further ado my friend let me dive into the very first step okay now the very first step when you want to do affiliate marketing is you need to pick one niche okay or niche now what is a niche and why do we need to pick just one if it's hard to see that okay I may have the things below in the descriptions you can see it the reason is a lot of people when they hop online they want to go promote products online and make Commission's which is how affiliate marketing works you basically find products online that you don't have to create you recommend people to those products and when they buy the product through your own link you actually get coded to that sale and you make money but a lot of people are trying to go out there and promote products in golf one day you know mixed martial arts health and fitness make money online and they're doing so many different niches and topics that they're never actually making any money so before you even start with affiliate marketing you want to ask yourself what interests or topic are you interested in what interests in topic are you learning about okay when I first got started about five years ago I had no idea what to do but I loved learning about how to make money online i was watching great youtube channels you know great YouTube videos very informative people and I started to realize well hey I'm already learning how to do this why don't I just choose how to make money online but maybe you're interested in how to lose weight maybe you're interested in how to you know build muscle so you want to pick a niche or a topic to start with okay that's the very first step because again if you don't have one niche you're gonna be trying to sell to everyone and there's an old marketing saying that says the riches are in the niches and if you try to sell to everyone you're gonna sell to no one so once you pick a niche and again it does not matter but you want to make sure that you're passionate you enjoy it okay and there's products that people are buying in that that niche step 2 okay I'm gonna make these steps very simple step 2 is you want to find high converting products to promote okay I'll just put high converting products now what I mean by this is once you've decided on a topic okay let's say again you know make money online for example the next step is you want to go out there online to certain sites and you want to find affiliate products that have to do with teaching people that topic so for example you know let's say you're interested in a weight loss when you would go online find products teaching people how to lose weight now I wrote and here fine high converting products because another mistake people make and they wonder why they're not making commissions because maybe you're watching this maybe you're not brand new maybe you've struggled to make commissions and money in the past maybe you've set people on facebook to your affiliate link and no one's actually bought well one of the main reasons is it wasn't high converting meaning there wasn't a high percentage of people that went to it that it converted that it made them wanna buy so you want to find products that are selling well ok and you continue in this video I'm going to share with you how to actually start finding these products that sell well but this is a big thing ok so I'm getting a recap so far you want to pick one niche ok you don't want to try to market to everyone once you pick one niche you then want to find high converting products in that niche ok so again for example in my own story you know I was I was going online I was searching around and I found you know make money online I was like ok that's gonna be the topic that I'm interested in I'm learning about that's what I'm gonna focus on and so I started going online and I started looking for high converting make money online products and a lot of them didn't convert but after a lot of trial and error investing thousands of my own hard-earned money into different programs and things like that I finally discovered one and you know that's what I've been personally using but you wouldn't find again a high converting prime now once you do that what is the next step how do you start making sales even on autopilot ok because you know maybe you're someone that doesn't want to go out there and talk to a lot of people maybe you don't want to hear rejection after rejection if you don't want to pick up the phone maybe you've already always dreamt of just being able to travel maybe fulfill a passion spend more time with your loved ones do the things you love to do with the people you love doing it with and still having money depositing in your bank account ok if you've pictured yourself checking your email inbox maybe on your phone while you're hanging out with your friend and you see commission after commission after commission come in then this method is going to be for you so once we find how you converting products what you want to do is you want to start to create content ok solving problems now again let me unpack this and make this really simple because this is crucial so you want to understand that once you pick a niche ok let's say how to lose weight what you're gonna realize is those people have problems that they're going online the sites like Google sites like YouTube you know Facebook Instagram and they're looking for answers to their problems you know it may be like how to lose weight in an hour a day okay how to lose weight you know in the gym the best exercises to do right things like that they're looking for solutions to these questions there have and what do what you want to do is create content this can be in the form of a video it could be a blog post you can make a post in a Facebook group solving okay answering those questions and what's gonna happen is my friend this is called attraction marketing rather than chasing people rather than prospecting which is basically you message a ton of people and you you have these long tedious conversations you're actually answering a question that people are already looking for in your niche and then when you answer that people are gonna be attracted to you they're gonna stumble across your block stumble across your video and then what you're gonna do my friend is once you start creating content solving these problems somewhere in the content you want to give a call okay give a call to action to check out your product you're promoting okay so again for example let's say you do a blog post and let's say you're in the health and you know health and weight loss niche and let's say you do a blog on you know maybe you research a keyword which I have another video recently that I may pop a card on on how to actually research tons of keywords to write blogs to attract people interested in the niche and product you're promoting but let's say you find a keyword someone searching and a question someone is searching is you know how can I lose weight in an hour a day okay so typically that person probably doesn't have a lot of time well what you would do is again do a short blog answering that question you're giving some tips and then what you want to say is something at the end saying well hey you know I obviously can't cover the entire formula here if you want to discover my number one recommended weight loss training product go to this link and then what you're gonna do is link them to your affiliate product okay this is absolutely powerful and this is the exact strategy that myself and so many of my massively successful students have been using over and over again because you know chances are if you're watching my video even this video you have been attracted to this okay probably right now I'm out you know relaxing by the pool I'm you know maybe traveling to another destination and this is still working for me and you're attracted to this video while I'm out having fun right so you can do the same thing and you don't have to do videos you can do again Facebook posts things like that and once you link to the call to action the reason they're gonna go to it you don't just want to link people you know spam your link people won't go to it once you've built trust you've built Authority by teaching now they're ready and able and willing to actually go to your link when you give that call to action okay and this formula is really how you can as a beginner start doing affiliate marketing again recap my friend you want to pick a niche and you're watching this maybe you don't have a niche you don't have something that you're not interested in what you're learning how to make money online you could choose the make money online niche okay this is a very popular niche where there's a lot of people buying products every single day then you want to find high converting products now you may be watching this thing okay Garrett but how do I find let's say I make money online high converting product well you know actually again I'll have a link below or you can check out the exact product in programmed I'm personally promoting that's been converting absolutely incredibly well and you can make to a hundred percent of the money when it makes the sales for you then you want to create content solving problems again I you know that card that I popped on or you can you know just start creating videos or blogs teaching people things that you're learning that will attract people to you and then again you want to give a call-to-action telling them to check it out if you like this video and you want me to make more be sure to click the like button below to let me know also be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon because I'm going to be posting more affiliate marketing videos breaking it down very easily and simply and last but not least my friend again and practice what I preach I'm gonna give you a call to action if you're watching this and you're brand new to affiliate marketing and this made sense but maybe you don't know you know how to find a high converting product maybe you don't know how to create content you don't know how to give proper call to actions and maybe you want a system that you can just send people to that's gonna follow up and do all the selling and telling for you so you can just relax on the beach relax with your friends and family and still make those big Commission's every single week click the first link below and put your email in and I'll shoot you over a free overview video on exactly what I've been using what am I afraid I hope you enjoyed learning affiliate marketing for beginners and I will see you on my next video take care you

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