Advertising at ArtCenter College of Design

Advertising at ArtCenter College of Design

Everything for the last 50 years was mainly
dominated by print, but we’re coming into a digital world. And now, with social media, new apps popping
up just like everywhere. It’s going to evolve, and it’s going to be very different from
what it is now. Advertising has changed, but at the core of
it, nothing has changed. It is still a communication between a, most likely a company, and the
consumer. Finding a unique way for a brand to become
part of a cultural conversation has never been more important than it is now. The reality is, you’ve got two tools at
your disposal, words and pictures. And so you’ve got to get really good at using those
two tools together and how do you juxtapose and combine those things to make new meanings. You have to really hone in on what your message
says and execute really creative ideas that no one has ever seen before. Everyone is really driven by that, and when
I say fresh or unique in someone’s work it’s really inspiring, I say, “Wow I’ve
never seen it that way that’s kind of cool.” Each class I’ve had has been like a whole
new way of thinking. Some teachers just like getting fun, crazy ideas out of you and that
pushes the boundaries is always more exciting for me. A lot of the things I work on with students
is making sure they have a well rounded portfolio or maybe they want to focus only in social
or only in mobile and then we tailor assignments to that. It’s a modern world and I think
that the school has embraced that. We’re approaching creativity and teaching reflects
that. I think we do have the mentality of creating
an environment similar to the one that you’ll be working in in the real world. And what
that means is not only being able to do work but talk about the work, to be able to articulate
your ideas. Be able to look at other people’s ideas and make those ideas better. I like the faculty here because they’re
terribly honest, they’ll tell you when your stuff stinks. And it’s hard to hear, but
you need to hear it. We’ve got faculty here who are working at
all the best places in L.A. doing some of the best work being done now. We’ve got
teachers there, and many times being taught in those agencies. They bring a very professional
bias to it, they treat our students with high expectations, they’re nurturing, they’re
going to push you to get better and better and better. And I think that’s why so many
of our people do well in the working world. Because it’s virtually no transition at
all. They step right from working with a creative in the classroom to working with a creative
director in their first job. ArtCenter really teaches you, you know, you
have to learn really quick. So that’s been a real struggle and also a huge blessing. What you get from a typical ad school, are
Advertising students. What you get from ArtCenter, is ArtCenter students. Who have seen how cars
are designed, buildings are designed, how to make a film, illustration, photography.
That well-roundedness, I think it gives you longevity. If you ever think everything’s been done
before, stop and come here to ArtCenter and you’ll realize there are new ideas everyday. It’s a good time to get into the business
because advertising is such a big part of the culture. And you can have a huge impact
on the culture by being in this business. You can come up with ideas. Both for products
and clients you’ll be working on but also for things you believe in, causes you believe
in, and you’re going to meet a lot of great people along the way and they’re going to
be like-minded people that are going to want to share. And that’s a great part of it,
is the collaboration and exposure to other people that are really intently interested
in doing really great things.

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