Achilles Tendon Physical Therapy Exercises : Achilles Tendon Massage Techniques

Achilles Tendon Physical Therapy Exercises : Achilles Tendon Massage Techniques

Hi! I am Monica and right now I am going to
show you some massage techniques that you can do for your Achilles tendon area. So when
you are starting, you always want to make sure your techniques are starting off nice
and gentle and kind of warming up the tissues. So a good one to kind of warm up the tissues
is you can take both your thumbs or your index fingers, whatever you are comfortable with,
one of each, and what you are going to do is come right on either side of the tendon,
kind of wiggle your tendon back and forth. You want your foot to be nice and relaxed,
if it is too tight you are not going to be able to push the tendon, so nice and relaxed,
you can see I can actually push the tendon down, push it back up, so that’s how you
are doing here, pushing it back and forth. You want to make sure you are going all the
way down here so we are starting to attach on your heel bone and then kind of come all
the way up to where you kind of start to loosen the tendon and it starts becoming more of
a soft tissue up there. So again it is just nice and gentle, down. You can always push
down, kind of hold a little bit longer, push up, pull it a little bit longer or you can
do a nice rhythmical all along. Again, just kind of nice warm up, nice loosening technique
for the Achilles tendon area here.

61 thoughts on “Achilles Tendon Physical Therapy Exercises : Achilles Tendon Massage Techniques”

  1. The audio level when Monica speaks is too low. It needs to go up a couple of notches. Otherwise, the video was worth watching.

  2. I'm so afraid of my achilles tendon. I injured it about 3 years ago and I still have trouble walking in bare feet and I'm only 19. Exercises really helped to make it strong again though! I feel for anyone that actually ruptured theirs.

  3. Sorry to hear that but I never ruptured mine so I'd imagine the pain differential is of a completely different order for you and I. Of course, I went to an orthopaedic doctor who suggested some anti-inflammatory drugs and exercises which really helped. But the pain I experienced was a mere nuisance at best.

  4. Jeez I don't know why I assumed you ruptured yours lol. Simple calf stretches is what he recommended for me as well as walking on an inclined treadmill (However, I never did these). But I did the calf stretches which really helped strengthen the calf and tendons. I did like 10 repetitions twice or three times a day for each leg. But, maybe our cases are different. You should listen to your doctor first.

  5. I'm 60 and play over 35 soccer. The club physio gave up on me and told me to stop playing. I found these exercises and massage techniques simple and effective. Thanks very much

  6. I have just raptured my Achilles (OUCH!). Watching these exercises are preparing me for the long road ahead. Thank you very much for posting this.

  7. id like to rip this tendon out it hurts so bad after i play hockey id like to have surgery and just rip it out cuse it really bothers me

  8. hey buddy… trust me u dont, I got mine sliced in half during a hockey game 5 months ago, and it still hurts like hell

  9. I have the same problemes…I can't wear shoes with heels anymore…(1-2cm is great), but too low or too high makes it worse. =(

  10. @jsamboy spend some money on physio now will save a lot in future if you happen to rupture then, i would refrain from running altogether to be safe, as you could not afford to be out of work for 6 months

  11. @Maniboy440 i have this injury right now and it sucks bc i have football scrimmage tomorrow 🙁 but ive had this injury before alot of times and it usually takes about 2 -4 days

  12. @YoBassMaster you sure you have achilles problems and youre not just sore? cause achilles is something that takes longer than 2-4 days for sure

  13. @hazardroll1 well at that time when i wasnt healed i thought it was just sore like it always was before. but ya i did have injure it im not sure if i pulled it or strained it or idk but it took about 3 and a half weeks to heal

  14. Ive had surgery for a left club foot and my achilles tendon was cut and lengthened, and by the time the second surgery came around to remove plates and screws, it tightened up again. My doc says its just in my nature. This is a great video, it sucks that its almost a year now that ive had a F***ed up foot. 🙁
    Sometimes it feels like I will never be able to walk again without being a Gimp!

  15. Looks like a very good and helpful video, but would appreciate being able to hear it. Wondering what I might be missing. thank you anyway.

  16. I think ts great going to these efforts for the benefit of all.. could you stretch to fixing your audio sound as i can't hear a word on all your videos.. keep up the good wrk 😉

  17. I've recently hurt my achilles and been told my a doctor it's tendinitis … when I massage over it, on a certain spot it kind of clicks when i push my finger over it. Almost as if there's a knot there ? What should i do, is this bad ??

  18. If it hurts, be gentle with it. It's okay if you can just barely push it, just do the exercise every day and eventually you will be able to push a little more and a little more 🙂 It'll heal, don't worry!

  19. Thank you for the advice! I tried a few pistol squats without warming up the other day, and now my tendon hurts. I think I should have started out with some easier squats until I get stronger.. 🙂

  20. Also, if you have Achilles tendonitis like me, remember to ice, ice, ice, ice, ice! Also warm up really well before doing exercise.

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