Accidentally Discovered Artifacts That Are Worth Millions

Accidentally Discovered Artifacts That Are Worth Millions

have you ever found an old coin in your back garden or valuable looking antique at a low price in a charity shop and then found out that they're worth a bit of money feels good doesn't it the people on this list did a little better than that they accidentally discovered priceless items and artifacts that turned out to be worth a fortune a group of Danish men had some pretty amazing luck with a metal detector earlier on this year – searching the island of Haryana within the Jutland province the detector alerted them to buried treasure beneath the surface when they did a little digging they came across 30 golden items including pendants coins and chains belonging to early Germanic tribes and dating back to around 500 AD experts think that they may have been buried there as a sacrifice to the gods of the time and possibly suggest that the Roman Empire may have made it to Jutland during armed raids little is known about the Jutland of that era and so this fine might be as historically valuable as it is financially if you have a tree in your garden and you don't know who put it there you might want to consider digging around it a little to see if anything else was planted with the tree a couple in California walking their dog on their own property were surprised to see an old rusty can poking out from beneath the soil near their tree after a rainstorm had washed away the topsoil inside it were pristine condition coins which look like they were stored as soon as they were minted all in date order as they did more digging three more cans were found also full of coins all of which were in the same careful order they tainted between 1847 in 1894 suggesting whoever lived at the house during that time was quite a collector for a long period of time some of the coins are so rare that the valuer who assessed them had never seen them in real life before and the full collection is worth 10 million dollars when archaeologists find something it's a little less surprising than when a normal person does they are looking for historical treasure after all but a team working in Iceland really excelled themselves earlier this year when they found a Thor's hammer amulet from the time of Vikings buried in a location where humans hadn't lived for nine hundred years it's only the second of its kind ever to be found in Iceland the amulets were worn by Viking warriors as a response to early Christians wearing the cross and were a symbol of their identity they represent the power of the Norse god of lightning and were supposed to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies some people laugh at comic book collectors thinking that their childish comic book collectors who know what they're doing tend to have the last laugh if you have an old historical comic book for example one that features the first appearance of a legendary superhero you are probably sitting on a fortune Hollywood megastar Nicolas Cage is one such collector he had a copy of the very first edition of action comics from 1938 which is famous for containing the first ever appearance of Superman only 100 or so copy still exists and most are in poor condition cages copy was pristine it was stolen from his home in the year 2000 and finally resurfaced in a storage locker in April 2011 having been reunited with the asset after over a decade cage thought that now was the right time to cash in on it when he sold it to auction it sold for 2.1 million dollars with a few hours to pass before the start of an important World Cup game in the summer of 2018 a Swedish American father thought he take his daughter for a swim and a play in a lake near small ond in Sweden he never imagined she'd be coming back from the lake with a historical artifact that's over a thousand years old saga vanna sec who is only 8 years old was throwing sticks and stones across the water to see how far they skipped she went to pick up what she thought was just another stick but as it came to the surface it was heavy long and rusty on closer inspection it was a sword and obviously a very old one when it was taken to an expert it was dated to the fifth or sixth century before even the age of the Vikings it will soon be on display in a museum it's still to be decided whether saga will receive a finder's fee for her priceless discovery if you're using reclaim material to complete building work around your home you might want to give it a detailed inspection before you use it a family in Devon England found out that their humble garden doorstep was actually an incredibly rare and valuable carving from the other side of the world the original owner of the stone had moved to England from Sri Lanka in 1950 bringing her favorite rock with her and when she grew older it was put in the garden as a decorative piece when the home's future owners decided to sell up and move somewhere smaller in 2013 the person who came to valued their property tipped them off that it might be more valuable than it look they were right the one-ton eight-foot-wide stone is actually a moonstone from Sri Lanka's Anu Radha para period which dates back to 400 BC and would once have been part of an ancient temple they're almost never found outside their country of origin scrap metal dealers sometimes come across items that people throw away without ever knowing their true value if they like the look of them they might keep them for a while that was the case for John Weber whose grandfather Dalton's scrap in the 1930s and 1940s and had held on to an interesting looking two-faced gold cup the Janus cup is only 5.5 inches high and its manufacture and composition is consistent with the ARCA minion period which could date it all the way back to the fourth century BC and give it a value in the millions because of the presence of a different element within the gold which meant there was an outside chance it could be a forgery from the 1800's the valuers couldn't be sure but it's still an outstanding find given that someone gave it away for nothing when it went to auction it made fifty thousand pounds if anyone can one day prove its Providence it could be worth much much more a janitor in Germany decided one day that she was going to take a look inside a box that she'd walked past a hundred times when performing her duties when she did she couldn't believe her eyes tanja holes works at the passive state library in Bavaria making sure that the power keeps running and the bins are taken out regularly among other things the box was just an old-fashioned jewelry box kept in plain sight that nobody paid any attention to on that day when Tanja decided to indulge her curiosity she found a treasure trove of ancient coins she summoned her boss who had them professionally dated and examined and found that they were from ancient Rome in Greece the box also contained medals from the Napoleonic era they'd simply been forgotten about for centuries and although a precise value couldn't be given they're definitely worth several million dollars we hope Tania gets a cut of the money some people have all the luck David booth and amateur archaeologist bought a brand-new metal detector and took it out into a field to try it out for the first time straightaway he struck gold six inches below the surface of the mud and sterling Scotland was the most significant Iron Age treasure find in Scottish history for neck ornaments known as torques had been buried there waiting to be found for over 2,000 years dating back to somewhere between 1 & 3 BC they were valued at approximately 1.3 million dollars and generated mr. booth a finder's fee of 650 thousand dollars it's safe to say the metal detector has already paid for itself coca-cola got a nasty shock in 2012 and it came in the form of a lawsuit for 130 million dollars the story behind it is quite incredible a man called Tony Marone found an old Palmer Union Oil Company stock certificate at a garage sale in 2008 which was being sold as nothing more than a curiosity he paid a nominal amount for it and then started doing his research incredibly the certificate had been officially issued endorsed and assigned but the bearers name had been left blank Marone signed his name on it and in theory the 1,625 listed shares in Palmer Union oil became his where the story becomes complicated is that a connection exists between Palmer Union and coca-cola meaning his 1,625 shares are actually worth one point eight million common shares in the soda giant with a 130 million dollar value coca-cola unsurprisingly disagree with that assessment and the case has gone to court here's another good reason to take interest in strange items at garage sales and flea markets just because the person selling them thinks they're worthless doesn't mean they are Norma Ethel was just browsing the stalls when a stylish silver necklace caught her eye and she thought it was well worth the fifteen dollar price tag years later when she saw an exhibition of Alexander Calder's jewelry at the Philadelphia Art Museum she realized that several of the works looked very similar to her own she took her necklace to the museum to find out and not only was she right but the necklace she now owned had once hung on the walls of the museum as an exhibit nobody knows how it ended up at the flea market but it was the bargain of a lifetime it's true worth is well in excess of 300 thousand dollars an ordinary tourist in Norway came home from his trip with an amazing story to tell his friends back home he's found a mysterious perfectly preserved Viking sword the man had been visiting old Viking burial ground out of curiosity in southern Norway when he noticed something unusual half buried in the ground when he pulled it out he could not believe his eyes the blade of the sword is covered in rust but the handle is perfectly preserved he contacted professional archaeologists and they believed it to be around 1200 years old the text on the swords handle is Latin but defies translation it's truly an ancient mystery subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications and you will be the first to know when a new video comes out thank you for watching and see you soon

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  1. 11:06 That is not Latin. It's runes. And it was a group of archaeologists who were grave robbing who found it. Research: A li'l dab'll do ya.

  2. I Found An Mysterious Crystal Shaped Like An Diamond hmm… Maybe Its Something Like Worth 90 Million

  3. Laugh at comic book collectors? Why we all keep stuff that we enjoy. I collect Hot Wheels. Worth a lot more than I spent. It’s something that makes me happy. So does my books and watches.

  4. I have an old book from 1826. The design on the cover is crazy

    Please like this comment. I have no friends

  5. Everything is found in Brit country and around from a lot of plundering in the past they wet crooks then and now

  6. I found a Texas revolution cannonball at a junk store, bought that sucker for 12 dollars, the store clerk didn't even know they had it and agreed to the price written in marker on the side even though that thing could be worth hundreds

  7. I have a coin from the period of 1967 when Greece was under dictatorship and the coin has the symbol of "Jounta" (the dictatorship) symbolises the ancient greek fire phoenix reborn from his ashes

  8. 0:40 Germanic tribes in Haryana! So now we have to believe that Indians are either migrated Germans, Iranians, middle eastern or Africans… as if India just had snakes, tigers, lions, etc and nothing else. While the Bhimbhetka caves have evidence of upper palaeolithic civilisation and Indus valley is older than Greco-Roman civilization.

  9. They better give that girl some cash or it would still be underwater. Her and her Dad could have just kept it.

  10. If the gold you find has anything to do with Spain they will claim it quick and send it a recovery team and jump in immediately. I've seen it before my state. Greedy Spainards

  11. If anyone out there is interested in collecting old bottles they should cast their eyes over a place called Benbecula in the outer Hebrides. I was posted there in the 1980s and came across dozens of glass and earthenware bottles and jars usually after a storm. The rough seas would wash away sand from the dunes exposing old midens known today as rubbish dumps. I kept one as a momento of my time there and it was recently dated to circa 1750.

  12. The roman legions very often solded men from northern Europa therefore there ares so many findings in the earth from the roman time in denmark and southern Sweden and Norway

  13. :54. This was also the first time scientists realized that these ancient cave dwellers drove a Mercedes

  14. To whom it may concern;
    I have found a sword in a scabbard under my house. I knowing not knowing Anything about swords,
    so, is it moderne, fake, old or where from. I do not know.
    My question is, Whom do I contact to have the find checked out? I really would like to learn more about it, no matter of outcome.

  15. I love hearing the stories about Thor’s hammer! My last name literally translates to “Son of Thor” so I get a kick out of my great-great-whatever-granddaddy being mentioned in lists like this 😉

  16. When I was a kid maybe nine, I would go shoot old bottles I dug up from a bottle dump, ones with prohibition warnings. Crazy looking ones with marbles in the neck and glass strainers built in
    Found brass license plate from 25 and lots of marbles and stuff but I was a kid with a daisy red Rider

  17. Why would a Norwegian sword have Latin inscription? The Germanic sword as well as the Scottish gold were truly epic finds.

  18. I mint coins and can not sell them!?! So I bury them, I hope they are worth something to you, they are worthless to me… everyone is looking for clockwork for watches!?!

  19. Before Edward VIII abdication in Britain . A few pennies had been minted with his likness on them , but only about ten or twelve . So today they are worth a great deal to collectors . About 1965 , a man walked in to the British Museum Department of Coins and Medals . Saying he had one and if it worth anything ? . When he put his hand in his pocket, he found that by accident he had used it to pay part of the fare on the bus to get there . So it's still out there somewhere ready to be taken to a coin collector !


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