A TRADE DEAL WILL MAKE STOCKS CRASH – Watchlist For Tomorrow – Stock Market This Week – Top Stocks

A TRADE DEAL WILL MAKE STOCKS CRASH – Watchlist For Tomorrow – Stock Market This Week – Top Stocks

alright ladies and gentlemen I got your watchlist coming into June 26 2019 and I hope you are excited as I am and I hope you're paying attention I'm so stoked because we found an issue with the crystal ball not only was I so wrong yesterday but I was so right and I want you to pay attention because I think I found another one but this was that Biogen we put on the watchlist yesterday a lot of you asked how to find these big gainers what they do and even though this was a weekly this was playing it early in the week it's not like we had to force this to a Friday to get a thousand percent gainer it was about 800% $200 or excuse me $20 all the way up to like 140 and of course I didn't sell out yet and take my profits but a lot of you did and we're gonna talk about that but I have another play in mind that we need to be watching but before we get into the craziness that has created these crazy plays we have to understand what caused it today was a wild day Jerome Powell came on and really much it was Bullard and then a fright after it was Bullard at first and then Powell came on and then all hell was broke loose after there because he said something very very specific it sounded a lot like this stuff we've been going over or that we heard from him over the Fed meeting last week but overall it was a huge and you know him and Bullard it changed something really big in and I guess I'm gonna give you guys the answer for this but pretty much if there is a trade deal worked out at g20 that could make the market go down now so I know it sounds very counterintuitive but that is pretty much what happened here today because today was mostly Powell pretty much clarified everything exactly how he said it but by being so straight on and about it there was also an element of him kind of clarifying that he's not as dovish and going to cut rates as people think but but who was so important it was so implied it kind of reminds me of the reversal he did here in December when he pivoted from hawkish to dovish it's kind of looking that he went from dovish to hawkish now and people are confused but that's not the issue the the real point of the matter is now he was saying they're ready to cut rates but it's based on what happened so now if a trade deal or trade talks get restarted or there is a trade deal in place that will limit any of those external factors that he's saying is the is the logic for them to cut rate so if they either restart the trade talks or they make a deal there's no basis for cutting rates anymore and you've seen although it has a negative long term effect to cut you could kind of see the markets in and investors are kind of like crackheads even Trump they they want that rate cut to spur growth you know people want it or they don't they at least don't want this high rate environment but Powell kind of threw it on the table that hey if none of that it's not that this is an autopilot rate cut and I think the market reacted to it and saw it but now it's gonna put us in a weird confusion and now but I almost forgot the most important thing you need to do right now is post your watchlist below what place are you watching doesn't matter long term short term just give us context to it and like the video we have seven eight hundred videos on the channel if you guys ever have questions on certain stuff start liking the video and let YouTube's conspiracy start to recommend you all of our content but it supports the channel I appreciate it and I need to see you guys engaging but if you don't do that at least very least poster watch list we got a source that info coming into the keys for tomorrow this is gonna relate from the keys for the last two days this is that food poisoning I was talking about where the market you know it's gonna take something in and it's gonna think it's something and we took the we took the rates and we pretty much took everything Powell said at face value and was like okay yep rate hike we swallowed that pill and you know even Trump you know have the audacity to talk some but now that didn't really today you had Powell reversing it Powell was talking smack on Trump and now he's kind of reversed the tone a little bit but still keeping the same tone and I said this right away I said he's pushing the ball back in the Trump score but this is now one of those events as we saw it started to sell-off and how it treated the the key support levels and these are the levels that we need to be watching for again so watch even tomorrow break of this 290 and if it slips past to 88 like it did slip past the support levels today that's not gonna be a good sign but he put the ball back into Trump's Court now and this is that event that could literally without saying food poisoning or anything where we could have it where the markets could force the hand now coming into so now it's kind of back into Trump's hands if Trump really wants a rate cut and wants a accommodative economic environment he asked the boss of the trade deal if he goes for the trade deal we're gonna have the rate environment so again this is what I want you guys to realize although the markets are reacting to trade markets are also reacting the Fed policy so now the point is we thought this whole time they were in agreement but that's not the case so what I'm trying to say here I think if one thing or the other happens it doesn't really matter what happens or what you expect there will be some period where the market is gonna you know the markets gonna have to digest this again doesn't mean up or down I don't know and again I said that two days ago and now yesterday this is what I'm saying I you know my crystal ball broke up took like two months in a row or something three months in a row we were on point with a lot of these but it just seemed like it didn't really hit today but we know III do have my little insurance plan in my caveat to say that we could see a gap in you know some people were even you know saying I was really accurate like no that was a gap down but it wasn't you know even though that was small this wasn't what I was expecting and the fact that it made most of the move intraday is very important and this is what I'm saying about coming in to either tomorrow or after the meeting whenever things decide but especially just this week if we break below those support levels this is gonna be key so watch out for all that we are gonna see though I want to see how this plays out but again we're still gonna be watching the dollar and all that but as far as the keys for tomorrow it's the same thing that led in from yesterday the market and bonds are gonna show us how market really feels about Powell and everything else the trade deal can now hurt the market instead of help it because everybody is priced in the hike so aggressively so again watch both the stock market to move but then also the bonds because if they start repricing that would be the most ideal situation and to negate some of the volatility or minimize a downside effect or any you know pretty much a behavior that's gonna be great volatility but difficult to trade is if the bonds start to kind of pull back and again we've been watching TLT I'll throw that up there but it's important to watch that interaction but again if the removal of these external cuts it wouldn't get me pretty much it wouldn't give us a reason to get a rate cut so despite we could see the prediction on investing calm and what the bond market is saying we really just have to pay attention to the logical reasons and that's why you know Powell kept reiterating it and he was very very clear which made it I think so confusing today because today he was so clear about it it was confusing if that makes sense it's kind of like why was he saying all that so directly but the key tomorrow is gonna be again REITs and bonds and we saw movements with them today you could see what happened where the two-year where again the two-year staying the same in the tenure now look at this is the pre market but essentially what we're gonna look for now is the ten-year to drop while the two-year gets higher and the two and the five-year inverted briefly and that's one level of yield curve inversion but again I'm this is what I'm waiting for for the markets and algos and everybody to react is when you do see the two-year invert with the ten that is the the official yield curve inversion a lot of people stand by so watch that those are gonna be the key but also the small caps in the banks in in transports tentatively but the leaders today were the small caps in the banks small caps were up at first only to come down you know they were the least lagging next to the Nasdaq but then at the same time same thing with the banks and you know again the small caps led the way they weren't as weak and then the banks they led the weak in terms of or they led the way in terms of weakness and then they bounced up they were all over the place but again we've said this in the fact that the banks and the bonds are moving in the midst of all this and again with what Trump is saying or excuse me Powell this is pointing kind of towards you know it's giving me evidence to this thesis that I've just brought forward with you guys with the market kind of reacting regardless because now it's this it's literally tug of war between what has more meaning the Fed policy or the trade war both are political it's this is great and again I think this comes down you know if I I said this yesterday I want to have multiple theories with everything so despite being wrong on the gap the fact I was able to take advantage of other stuff and a lot of the other things we're seeing you know there's some stuff working some stuff wasn't but the key is some stuff is looking familiar and some stuff is unfamiliar and I'm getting excited that the unfamiliar is happening because that means this is something I've never seen because again if it's familiar yeah sure we might could have an idea of what's gonna go on but the fact that things start to move unfamiliar Lee and even the market and a lot of the other participants get confused at the same time I think it's giving us some really really solid information but with that wrapped up let us get into the plays now let us start with the earnings you had FedEx and I already threw up the banks but we had micron these were both after-hours I thought FedEx was gonna go down the earnings was all over the place pretty much they missed in a really really weird way because they beat the the guidance they had but that was a the second guidance that was lowered so there was that they're even estimating their capex they you know FedEx even sued the government today over the trade policy all that but again watch them because if we are you know I'm still thinking we're on in line for a gap if there is gonna take one more day but these are the plays that are gonna affect the market these are what's gonna bring their industry up literally micron is up six percent that is gonna bring up the chip makers you know transports you know these were down two percent and we saw the effect the market have but I still like these plays I'm gonna watch out for them but the key that's gonna be with it is sympathies now watch out for UPS and watch out how it could affect any other gap but those are gonna be important next up is caterpillar now this is one you want to watch because again look at it it just stayed the same and there is other companies that look like this that are important but the fact is you're it didn't move as much it's still a Dow component it still moved half a percent but big moves and it's holding there you know these are what I'm gonna say when we get to the option chain because when it's holding holding holding even though the stocks not moving you're like why would you be interested in this when it does start to move you're able to take advantage of time decaying and again at any time really caterpillars done this you it's it's usually works in your favor so I have a play already on August I was waiting waiting waiting I think we might be averaging or I'm barely down on them so I think I'm just gonna be going in on a more but my issue with all of this I don't want to get you know again if certain if things start to look how I haven't seen before and it's the unexpected I like I said I'd rather be late than wrong so I don't want to scale in and add and add an add and just be wrong and you could really really get burned especially at these awkward points with where the VIX is at and what that means for the pricing in the contract but watch caterpillar I'm gonna like that one a lot Johnson & Johnson is gonna be a good one but really I want to skip to the main ones here am on Apple and Google cuz Apple is really a lot like caterpillar but the fact is it started to move with the market and some of you guys were asking yesterday that you said does Apple have a higher low beta I said it was a high beta but I guess I was comparing it in reference to some of the lower beta stocks you want to go for for the dividends but the key is it's gonna move like the market I think the beta is around like one point two meaning it moves typically about 20% more volatile than the market lately I would say they're almost on par again you could pull up any technical to go figure out what it is and again it's gonna change with the time but this is what you could really see it's moving with the market and that's why I said we might be able to set up place I wanted to get another one but the fact Apple started to slip that's an important one to watch and that's why I'm also saying at the same time wait for caterpillar but we are even seeing big divergences and this is stuff I don't want you guys to miss or maybe I'll just throw it on here but this is what I was even relating with the spy and even FedEx but this is the transportation index and again this is usually leading so either transports are gonna balance with what happened with FedEx but if FedEx brings this down watch out these could converge and again the longer we see the divergence the worse it's gonna be but we're gonna see what happens and even when you do look at the daily for the spy yeah that's a big candle it looks like I don't know where that came from it does it didn't look that big or feel like that but when you look at it on there it looks like one of the bigger days it starts to get a little panicky but again notice the volume and this is what I was saying and this is the headline risk I've been just saying be careful of your going low volume the days before it could make these moves literally look at the days prior low low low volume then boom volume comes in and it shoots up the market it's not like this is high volume it's literally just slightly above average volume off a very very low volume and you see the effect that it's having so this is that headline risk you got to watch out for but watch those plays watch iyt I like it but again Amazon now Apple and and watch how they move with the market but Amazon was also Amazon was really really weak today and moved a lot slower again we still I had that rollover play thankfully I think that's gonna do a lot better than watch Google and Facebook but again now if they start to give up and they start to really sell off with the market and the weakness these are gonna be some good ones to play and again with some of the spreads you could get a lot of those place for cheap but also to on the bounce side so again do not forget these like Facebook and Google as well too when they sell off a lot those are some of the stocks that the market could keep going they might find their sweet spot for where they stopped declining and they could bounce so just keep your eye out on both sides and don't get too fixated on one way or the other watch those we next one we got micron and again this could boost up the industry and I think that's gonna be a good one to watch but that's not the important key the important key from it watching the video watch the video XL and X I like those and see the sympathies in how they play out because the video was just a beast today I think AMD didn't do too well but again what this is gonna do for the chip makers is going to be very important so watch them the next one I want to watch even in relation to the other ETS we've talked about like TLT nugget I want to go after gold but if you guys again if you were watching this watchlist and paying attention I was saying this is I want to set up these plays because you can be careful if you guys have heard why I don't like paper gold I've talked about this a lot but I said this other day we're pretty much watch for this and this is gonna be our entry and it could help set us up you're gonna wait till Gold rips and gold did very very good today and again I guess futures are dropping right now we're down a little bit but you can see the gold futures right now you know they're still up even from today you can see you know one two three I guess how did they end up closing a little red but I think they ended up closing red but out most of the day they're at 14:40 too you know gold was killing it and you would think that nugget would do good or even GLD GLD did a lot better okay it looks more like the gold futures cuz it's not a miner but at the end of the day how these ETFs work and how they're designed you you've really got killed even though it had a really monster day so you got to be careful for that but now that means we could start hunting it if we didn't play it so keep your eyes out for that watch out for the banks we've already talked about the Wells Fargo and and I want to set up which ones are kind of the laggers and leaders but then lastly this one it keeps getting my attention booking this is Priceline if you guys aren't familiar but really what I like about them is their overseas profits and now dollar and rates are an issue things are getting a little wacky but what I've noticed about this there there one point there was a huge phenomenon with this stock I used to hit it a lot the shuh is it's hi spreads its expensive to play so how are you have to do that it's gonna be involving some spreads and you're gonna have to really finesse it but I've been eyeing this I really really want it but essentially if there's a big dollar movement and the dollar goes down or up a lot I'm gonna start trying to hit a booking because they could have a pretty either good inverse or tandem so watch out for that I like it a lot and lastly on this chart before we get into our option play zoom I'm gonna take you to an option I bought today on this that I really really like but again how it just been trading it's getting below the support so now it's really really selling off kind of like a beyond so it's at an important level here it's either gonna have an epic bounce or it's gonna do what every other IPO has done it's gonna have to kind of flush out and could set us in this awkward stage and it could go from this beyond meat type stock to doesn't move at all but speak of the devil beyond me it kind of did something similar but not as bad it didn't drop below to that support it's bouncing and again even Kern did the same thing so I remember you guys we're still holding this I you know somebody said or they they said Josh remember we reminded you not to sell it yeah I'm still swinging this trade remember I sold out half we got we pretty much made the shares free so we're just holding I still have the warrants I'm a big fan of that one and again if people ask when are you gonna what you average down I would average down at like $15 so that doesn't mean I think it's gonna go to that price but I'm not gonna average down unless I'm getting 50% off of my entry my entry was about 24 or $29 I'm looking over here to it looks like futures that's the that's the es the spy and I think the Dow futures are also dropping but they look like they're selling here below that 290 so again if that happened that will probably be the gap in the morning and again even with the whole gapping thing I you know I'm jumping all over the place here but that's because they're starting to move but I think it would make a lot more sense to see the gap today again I was expecting it today but the fact that you could see it just gap you know instead of dealing with the support level like it did today it could probably just be the gap but who knows I don't see any news right now that's while I'm making this video explaining this if there is I'll add it to the end but watch beyond and I'm gonna get to this when I show you guys but I like it it's up today I still have that November I'm gonna try to sell some calls on it tomorrow but there also might be calls I might be looking to buy and when I get to the options there's some frogs available so watch that and then next I showed guys the the Nuggets but the same concepts gonna apply for yang this is the inverse to some of the China stocks I like this it's a little harder to play I already have a butterfly on it so I'm limiting the risk but again when this has been you know even if you don't want to play that one place I really like instead is why why again they've we've got those plays last week in Baba and you could see which Chinese stocks are doing good and bad and laggers and leaders and again it's gonna be the same same exact issue to watch but watch out for those watch health care and MRK again we've been playing those and watching how they've been going up a lot so if that strength holds up and it's gonna lead to when I get into the option plays here shortly it's just what's going on with health care I'd watch them these are one of the ones I like they are a slow mover though so if the volatility starts to slow down that's when you want to take advantage of it but keep your eyes on that like we said TLT is just gonna be like the Nugget and everything and again related to what's going on and what what Powell said and everything you want to wait till this levels out and depending on how the bond might market prices stuff in response that's where we're gonna make or play but you know wait wait for these moments and capitulation but you know keep a longer view in mind of how you're gonna profit off these and play them so there is that and now let us get into the option play so again if you guys saw this yesterday this is the one I put up so hopefully you guys are paying attention on here I know I made a lot of people money on this so if you're finding a way to get salty I just encourage you to stick around to like what about 10-15 minutes in who knows but the best part was you didn't even need to play this yesterday this was a swing trade he didn't need the day trades we got it for 1920 I mean you could have bought it this morning you could even got some of the other ones and again it all depends on when you bought it and when you sold it – you know a lot of people have you paid too much you could have overpaid got screwed over yada yada yada it wouldn't have been the best look for you anyways so I like it I'm just gonna hold it I'm doing something I bought this on the small Robin Hood account with like 80 or 100 bucks so I want to see how that I mean I'm trying to let the smaller winners that are good work but against you know why did I hold it I put 20 bucks in I told you guys yesterday I wanted to spend less to get a better scale so I didn't use a big amount of money and that's why I bought it on Robin or disable on the Commission's but the fact that it made the move and pretty much at one point came within 4 or 5 dollars and the money and it made a six-dollar move here today and the fat it did bounce up after hours but the fact that was a Monday there's still a decent amount of time so pretty much up I think with based on these moves here even if it stays up at these level unless the stock completely dumps and turn around and again it's had many many instances you know if the market was to bring this stock down it would have already done it and you're kind of seeing that hasn't been the case you know it's held up pretty stable so that's why I like it in this climate that's why I'm holding and pretty much as long as the price holds up I'll probably get breakeven or the same amount by Friday or even Thursday and that's kind of my plan if it doesn't make a big move tomorrow or Thursday we'll probably sell out and if it does make a big move tomorrow I'm gonna look to sell out wait till it comes down and buy another one but Biogen it's a slow mover in these slow movers they're very that's why the spreads are so big people like why is the spread so large it's a low float one trade can move the stock a dollar so think about it the minute you get in the money it could be a real big one you guys have seen me turn twenty bucks in there like eight hundred on some of these and if you sell out too early you know that eight hundred could have turned in sixteen hundred or who knows what so keeper guys his eyes out for that but now the next player wants you guys to look at well remember all these Disney and Qualcomm those are gonna be important but I found a good frog for you beyond so I like zoom and I'm gonna show you guys the play I made on zoom but in looking at that you know we've been putting these hand-in-hand together the fact that you know zoom is entering its own stage and I think beyond too a lot of people don't feel the same way about it it's kind of losing some of the height but still keeping it there's the bearishness but still bullishness it's still doing it this looks very very healthy the volume is still high it's still a low float stock I loved it you know this is this is why we got those long-term calls and are still holding them so watch for the weeklies on these and you could even go a little bit out and you know I'm trying to maneuver both and the November's actually dropped a lot so if you you know this is my experience telling you guys you know I bought these ones these are waist 1,100 we bought these at like 2,300 I've been selling premium on them in between so these came down they're decent price as you see but time has gone by but considering how much time is still left on the contract that's an interesting you know decay it's not too bad it doesn't mean again the fact that you're spending that much money I don't like the only reason why I spent that much money was to sell the premium but now let me show you the Frog if you want to go in between on the weeklies and be smart this one you just have to wait because there was frogs today and it made that epic move and you could see here were some of the frogs you got to go a little bit further out of the money there it is you see the Frog forming and if you guys don't know you could just search on the channel the trading fraternity frog we have a strategy it's finding these thousand percent and big gain options but it's pretty much allowing you to buy a call when you're late and this is what I mean you could have literally imagine this beyond was already up but the option you know you'd have to buy it in the morning the option came down even though the stock was up but then at one point you know the stock is literally just going up and and you see it moves a little bit sooner again it's not a Friday frog that's the difference but the Frog still exists but essentially like even here you'll get some period of the stock moving up and and the option will be lagging there but it looks like a little frog but watch these so watch both the 180s these lagged I think the most or even the 172s but the whole point is these were very very cheap today so these are 40 cents the 177th were about 30 cents yeah around 20 bucks that sweet spot but pretty much wait because these are frogged right now but wait till the morning if there's any volatility if these fall out the money they're gonna capitulate and drop first and then even though if the stock picks back up then they'll come back up but these are vulnerable and that's what I'm saying it's a mix of frog and push to the wall but watch find the frog that doesn't believe he's the prince yet in the morning he's like oh wait that is me he'll drop and then he'll come back up but again you need the underlying stock to move so that's what we have to watch out for and we have to make sure there is movement throughout the whole day tomorrow so there's that and then now the final place I believe I told you guys Disney and Qualcomm that didn't show up but Disney it went up today and it's been having these days where it's just been pushing and pulling randomly throughout but the fact that it's still holding up and it's around these level earnings is gonna come up right around the corner they just hired the head of Netflix original content so again you could even watch a sympathy and reaction tomorrow morning in even if Netflix is bad but the volumes going up the stock price is staying up I like it it's case it's reminding me of Qualcomm so keep your eyes out for this there has been a lot of decay on some of these contracts again when they do run up when the stock runs up it comes up but as you see day after day now you know these two days are kind of showing okay it's trying to level out but they're holding an equilibrium so they're still kind of expensive it's kind of like playing at McDonald's but I like where they're at I like the underlying so that this is what I'm trying to tell you guys it's finding the underlying we could try to find frogs and push it to the wall if it does start going crazy on the weekend but I like the underlying and keep an eye on on the underlying to stock the option chain and get the best one and then the same thing applies with Qualcomm but the Qualcomm options are still holding but I think this thing you know it's just been holding up it's slightly edging up it reminds me of Biogen it shouldn't be doing this comparatively to some of the chip makers so watch what it does but it's the same logic so I'm bringing this up for you guys so you could bring me the options I'm actually even holding the July's leave I have these like 82 or 81 still and they're pretty much is holding their value or C's 82 50s I think they've just been holding their value over the weeks you know that's a 14-day chart and these have not decayed at all so think about that that's telling you something this is why I'm saying pay attention to it but I'm most likely probably to set some plays on these on Disney and Qualcomm tomorrow and add to some of the other stuff I think I wanted caterpillar as well too so I'm gonna leave it there you guys make sure you post your watch let's make sure I see you there in the morning 30 minutes before open and let's go

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