A Ram Sam Sam Dance – Children’s Song – Kids Songs by The Learning Station

A Ram Sam Sam Dance – Children’s Song – Kids Songs by The Learning Station

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  2. Thank you all sooooooo very very much for doing all of these videos! They do wonders for me and my class. My teacher Jerlene wanted all of us to do this song. Me and my class have special needs, so we love this song. My class and I are giddy with the kids going faster. Please do more of these!

  3. Can you guys please make driving in my car? My teacher Miss Emily and I REALLY want this to be an active video. Please make it.

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  5. half my school years ago we had to sing this
    i start highschool on my birthday so guess when we had to sing this

  6. Im a kid which we dance that (im a six grader) then our teacher is just being obssessed about the dance and song lol

  7. A ram sam sam
    A ram samsam
    Guli guli guliguli
    Ram sam sam sam

    A rafi arafi
    Guli guliguliguli
    Ram sam sam sam

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  9. At 2016 i was 6 and i had an agenda, I found the agenda now and I am 9 and at the end of the agenda, it said: a-ram sam sam, so I searched the song at YouTube and when I listened it, I remembered a lots of great childhood memories.
    Thank you soo much

  10. Shout out to my 3rd/5th grade teacher for showing us this and many other songs! She was so into teaching music and made it fun. She also taught us French ☺

  11. Oh my goodness I love this song so much. Man, it gives me memories when I was younger and used to go to overnight summer recreational camps, and I used to have fun singing this song, and other fun songs in a group with other kids, and as an adult, I still love this song! So amazing!

  12. I used to sing this song when I was younger in Haiti , always tought this was some random Haitian song until I google the lyric 😭😂

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  14. I honestly remember when my 5th grade music teacher showed us this, and it is still stuck in my head to this day (im in 6th grade now)


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