7 Disturbing Lovecraftian Horror Movies You Should Check Out!

7 Disturbing Lovecraftian Horror Movies You Should Check Out!

7 Disturbing Lovecraftian Horror Movies You
Should Check Out What’s up fellow film enthusiasts and welcome
to another genre suggestions. So in the last video, I covered the Cosmic
Horror genre, and as promised this week’s video will be on movies inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.
Aka Lovecraftian fiction. Now Lovecraftian horror is, unfortunately,
a somewhat cursed sub-genre. As it’s films are primarily made by, enthusiasts, or influential directors
who have little to work with due to budget constraints. However, while a lot of the movies
this week aren’t precisely what I would call big-budget blockbusters or loved by critics.
I know that at least they will -hopefully -be appreciated by you guys. Oh and as a side note I’m restricting
the number of movies directed by Stuart Gordon to two. Otherwise, I would be forced
to rename this video to – 7 Stuart Gordon movies featuring the works of HP Lovecraft. However
if you think something like movies by directors would be a good idea for a future release, by all
means let me know in the comments section below. So first up this week is� The Haunted palace (1963) Follows Charles Dexter Ward whose travelling
with his wife to Arkham town to inspect a house he has just recently inherited from his great
grandfather. A man 100 years ago, who was “burned at the stake” by the locals for being a devil
worshiper. Followed by a cold reception and blamed for
a curse that was set on the villagers by his grandfather. Unknowingly Ward’s arrival helps
his grandfather restart his evil ways, by revenging himself on the descendants of those who killed
him. Loosely based on the novel The Case of Charles
Dexter Ward Roger Corman’s The Haunted Palace is one of those slightly underrated movies
that have great acting and fun effects for the time. It’s a d??nj??n genuinely scary film depending
on the level of your suspension of disbelief for movies made during this period. But considering
that, I honestly think this film has an excellent ominous atmosphere. Vincent Price is superb as the wronged warlock
who wants revenge, and Corman’s directing, as per usual is first-rate. I’d say the films only
real weakness is its ending. Which I found to be a little bit disappointing, but besides from that The Haunted
Palace is a creepy and fun experience. The Resurrected (1991) Set in Providence, Rhode Island. Clair ward
enlists the help of a private detective to find out what her husband Charles is up to in a remote cabin.
After the strange smells from his experiments are beginning to arouse the attention of the neighbours
and local law enforcement. Another take on Lovecrafts �The Strange
Case of Charles Dexter Ward�. I thought it would be fun to see what people
think about comparing this version to the 1963 Roger Corman version, “The Haunted Palace”. As in my opinion, this is probably the best
Lovecraft story adaptation in this selection. And aside from the necessary changes to bring this into
the modern-day, it’s worth checking out especially for its scary moments and extreme gore. Ok, it’s not what I call a great film, by
any means, as it’s first act is rather dull. However, besides that, it’s a very entertaining and a must-see
for fans of Lovecraft. Dagon A successful businessman haunted by cryptic
nightmares involving a mermaid. Is stranded ashore after a freak storm while on a boating vacation
with his girlfriend. Paddling to a nearby Spanish fishing village the couple look for help.
However, unfortunately for them, the town is inhabited by a unique race of people who are in the habit
of sacrificing their guests to their god Dagon. Another Stuart Gordon film with all the signature
cheese you would expect. Dagon while probably one of the weaker films in this weeks selection
still provides us with a well-done atmospheric chiller that is both suspenseful and creepy. Some might complain that this lacks the humorous
elements of Gordons earlier work. However, I’d say on a more positive note that this is a
more faithful adaptation to Lovecraft’s work than something like reanimator. I guess what I’m trying to say. Is that sometimes
it’s nice to have a faithful adaptation with all the elements of cosmic terror. Rather than a loose
adaptation filled with over the top gore. The
Whisperer in darkness (2011) Following a series of floods in Vermont, Albert
Wilmarth, a folklore professor at an Arkham University, investigates reports of unusual
creatures rumoured to be floating in several of the local rivers. Wilmarth’s investigation leads him
to not only uncover more than he bargained but horrors quite beyond anything he ever thought imaginable.
Leaving him in a dire situation to escape his new predicament with his sanity and life intact. A black and white adaptation, filmed like
a 1930s flick and made by the H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society. The Whisperer in darkness has very
low budget special effects but considering its sufficient homage to 30’s horror films it’s not really
a problem (well to me at least). The only real weak point I can think off is
its 3rd act and the overall monster design, but all things considered they did a good job,
and it all fits in with the mood of the piece. Besides that The Whisperer in darkness is worth checking
out for fans of Lovecraft or people who generally like this period. Necronomicon: Book of Dead (1993) The movie is broken up into four separate
stories, the first and last being called “The Library” that connects all the segments. The Library follows
H.P. Lovecraft, who learns that the monastery he uses for research has a copy of the Necronomicon.
Wanting to find it to use it for his writings Lovecraft outwits the monks who guard it and
with a bit of luck manages to get his hands on the book. But what Lovecraft doesn’t realise is
that this isn’t just an ordinary book with ordinary pages. An enjoyable film with some decent adaptations
of Lovecraft’s works. Necronomicon: Book of Dead is one of those B-movie(ish) horror flicks,
with cheesy acting & dialogue. However, while its stories are quite inconsistent, it makes up for it
with some cool practical effects and fun acting. Ok sure it has a low budget & its over the top gore might
be a turn off for some. But, Jeffrey Combs portrayal of Lovecraft
as an alternative version of Indiana-Jones. For me, made the film that little bit more entertaining. Re-Animator (1985) The film follows Dan, a dedicated medical
student, who requires a new housemate. Accepting a fellow medical student with a
mysterious background, up until this point, life for Dan is pretty straightforward. That is until he and
his girlfriend. Unwittingly become involved in his new housemate’s freakish experiments. Involving
their recently deceased cat’s corpse and a strange fluorescent liquid. A film that I’ve already covered in my Sci-fi
horror video, but just couldn’t ignore for this list. Re-Animator is loosely based on the short
story “Herbert West�Reanimator” and is filled with all the overacting and cheese. You’d ever want from
an eighties horror flick. Barbara Crampton and Jeffery Combs steal the show by amplifying the films
already odd, weirdly creepy and entertainingly funny Premise. Now while some of you won’t find
it that funny and will think it’s gore looks a little dated. Re-Animator however, still remains an absolutely
fabulous example of body horror that perfectly blends black and deadpan humour together with
the gruesomely horrific. The Curse (1987) Weird things begin to happen to God-fearing
farmer Nathan Crane and his family. Following a meteorite that crashes near their farm during
a storm. With his stepson Zac convinced that this meteorite is connected to these strange plague-like
events that are affecting the crops and life within the area. Will Nathan listen to his stepson’s
worries before its too late? My troll pick for this week and the perfect
movie to torment Vegans. Yes, the Curse is a low budget film with cheesy acting. But as it stars one
very young Wil Wheaton aka Wesly Crusher it gets a bonus point. “shut up Wesly.” Now I know that most Lovecraft’s adaptations
aren’t that great, but I happened to like this one. Not because of its terrible acting, messy
directing and hilariously lousy dialogue. But due to been one of those so bad it’s good films – so much
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You Should Check Out

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