50mm Natural Light Portrait Photography Session (Part 1/2)

50mm Natural Light Portrait Photography Session (Part 1/2)

hey guys Jessica bassy here for today's tutorial we are bringing back Jenelle oh and we have Lena doing the reflector by pablor's man you guys left a bunch of comments about her thinking and others where you good singer okay I think look use me let's just not do photography more let's go to Broadway American Idol yeah so we are doing a portrait a tutorial today but we are going to be doing some full body gonna be concentrating on portrait but we're going to be going over everything else so stay tuned so we are starting right now I'm just having her sit down gorgeous are a little easier if the model is sitting down sitting ocelots hotter than you actually everyone saw her than me so yeah so just a little change drink milk drink your milk let me get written let's bring in there let's bring in the reflector let's bring that back there it is so let's do some kind of like children shoulder you rather clattering even more with you I'm going to do it even close your portrait if you have it like right under the model space that works you can have like control your commander could use like yeah perfect feel like that the wind is like perfect lift your head up and again looking like out there you look so concentrated Lina also for anyone interested I'm using a higher F and we on four point five through my f-stop just so I can get more than detail anyone interested don't touch the model if you're not friends in here don't go just not me told you yeah just meet you tell our friends so it's cool right yeah she kinda like boy like tilting your head a little yeah like yeah like that yeah put a perfect I should stay like that so we're using the reflector and it's bringing some light to the face yeah so we're going to show you we're going to show you an example with the respond to another fat reflector so this is wizard right there without so I think she's just squinting because the Sun star such as in your face maybe if you can do up like on the side like just barely presto like a combination of you completely ok your hat now you look at my both legs out you you I feel like no one doesn't know that everyone will yeah you you you yeah that's nice so yeah it was a fun size we very time you put like a piece of fabric around the lunge you don't adjust it so that it's able to focus


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