5 Most Shocking Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

5 Most Shocking Unexplained Ancient Artifacts

the Viking compass navigating the ocean back in ancient times was extremely tricky given that they didn't have GPS compasses or even shuffleboard on those rickety old cruise ships if you wanted to go from say Europe to the Americas back then you were just as likely to crash into Madagascar since all that water looks the same out there scientists were puzzled about how the Vikings were consistently able to travel in a totally straight line from Norway to Greenland and back some 1,600 miles while the rest of the world was rowing around in circles too proud to ask the passing mermaids for directions then in 1948 they found an ancient Viking artifact under an 11th century convent and concluded it was a shockingly advanced compass the Antikythera mechanism this remarkable mechanical device that is often described as the world first analog computer was retrieved by sponge divers off the coast of Antikythera in or around 1980 scientists all agree that it is real and that it dates from sometime during the 2nd century BC making it well over 2,000 years old it comprises of a complex system of dials gears and of extraordinary precision experts agree that it represents a standard of production that would not be seen again until the rise of complex clocks and clockwork in the 18th century after decades of research the current thinking is that it was used as an astronomy calculator to predict and measure the movement of the planets in relationship to the Sun earth and the moon the Vitis carvings located approximately 450 kilometers south of Cairo in Egypt is the very ancient city complex of a Vitus believed by many to be one of the most important historical sites relating to ancient Egypt it is also the location of a set of carvings that have caused significant controversy amongst archaeologists and historians within the temple of Seti the first you can find the outer hypostyle hall and on one of the lentils you can find a series of carvings that look very much like helicopters and futuristic spacecraft the helicopter is particularly recognizable and this has led to questions being raised about how this can possibly exist naturally every UFO enthusiast or believer in a once technologically advanced Atlantean civilization has pointed to these images as proof of their theories that the Vitis carvings showing a helicopter and other futuristic vehicles the face toast disc this unusual discovery was made in 1908 in an underground temple depository linked to the ancient Minoan Palace site of face tose on the island of Crete archaeologist Luigi Pinilla removed the disk from a layer of black earth which has allowed the artifact to be contextually dated to between 1850 BC and 1600 BC made from fired clay the disc is approximately 15 centimeters in diameter and a centimeter thick with symbols imprinted on both sides the meaning of the writing has never been understood in a way that is acceptable to mainstream archaeologists or students of ancient languages it is unusual for a number of reasons most importantly it is one of a kind and no other item with perhaps the exception of the arkla koryaks bears any similar script tender lights Baghdad battery there are three stone carvings that can be viewed in the Hathor temple section of the Dendera archaeological complex which is located on the banks of the Nile approximately 300 miles south of Cairo Egypt some researchers claim that these images depict an ancient form of electrical technology or lighting system mainstream Egyptologists strongly dispute that there is anything unusual about the carvings and claim that they merely represent aspects of Egyptian mythology an actual show the birthing of a snake from a lotus flower however a close look at the picture does raise some interesting points and questions the lotus flower is easily recognizable but the beam or bulb is unusual the stem of the lotus is unusually long and cable-like and does appear to connect to a device that is similar to the ancient Baghdad battery

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  1. I address myself to all those among you who take a genuine interest in historical fact rather than fiction. The entire video is hokum, but let me focus on the tired old myth of the ‘helicopter‘ in Abydos. I happen to be a ‘mainstream’ Egyptologist — you know, one of those ‘boring’ academics educated in their subject and disinclined to make shit up.

    There is no helicopter or any other strange hieroglyph in that inscription. The text is a sequence of royal epithets that refer to King Seti I (c. 1300 BC). The hieroglyphs only look odd because some epithets had to be changed and the text re-carved. The earlier hieroglyphs were ‘erased’ by filling them with plaster, which over the millennia has fallen out, so the original and final texts now appear together. The purported helicopter, for instance, is really a quail and two human arms (original text), overwritten with a sign that represents an archer’s bow (final text). The quail is G43, the arms are D40, and the bow is T10 in the standard list of hieroglyphs given at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gardiner%27s_sign_list. Check it out and you’ll see this is correct.

    The reading of the original signs is:
    mk qmt waf xAswt
    ‘who protects Egypt, who subjugates foreign lands’

    The ultimate reading of the passage is:
    dr pdt psDt
    ‘who repels the Nine Bows’ (= a traditional term for Egypt’s principal foes).
    As said, a ‘bow’ sign appears at the top; the numeral is expressed by nine vertical strokes.

    I hope these boring facts are of some interest to the critical thinkers among you.

  2. I can't listen to a computer voice. I hate your videos. Though they seem interesting. I cannot stand to watch

  3. All of this is explainable, these items were stolen from Black Africans by the Old White Devil. Everyone knows this!

  4. We were not the first here the evidence is every where why is it so hard for man to except this, but they look every day in space for alians

  5. Living in year 2015 still reporting by pictures! where is the sense of evolution? unless it is a bullshit. Even the voice is not real.


  7. How astonishing and advanced was the wisdom and technology of the ancients!, shame that many of their secrets have been lost forever or just far from being understood by modern man.

  8. Some other things that remains unexplained is the irritating voice, the distracting music and the pop up in the upper right which cannot be clicked off.

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