5 Most Mysterious Ancient Artifacts We Can't Explain

5 Most Mysterious Ancient Artifacts We Can't Explain

human history and prehistory is filled with an endless amount of mysteries that can keep humanity puzzling over his true origins for eons to come one of the ways we find ourselves attempting to understand these gaps in time as well as the facts of our origins and developments has been through the recovery of age-old artifacts relics buried sites and long-forgotten written accounts it is through these discoveries made in the archaeological field that have allowed us in the modern age to catch a glimpse as to what our ancestors may have been doing and why they were doing it however some discoveries are so strange and mind-blowing that it has left even the top researchers in the field questioning the legitimacy of their findings so today here at unexplained mysteries we will be going over five of the most mysterious ancient artifacts discovered that scientists couldn't explain zhang heng earthquake device although no surviving artifacts have existed and no complete diagrams or drawings of the device have survived there have been accounts all the way from the ancient times of young Chinese dynasties more than 2,000 years ago that talk about in detail a strange device capable of measuring and predicting the position of earthquakes the device was thought to have been created by a genius known as Zhang Heng that lived in China during the Han Dynasty and was responsible for a wide variety of breakthroughs in astronomy mathematics science engineering cartography and poetry interestingly enough it appeared that the Emperor during this time was well aware of the fact that when an earthquake would occur in a far-off remote region of China it was impossible to know how and when to send aid if no one from the region had supplies vast enough to reach the Emperor and alert him of the damages caused by the earthquake this led Zhang Heng to create a device that was detailed in Chinese literature as being capable of detecting the small movements of a seismic event from far away and point towards the direction of its origin with incredible accuracy although the inventor would pass away roughly seven years later before the first earthquake could occur and prove the legitimacy of the device the Emperor writes that one day he and his servants noticed that the zhang heng device was pointing in a direction after having detected a disturbance several weeks later a messenger arrived from a distant land claiming that a region had been at the center of a large earthquake that caused devastation and destruction to its people that then required aid from the Emperor this confirmed the device's ability to sense the position and direction of earthquakes and so was used then on as the main mechanism of any information regarding the natural disasters in the region interestingly enough modern-day seismographs devices that research scientists use to measure the intensity and direction of an earthquake follow the same principles outlined in the zhang heng earthquake device this more than proves the validity of the device and ancient texts and proves that the ancients had far more knowledge and awareness of the world around them than we give them credit for in the modern day the lost tomb of Antony and Cleopatra although this might not fit the motif of a discovered artifact the lack of discovery surrounding this ancient historical site is more than enough to cast both mystery and uncertainty in the field of Egyptology and archaeology one of the most sought-after discoveries in the field of archaeology is that of the discovery of the lost tomb of Antony and Cleopatra according to ancient accounts after the Roman leader or Gustus defeated Antony and Cleopatra back in 30 BCE he permitted them to be buried together in the city of Alexandria located in Egypt despite this report and detailed announcements of the sewer Tania sand Plutarch records that elaborated that Antony had been cremated and placed into a large jar Egyptologists and archaeologists are more than confident that the body of both rulers will be found mummified in a traditional Egyptian manner back in 2008 and 2009 popular Egyptologist Zahi Hawass announced that with the discovery of the temple of Osiris within the city of Alexandria in Egypt that he will be able to find at the hidden tomb of Cleopatra and Antony unfortunately despite more than 27 to being uncovered and ten different mummies located in the region not one of the tombs was indicative of that of the long-lost tomb of Antony and Cleopatra recently however there has been evidence of additional sites below when using ground-penetrating radar back in 2011 still the tomb eludes researchers to this day that have long since believed that raiders and other private collectors have probably already found and looted the tombs long ago the Nazca lines ancient astronaut theorists have often posited that perhaps that gods of ancient cultures that supposedly descended from the stars were not actually gods but rather advanced alien life-forms this would make sense given the fact that many cultures directly write about how the gods came from the stars or on machines that could fly interestingly enough the ancient Nazca tribes also seemed to hold a similar belief to their religion and the evidence in the area only shows this further that it could very well be the case as many different pilots flew over the area of the ancient tribes a shocking discovery was made in regards to what they could see from the sky lines drawn out in the desert were made visible from the sky that appeared to be created over many miles of distance in fact the lines were detailed images and navigation trails that would have helped possible aircraft to find areas to land and travel to this has led many of the ancient astronaut theorists communities to believe that perhaps the tribe helped their gods by creating these lines in the sand that were only visible from the skies this would be a plausible explanation as the lines on the ground are not visible and would not be able to be used religiously or for any other important purpose without the ability to see it from the sky interestingly enough the lines seem to be very old and ancient and provide proof as to the tribes advanced knowledge in geometry in order to create massive images in the sand that they could never see themselves additionally these pieces appeared to be images of things the tribes held with utmost importance such as that of different kinds of animal life and strange symbols that are nearly impossible to understand today experts have no explanation as to the cause for the creation of the lines or the purpose they serve outs of both a religious connotation and assistance in aviation the pipes of by Gong on and around the White Mountain located roughly 40 kilometers southwest of the city of des linger in the qinghai province in china are strange features that travel through the white mountain inside its caves down to the shores of a nearby lake and other surrounding areas that appear to be remnants of old pipes originally dismissed by archeologists and other researchers in the area as nothing more than old root systems that had decayed centuries ago further investigation yielded clashing results inside the large caves of the mountain appeared to be open spigots of these pipe like features coming up and out of the ground behavior not seen in any root systems in the world interestingly enough after further analysis of the materials were provided researchers found that the remnants of the pipes appeared to be highly radioactive for some unknown reason and smaller materials found in the area that are described by researchers as rusty scraps of strangely shaped stones were tested and found to contain 30% ferric oxide a form of rusted iron and incredibly large amounts of silicon dioxide and calcium oxide meaning that these materials appeared to be artificially created and not to have formed naturally another point made of wide debate is the fact that the peak of the white mountain appears to be strangely uniform in nature forming the shape of a pyramid at the top given the appearance of this many theorists have posited that perhaps the mountain is not exactly what it seems and was completely artificially created and acted as a giant mechanism the Antikythera machine retrieved from a shipwreck back in May of 1902 off the coast of the Greek island Antikythera after which the machine has been named after the Antikythera mechanism has put historians and archaeologists in a tight spot after engine is analyzed the machine and realized what it was designed for and its overall purpose the mechanism itself appears to be an early type of panel on computer and was built to be so precise and accurate that it could predict astronomical positions eclipses the four years cycle of athletic games the cycle of the ancient Olympic Games and other important events decades in advance after intensive carbon dating it was found that the Antikythera machine was created by Greek scientists between 150 and 100 BC eons ahead of previously no knowledge about the extensive intelligence and craftsmanship of the ancient Greek civilization this meant that the device seemed to have held advanced information that an archaeologists historians and other experts did not believe existed for another few centuries or so given this finding many have begun to speculate that perhaps our early ancestors were far more capable than we may have ever realized before and – that perhaps their technology was significantly more advanced than we could have ever known this has only worked to challenge modern theories of ancient civilizations and has led some theorists to believe that perhaps there were more analog computational devices at the time but what do you will think of these five strange and mysterious ancient artifacts that scientists and researchers from all around the world can't seem to explain in the modern day be sure to let us know in the comments down below and – be sure to share your answers and questions about the video to help grow our community and share insightful comments about the nature of these topics hopefully as we continue to grow our community we will one day be able to solve these unexplainable mysteries thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more videos you you

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  1. Come on??? Like 2 million or I don't know how long we been here. Seriously though I'm sure we have been smarter. I mean the flood story with noah. I am quite sure no matter if ur religious. Religion is a way of describing a destruction that was deadly. I do.believe in God. It onl y too mmm 200 years for the technology age in our lifetime. Its STUPID to think we were ignorant.black night

  2. Anything that pisses in the pool of religous beliefs gets my full support.
    What have those bastards hidden from us?

  3. Ok they make a video about unexplained artefacts and the first one they show is one we know exactly what it dose how it dose it and have text from the time it was made describing exactly how it works and how to place it.

  4. It is possible that the Nazca people were able to construct and fly hot-air balloons with which to view their creations. It is not an unheard-of proposition. With the right type of cloth or animal hides sew together (they certainly had the time to do this), it would not be an impossible task. If such "airships" were flying in the 1700-1800's, then it is feasible.

  5. Among the most important math discoveries in the Hann dynasty, is definitely, what we what we now call Gauss reduction in matrices.
    The did it as column operations instead of the row operations we use.

  6. I've commented a couple times with this in other people's comments, but wanted to leave it here too.
    I hope the narrator sees it.
    The channel Bright Insight has excellent videos on the ancient world, as does (Dr.) Brien Forester's channel. He's an archaeologist working to prove that humans have been on this planet far longer than we ever thought,but were taken out by at least one cataclysmic event.
    Y'all check it out, it is absolutely fascinating!

  7. I think Cleopatra and Anthony became paint, look up the history of mummy brown paint, they never researched who they were turning into paint.

  8. I found an ancient artifact in the tool box on my truck, it was in a plastic container and looked like some petrified moldy food, but still, the contents of the container to this day are, "unknown"

  9. I'm confused.. so..
    The 'earthquake device' isn't physically available to see, no one can explain it, not even written accounts. All there is are stories from people whom, once again, can't explain it. Just speculation.. so how is present day seismograph technology based on the same principles of something that there is no proof or explanation of?… Sure, it MAY have existed and yeah we have seismology because of scientific study over years. But to say this item is the mystical reason for everything is a bit far-fetched.. and to say ancient civilizations were more aware than we give credit for is a little silly when there is no proof of this thing.. the story about the item detecting the earthquake doesn't mean it actually did.. there's a thing called random chance or coincidence.. one earthquake happened to have occurred around the direction the item was pointing.. that's actually quite a good chance seeing as how one specific direction can travel on infinitely technically
    I can point in a direction outside and say someone that way is currently having a traumatic experience of some kind and the odds of it being true are very great..

  10. The Nasca lines have fairly easily duplicated by a guy with wood stakes ropes and an assistant. Which tends to prove they could have been made on the ground without aerial support. Must be true cause I saw it on TV.

  11. Pronunciation tip. With Zhang Hing you got the second part right, but in Chinese Zh makes a soft J sound, so it'd sound more like Jang Hing.
    Also Qinghai is wrong. The Q makes a sound similar to CH, so Qinghai is pronounced like chinghai rather than kinghai.

  12. I'm sorry but your vocabulary and use of language hurts my ears the longer I listen…You stretch out sentences and repeat your words and use two or more words with the same meaning in one sentence…grammar nazi nightmare you are xD

  13. Turned of as soon as you said popular Egyptologist Zahi Hawass. The man is a criminal and a thief and should be remembered as the traitor and greedy bastard he was his whole life.

  14. the astronaut figure with the nazca lines is a recent forgery and was not created by anyone in the ancient world, it is a fake

  15. I have always been fascinated with ancient history of places other than the USA. Many people will not even discuss the Ancient Alien theory. But honestly what other explanation is there? And will cover all questions?

  16. I dont understand why scientists think no one in the past could invent sophisticated technology. Maybe we only have so much inventions today because we have more people alive today then all written history combined or close to it. So the chances of new discovery would be greater right and of course superstitions would not help the preservation of such discoverys. i dont know,im not saying thats what it is just that its never what it seems and the majority of scientists seem to be wrong more then right.

  17. How are the nazca lines a artifact. I came here for artifacts!! This channel has gone to garbage no research. Those aren't the pipes those are rock formations. You showed one real photo of the pipes then a bunch of rocks. Did you even research this or just copy other videos?

  18. Please dont use the royal we in your titles, theres a hell of a lot that you cant explain that anyone with basic research capabilities can easily explain

  19. I have known about the Baigong pipes for several years from a Cracked article. I have always wondered If it could be the huge block made to Isolate Gog and Magog (who live under earth) from the people who asked for help from the good and powerful king Dhul-Qarnayn. The description of the block is that it is between two mountains and it is made from iron and copper, as narrated in the Quran.

  20. The nazca lines are mostly pointing to water and the eagle points to the summer and winter solstice. WATCH EXPEDITION UNKNOWN ( s1 ep10) with josh he explains and proves what the lines are you should get your facts b4 making your vids

  21. Chinese earthquake detector is pretty awesome. Makes sense though. Filled to just below the mouths of the dragons with water. It would drip into the frogs mouth when disturbed. Such a simple but great idea. Too cool! Great video guys. Always something new to learn. Thanks for that. Best wishes.

  22. People back then actually used their brain to survive …unlike today the cell phones have made our kids stupid

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