46 thoughts on “5 Artifacts That Mysteriously Vanished”

  1. Where's Indiana Jones when you need him?
    Governments have evidence of Ancient Aliens, I'm not talking about how aliens helped Joe Namath win Super Bowl III or any of that bullshit that the History Channel might air for ratings, but real evidence that they want to keep from the public
    These governments consider us children that can't handle it, if evidence was made public
    Dark5 is always good for an entertaining vid

  2. So we are going to continue to ignore the massive amounts of missing left socks claimed by the infamous "Dryer Gremlins?"
    It's obvious who has the real "Spear of Destiny"..

  3. Everything reads like someone writing is intelligent then dropa stone shows like the writer suddenly became an idiot

  4. Can we not deal with the elephant in the room for so many of these artifact loses in recent times?

    Have we forgotten how to manage fire?

  5. Watchs video
    Grabs sable hat
    Grabs bull whip
    Puts on leather jacket
    Let's go shorty we got some treasure to go find "oky doky dr.jones!"
    Turns on theme music walks out like badass

  6. This is the best dark YouTubed there is I can go through 25 videos and still be craving more, the music is always spot on with the video

  7. Luke 8:17, “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

  8. Shit going missing in Ecuador is no mystery. The people moved in and stole that shit, probably starting with the firemen who put out the fire. Just check out who got suddenly rich and moved to the US.

  9. Ofc they said the people who crucified Jesus was the Jews it’s very disappointing to see. The romans did it not the Jews

  10. The chronovisor, dark5 I still don’t understand how the old video of the chronovisor from the Vatican vanished off the internet

  11. Mysteriously vanished…look no further than the vatican. A church that steals masterpieces. Keeps secrets. Rape and abuse children. Lie to the masses. And idiots follow them??????? Weak minded

  12. The "holy lance" is a total fabrication, from the story about it to whatever physical artifact people think is the item. Even Longinus himself is a character that was completely made up from whole cloth hundreds of years after Jesus' death.

  13. These are all hoaxes or debunked in some way or another. Peking Man never existed, the Dropa stones were faked, the Spear of Destiny has been proven to have been made in medieval Europe. There are no mysteries here. Do some actual research, instead of copy pasting crap out of some cheap nasty 'unexplained Encyclopedia' by Reader's Digest.

  14. listen I feel horrible for you but I am irritated that everyone is up in arms of stones. try pushing a small human thru your vagina….
    not trying to dismiss your painful stones because damn that will fucking knock you to the ground writhing in pain. but come on everyone, most men are kinda pussy equating a stone vs childbirth. not even close. good luck though. I'm hoping for you to have some relief .

  15. People made a lot of junk to keep him happy… Anyway the Catholic church had an ostrich feather they said was from an angel.

  16. Well, sure. A few artifacts escape a fire and are sold off. Mystery? No. Spear of Destiny appears in Charlemagne's stuff almost 800 years after the fact. Right, just like the enough pieces of the true cross to build several houses, multiple heads of the same saint, enough crowns of thorns to build a hedge, etc. Fake relic goes missing. Yawn. Dropa stone inscription is from space aliens. Really. I translated it. Trust me. But yawn. Relic skull disappears into the fog of war. Gee, that never happens. Flash. Ignorant people mistake a mineral crusted sparkplug for an ancient geode. Go figure.

  17. 3 stubborn morons at the end of this video. Seriously will people let science do it’s job or what?

  18. "Hmm? What? Nazi gold and treasure?? Oh, no, uh, uh, nothing was here when we got here, uh, nope, nothing. I bet those damn, dirty nazis snuck off with it! Yeah! That's it! Somehow, the bad, evil, ole, Germans just loaded up 1000's of pounds of treasure and just waltzed through 20 miles of Russian troops without a trace! Weird, huh?? But, nothing was here when we got here, nope, not a thing. Trucks?? What trucks? OH! THOSE trucks! Well….ah, you see…..hmmm….OH! Got it! Food! That's it! We have, you know, food, in those heavily guarded and sealed trucks, so, uh, yea. And I've already personally searched them so there's no reason for you to go look in them or anything. Treasure, huh?? That is wild. Welp, guess we better be going, so, you know, everything is cool here, no need to make a report or anything.! BYEEEEE!!!"

  19. Correction: The Jews conned the Romans into killing Christ because they didn't have the balls to do it themselves, and they wanted an end put to it because according to the distorted practices of their heathen, false, so-called 'religion', they couldn't touch a corpse and still be "clean", or kosher as the shylocks say.
    Hateful cursed people.

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