5 Ancient Artifacts In Egypt That Egyptologists Do Not Understand

5 Ancient Artifacts In Egypt That Egyptologists Do Not Understand

the biggest mysteries of our worlds aren't those facing modern discoveries but that of ancient discoveries it appears that the more we learn about the ancient civilisations of Egypt we find more and more evidence of impossible to explain artifacts has seemed to stumped even the top Egyptologists from around the world so today here at unexplained mysteries we will be going over five ancient artifacts in Egypt that Egyptologists do not understand the mystery of the Sphinx originally a theory posited by the groundbreaking author of a temple there appears to be overwhelming evidence that the Sphinx we know today was actually an attempt made by a Pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty to do nothing more than to claim the works of those before him evidence for this can be found when analyzing the head to body ratio of the large statue the head on the Sphinx is so small that many had often believed upon first sight that it could have been grinded down from a much more massive structure the second piece of evidence is provided by the hieroglyphics located at the temple of Thep Toofer that's outlined in great detail that the original god of ancient geezer was Anubis as well as including the accounts and images of Anubis in his jackal form drawn all throughout the site in the same pose as of the body of the Sphinx with no mention of a lion of any kind at the ancient city interestingly enough this exact same pose was discovered in one of the only tombs of an Egyptian pharaoh ever discovered that had been completely undisturbed since his burial the tomb of pharaoh tutankhamun within King Tut's tomb is a shrine to Anubis that demonstrates an exact scale of the Sphinx statue but with the head of a jackal to represent Anubis showing in overwhelming evidence that the original statue at the ancient city of Giza was supposed to be that of a jackal-headed Anubis and not that of a lion's body with a human head so where do we get the idea of a human's head and a lion's body the truth is the only reason why the statue is referred to as a sphinx is because of old Greek myth such as those of a deepest that talk about a lion with the head of a man called a sphinx but no such symbol exists in that of ancient Egypt this means that the hieroglyphic texts that describe the Sphinx with a human head to represent the Pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty were nothing more than forgeries by the then Pharaoh to take credit for a great statue of which he had not created nor designed why this is remains a mystery to this day the Saqqara bird it was very common in the old days of Egypt for children to possess intricately carved wooden toys not too much different two toys found today interestingly enough the discovery of the Saqqara artifact puts many ideas into question on whether or not the object was a toy or evidence of ancient aircraft during 2000 BCE in an 1898 excavation at her pad diamond tomb located in the town of Saqqara Egypt was discovered strange bird shaped artifacts made out of sycamore wood and incredibly preserved these artifacts depict a bird at the front of its design however the rest of the body seemed similar in design to a modern-day charter plane rather than a bird located atop the bird appears to be one single large wing commonly seen in modern taildragger planes whereas the back shows what appears to be a similar design to a rudder that flattens out at the back in a vertical position further evidence of the ancient Egyptian gods wielding advanced technologies is the fact that the bird face used for the Saqqara bird is that of a falcon an image commonly used to depict many of the Egyptian gods and their power further evidence was established when aerodynamics expert Simon Sanderson tested an exact replica model of the carved bird in a modern wind tunnel even without a tail plane rudder or flaps the model generated four times the gliders own weight in lift proving indefinitely that even without the use of modern day equipment scaled up the carved image could glide on its own when Simon Sanderson added a stabilizing tail plane to the carved wooden figure and tested it in a flight simulator it was able to fly quite well and control with ease that rivals in comparison to many aircraft built today in his paper Simon wrote that quote modern technology has proved beyond all doubt that it could have flown end quote despite this substantial evidence and research many experts claim Simon Sanderson as forging results or even going as far as claiming that perhaps the wooden bird is nothing more than an elaborate hoax placed there during his discovery a new queen of the fifth dynasty one of the most puzzling questions for Egyptologists has been trying to get an accurate timeline of the reign of the Pharaohs and dynasties of ancient Egypt to better understand the developments and policy changes at what specific times in history they played out though there aren't many missing pieces to the puzzle of Egypt or throughout history there was none more so puzzling than the ruler of Egypt following the demise of faroan affair fa the fair in a fair fight was the fourth pharaoh of the fifth dynasty taking leadership shortly after the passing of his father and spent his first a few years finishing his father's pyramid laying the foundations for his own as well as working on a project known as hotep ray of which was a son temple that would have been the location of offerings to the God ROM unfortunately for the Pharaoh he would pass away under mysterious circumstances after only a few years of ruling and would die in his early 20s this meant that for quite a long period of time there was no male successor to Egypt and Egyptologists were uncertain as to who exactly remained in power during this time recently however new evidence has surfaced that leads many researchers to believe that a secret queen of Egypt had ruled during this time in place of a male successor back in 2015 Egyptologists unearthed an unfinished pyramid that was located nearby the tomb of pharaoh an affair of a leading researchers to believe that the tomb was that of his queen additionally the walls of the tomb are inscribed with hieroglyphics that claim the woman who inhabits the tomb was both the wife and mother of the pharaoh given the fact that ancient Egyptians were obsessed with covering up any female rulers of history as was seen with hatshepsut another female queen this has led many to connect the puzzle that this new tomb might be that of a missing Queen and fifth ruler of the fifth dynasty the lost balance of Egypt all throughout the written works of ancient scribes that attempted to record the natural history of the world around them they wrote an extensive detail about a supposedly massive Egyptian construction known as the labyrinth of Egypt according to Herodotus a natural Greek historian that had visited a number of important locations around the known world during his time he wrote this I have actually seen a work beyond words for if any one put together the buildings of the Greeks and display of their labors they would seem lesser in both effort and expense to this labyrinth even the pyramids are beyond words and each was equal to many and mighty works of the Greeks yet the labyrinth surpasses even the pyramids despite these incredible words there seems to be no real way to locate this mighty labyrinth that appears to be lost to history researchers have theorized that if the labyrinth has not been destroyed it most likely rests beneath the sands of Egypt and may be impossible to find for several centuries the Dendera bulb another strange artifact of the Egyptian civilization is that of the symbolic carved hieroglyphic images located in the mysterious Hathor temple at Dendera in egypt the strange images and symbols depict what appears to be an in-depth blueprint for modern-day electric lighting devices the image included a glass sheet with filament inside that appears to connect to a series of connectors commonly seen in modern-day bulbs an invention supposedly not discovered until 1879 interestingly enough the symbolic image also depicts a long-running wire from the back end of the Dendera bulb while humans raise their hands in worship two giants surrounding them given the vast and extensive amount of evidence we have gathered in the past of a possible race of giants of whom were capable of using advanced technologies who have assisted with the creation of the Pyramids at Giza and have been depicted in many other ancient Egyptian carvings this could also be overwhelming evidence of the gifts of technologies and advancements provided interestingly enough the temple depicting these devices also seems to have no conventional means of lighting the hallways are so long and narrow that using mirrors to shed light into the rooms is not possible and the use of torches were not existent due to the fact that no residue of ash has been found on the ceilings of the old temple which is a common way to discern lighting practices in every other building in the area this could be proof that not only were traditional methods of lighting not used but that perhaps an alternative source of lighting was provided in the region many Egyptologists argued that the depiction is nothing more than a collection of symbols drawn in a way to appear nearly identical to modern-day lightbulbs however given the fact that these symbols have never been seen outside of this one depiction this theory appears to be quite a stretch for the overwhelming evidence provided in the ancient alien community but what you will think of these strange ancient artifacts that Egyptologists have been having a hard time trying to understand be sure to leave your questions and answers in the comment section below and help us to grow this community while working to solve these unexplained mysteries thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe more videos you

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  1. God almighty says Pharoh had deceived his people.
    There is also mention of deception of pharaoh to his people in the Holy Book of Quran.

    Could this mean that all the structures were there on Egypt from previous civilization and Pharaoh used them to claim himself God the almighty and that he taught his people from the hieroglyphs the way the past civilization that were not human

  2. A question is the mother of a theory so the theories are the best way to find out about the facts of the world of the experience. There’s a lot of examples the quantum theory,the theory of the evolution,the theory of relativity,the earth’s gravitational force still is unproven and etc. I believe that most of the questions we are changing with will be gone and the new questions will be comes up,that’s why we are here. I was surprised about it you people are reading the comments. In addition English is not my native language. Sincerely M.B

  3. UM::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::I think the Sphynx was a woman….look at the older pictures and look at the 3 statues on the front of it…barely there….one in the middle and 1 on each corner facing front…..today, they have been covered over…..Islam burned the Library of Alexandria books….who's to say they didn't go thru and erase all the women from history…Oh, wait….they did…..Huh. LOL

  4. The Greeks and Egyptians lived side by side as did Ethiopians and Sudanese and Congolese etc all lived side by side for 1000's of years until the giants from what is now called the middle east came and had a war with them all and split up the whole of Africa Greece and Turkey etc cos they are digging up more than ancient sites and tombs etc and their finding hieroglyphs and Greek writing in them and it's cos of the Greek writing that their able to decipher the translations of the hieroglyphs otherwise they wouldn't of had a clue ok and just to say that it was red haired giants from middle east who built n carved all of what we know as the pyramids of today cos the Greeks and Africans etc had most of these giants as slaves ie we water and feed you and you work as repayment etc anyway that part of history has been stolen plus the history of the entire earth which is also covered in pyramids and statues all over the earth not far beneath our feet so why is our entire mother earth covered in pyramids? Whoever stole all of the scrolls and documents knows our real worth and truth why we're here but are keeping it all hidden from us and in doing so think their high and mighty above us but little do they know they will live to regret it and die and regret it also cos we never die we just get sent straight back ie my life ends then that precise split second I'm born again to another mother immediately believe me we go round n round until we've learnt what we're here for and fulfil our duty etc but these basket cases who have stolen and hidden everything have basically got all of us enslaved just like being locked in a prison and you don't find out about the outside world until you get out etc but they will pay dearly for not letting us all know and live n love the way we're meant to etc anyway hope you guys can read between the lines of what I'm saying and make your own minds up about why what who which when etc ok may God Almighty Bless Us All Ameine…

  5. the number 4 one is not true at all, they DID make slight alterations to the bird to make it work but conveniently left that part out. Im not saying this channel is lying, but it is missing a big part

  6. What would archaeologists say of OUR societies? Some of these artifacts were made because the people thought they were cool looking. Look at the things WE build that are purely decoration. What do you suppose they would say of Mt. Rushmore? Everything doesn't have to be a God or have some kind of deep religious significance. Consider the Gateway arch in St. Louis, MO.

  7. Interestingly enough, even Sumerian myths talk about the head of the sphinx being replaced, because the gods could not come into agreements whose head should be put on it (the one who built the majority of the pyramids or the one whose domains they were built on). I forget the exact details, but apparently it was originally the face of the god who built the pyramids, but the god who ruled over Egypt eventually got a more established rulership over the land (after a war, I think?) and replaced the head with his own. Of course, it could be that it's been replaced multiple times even after that.

  8. A reminder that this reality is a dream carried in the minds of the group of people alive today who recognize their faces, so noses were removed by the one who ruled everything with her dreams. FACT. Electricity which animatEs your heart comes from Her mind. It’s awesome proof she did it and is UNIversal SOURCE of ALL Life. 🤭🤫👑😜#mama #jesusincarnate #brideRIB

  9. She is queen afrique the god of ancient Nubia . . She known as the mother of guidance in ancient African culture

  10. 1.Sorry, sphinx are in ancient egypt, and a jackel head probably would have fallen easily away. 2 Or it's a gliding toy that wooden bird.

  11. Michael Hur from Shield of the Son gets into a lot of this and provides a lot of valuable information regarding all of this in his videos. Years ago, I never would've believed any of this, but amazing how that the older you get, you begin to believe more things you would have considered unbelievable when younger

  12. I think the Egyptians had an advanced society with tools and inventions far beyond what we have today. I think free energy was one of these tools and in no way would our current leaders let us find out about this, therefore it stays hidden.

  13. Can we all agree that modern and ancient tech coincide with each other, and fuck the "experts" and their indelible fear of having to rethink their myopic theories that they hold for the sake of their reputations?

  14. The Sphinx wasn’t built by the Egyptians we give the credit to… if you look into it more, the “Dream” stela even tells you in their own words… that when they discovered it, it was already there, buried up to the neck in the sand… (not in precise order) but they uncovered it, they remodelled the already damaged head, to look like a Pharaoh at that time, as well as their own reconstruction attempts of the body… to put their mark on the monument….. like various people, throughout history, have tried to do……. (including those from 20th/21st Century)

    In my opinion – from research I have genuinely done – I also think Pharaoh Cheops (edit : aka Khufu) did a less invasive, but still similar idea when he “tagged” the Great Pyramid – does a hand painted ‘tag’ really mean he actually built it…?
    Is it more likely he discovered the chamber within the Great Pyramid, during his lifetime at some point, and simply tagged his name – just like many MANY others have, over more recent centuries…..!

  15. the anubis-theory is bullshit. the anubis jackal was not the only animal in early and ancient egypt that was depicted in a recumbent pose. lion, ram, crocodile and hyena were also depicted recumbent. in case of the great sphinx it is way more likely that it once had the head of a lion as a representation of the deity aker (god of death and gatekeeper to the underworld at the time of the first four dynasties). aker was depicted as a recumbent lion with a human heart in his mouth.

  16. Amazing episode..
    Egypt holds a lot secrets and mysteries that we don't know about..
    Thanks for sharing another great content..💖

  17. One thing that you said is WRONG. See Brien Forrester- he clearly states and even shows that there is more than one depiction of dendura like lightbulbs. Maybe your reference is old.

  18. All i see is water erosion around tha sphynx and around those pyramids!That desert was an ocean bed.A thousand yrs submerged under water!I can only imagine whts under all that sand?Theres probably so much treasures of the ancients buried beneath the sand!!Just a hunch that area was lush green before the cataclysm floods!!

  19. Oh and thanks by the way for sharing the knowledge you learned…I have always been fascinated with Egypt but who isn't ….I dont know about u all but I wanna always go there .. feel like I need to touch Egypt lol

  20. Got a question y'all how do folks know exactly how old things are …and how can that thing that studies the sands know the Time it was placed

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