5 Amazing DIY Phone Cases! Learn How to Make The Best New Funny Slime iPhone & Samsung Case

5 Amazing DIY Phone Cases! Learn How to Make The Best New Funny Slime iPhone & Samsung Case

– For this round we’re making
color-changing phone cases. – And dude, check this out. – What, oh, dude! (screams) It backfired bro! – Look at your face! – There’s no way it backfired. – Yeah, look at your face. – Oh, geez, no! – Dude, yes! – Touch my finger, touch my finger. – What? Okay. – Now I’m the magic power,
dude point it at my face – Alright. – Dude. – I wanted you to be blue forever. – So right now let’s make a
color changing phone case. – First step is we take this base coat nail polish stuff and you add it to this dish here. – And you know I’m feeling extra strong right now so check this out. (yelling in deep voice) – Oh, wow! Whoa, hey we need that. – And then check this out, you ready? 3, 2, 1, boom! – Oh wow. I guess we
only have one case now. Now it’s time to dump
it into the dish here. – Alright, just gonna dump
it out, let’s see here. – What, no. Into the dish dude. – Oops, oh yeah. You know what, I can fix this, we’ll get a little paint brush here. This little paint brush is for precision, so I don’t need this one. Yeet! I need a big one! – There we go. – Gonna get it all over here. – You’re supposed to do a very thin layer. – What? Super thin? – Yeah, that’s pretty thin. – Once the base coat is applied, it’s time to use this ole
alien device thingy here, where it like lights up. What! – Oh snap! – And we’re going to put
this thingy over the phone. Right now I guess we’re gonna
let these sit for two minutes. And hopefully nothing happens, that we don’t want to have happened. – Next step, we take the
thermo-chromic pigment – Ow! – and you mix it with
this top coat nail po… – Ow. – What are you doing over there dude? – Wow, this is the coolest carousel ever! Uh oh. I should not
have spun it that hard, wait what happens if… – Wait, why? (screams) – Oh no, dude, really now? – What, I didn’t know what would happen. So now I gotta pick my
color, these are all kind of razzled, dazzled and frazzled. I’m going to put my little cup in… – Dude, what are you doing? – Wanna see if it’ll, – Oh, dude. – Alright, gonna move the little carousel off to the side right now. Oh no! – Dude that was my favorite thing. – I have reflexes of an iguana. – Are iguanas fast? – I don’t think so. I’m the quickest of the iguana species. – Alright, I’ve added half
of my thermochromic pigment, and now you add all of your top coat. – Say that 10 times fast. – Thermochromic pigment,
thermochromic piggly (jumbles words) – (yelling jumbled words) Pigment! – Bro, you distracting me. It’s time to mix it up, is
what I was going to say. – Okay. Oh! – Oh, dude! What, really? (sniffs) – This stuff smells,
like, like a burnt lemon. – Do you cook your lemons Collins? – I’m a chef, I like to cook things. – Dude, mine looks so sweet! It’s already starting to change colors where my fingers are at. Next up, is we take our phone
cases out of the lights, we put em on here and we
paint the top coat on. – This one, to me, looks like
the most like alien color so this is why I chose this one. And also kind of reminds me of slime. Ya boi loves slime. Now it’s time to put the
little spaceship on top. (laser sound effects) Now it’s going to do things
for like two minutes. – It’s actually changing
colors already dude! – Oh, this thing’s kinda hot! And now it’s time for the
big reveal, you ready? Here we go! 3, 2… Wait, first five second
subscribe challenge. We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel, and turn on the channel posts
notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? Here we go. 5…4…3…2…1… Done! And if you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad, right now. Ready, set, go! – Dude, this looks so cool! – And it like legit worked
but mines all green. The real moment of truth. – Oh oh oh, yep yep yep – Is it going to change colors? So how bout you go with
yours first, you ready? – Okay, yep, I’m ready. – You gotta place your hand on yours. – Alright. – Placing my hand on mine. – Just gonna wait. – Alright, here we go, the big reveal. You’ll go first Devan. – Alright, here we go! Three…two…one…tada! – What? – Oh, what? – This phone case is so cool,
like bro like all the time I’m gonna sit here, like put my little fingerprints on it, make little, like, happy faces with little
designs and everything. But you get to comment down
below, who’s turned out cooler? And right now we’re on to the next round. – For this round we’re
making a gumball phone case. Dude, what, don’t, bro, dude! No, we needed that! – There we go! They weren’t coming out bro,
I think my machine was broken. So um… – Well cause there’s
almonds in there dude. – For this part, here we need some… – Oh! – You don’t wanna break… Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! – You know what? – No! – There you go. – Relax, stop it, stop it Devan. Bad Devan. So we’re gonna pop the top off right now, and we don’t need that one, so…yeet! And now we just fill it
up with lil ball thing. Alright, so now I need to
put some balls in this ball. Lil ball! And finally we got some orange balls. Now it’s time to shake up all the little mini gumballs inside of
my orbs, and we remove… – Oh, I got two little gumballs in mine. They’re very inconsistent
with the rest of mine. – It’s time to crazy glue this thing! If you get crazy glue on your fingers, that’s not good. Alright, precision is
the name of the game. – Alright, time to add my glue. – Alright, now it’s time to
attach the ball, here we go. Boom! Well I just found out that
if you remove the red top, precision tube! Dude, oh yeah, and it’s
gonna cover the camera but it’s totally worth it, so here we go. We’re gonna get one, oh, uh oh. Then we’re gonna get another one, two little eyeballs, plus a little nose. What! Next up, we have a little
cup that we cut in half. So we’re gonna go over here. – I got it, I got it, I got it. – Gotta get this precision right. How’s this thing gonna glue to it bro? I don’t kn- , I’m really confused. Alright, well I guess we’ll let it dry. – Now it’s time for my
favorite part, time to paint. – This is called the,
ball brush technique, it’s just what it sounds like,
you use the ball as a brush. And now, for the finishing touch on here, we just gotta add some
little rogue gumballs. – No, you have to paint
on the turning piece. – Well mine isn’t an
advanced piece of technology that does not require a turning piece. Just push the gumball you want, and it’ll pop out the bottom. – But there’s like three of
the same gumball on there. – Just in case three
people at once are like, I want that one! – Your machine is whack. Yo dude, these things looks so funny. – Yours looks insane. Three…two… – Wait, first three second like challenge. We wanna see if you can like this video in three seconds, are you ready? Here we go! Three…two…one…done! Tada! So here’s the gumball… – Aye, and the paint’s not even dry. – Well yeah, I can’t force it to dry. – Were you blowing on it? – So you get to comment down below, who made a better gumball machine. My favorite thing is how much it’s… – Oh, what! – I was gonna say stuck on there. So now the gumballs are all free. – And I think I know who won. – But right now we are
on to the next round. This round you don’t ask to
make an aquarium phone case. Right now, let’s go! – Why are we wearing these things bro? – Cause we’re underwater! – We are? – We’re underwater right now. – It seems like we’re
at the table Collins. – No. – I think it’s just cause
your glasses are foggy. – Yeah, that might be it. – Yeah, I think that’s it. – Oh, man. – Welcome back Collins. – They’re a little foggy. Yeet! To kick it off, we’ve got stickers. – Oh, oh, oh – Whooooo, yeet! Oooops. Right now we got some stickers, time to create the back of the aquarium. – Okay wait, so we add
em to the back over here. – The back over here. – Oh. Wait, what? – My aquarium is coming along nicely. – Dude, what sea creature is that? – That’s a plad-a-poctopus bro. – Really? – Next up, we need some sheet protectors. Now it’s time to cut these
into smaller sheet protectors. We now have the small page protector, as well as a small sheet
of parchment paper. So we’re gonna put this
on the inside right now. This next part here, you got to be very, very careful. We have also a larger
piece of parchment paper. So we’re gonna put this inside like this. And we are now going to use
one of these hair dryers. – Yes. – This is not a blow dryer. – No, it’s not. – You’re gonna take your hair heater. – Very carefully. – Very carefully. And use it to melt the plastic of the mini page protector together. Alright, there we go, it’s turned off. And now let’s see if it worked! – Dude, mine totally worked. – I did not think mine worked. And now I think we remove this little piece of paper in the middle. Now look, we gotta use this
thing here to get it out. – Dude, they actually have
little suction cups on each side. It’s like little plungers. – Hold that side, hold that side – Okay, okay, okay, got it. Oh. (yells in excitement) Nicely done! – Thank you, very much! Alright, so there we
go, we got that, yeet! And now it’s time to fill
it up, with the water. Funnel time! – Wait, what? – So we got a large funnel here, so we’re gonna pop this in the top. – Why not just freestyle it bro? – I never freestyle it! I never freestyle it! I never freestyle it! I never freestyle it. – I feel like that’s all you do. – Pour some out. – Oh man. Due to my natural instincts, I have a brilliant way of doing this. We’re gonna put the funnel up here, bottom part down over here, like this. So now we’re gonna pour the water in. (blowing) Add some air pressure to it. I’m gonna try to get it in here… – Aye dude, you know what, I’m
just gonna help you out here. – Ah, thank you man, I appreciate it. – Gotta get it open here. – You ready? Three…two…one! – Oh wait, oh dude! Bro! My ear! Dude! – I’m so sorry! Well as the old saying goes, “With a great noodle comes
great responsibility”, So I’m just gonna put this
on the side right now. – Bro, I am soaking wet. You want a hug? – No, no, no, no. – There’s your hug. – No, no, no! – There you go! – The real question, Devan,
did you hold the bag steady? – Really! – Alright… – You made me drop my pouch too dude. Whoa, whoa, hey, whoa – Sharing is caring. – Now you’re taking my water! – Dude, you have so
much water all over you, just ring out your shirt bro. Alright, here we go, we’re just gonna pour this little bit in there. Ooooooo, I wanna add a sharky to mine. – It’s all soggy. The sticker is soggy. – Haha! – Next up, now we gotta add a little aquatic fishies into it so I’m gonna go for a great white, Megalodon shark. He’s now in. Oh no, wait! No, the blue dye, the blue dye is actually
working in the water, whoa! – Can you help me out? – Yeah, so sorry. – Thank you, that didn’t really help. – I think my bag is leaking bro. Our aquarium cannot have
a breach in its security. Next up, we got the baby oil. How do you open this? I think it’s like, Collins proof. – Uh, I think it’s baby
proof Collins, but yeah. – How’d you do that? – Tada! – Oh here we go, got it! Oh whoops. Okay, so now I guess we fill up the rest of it with baby oil I was gonna go, right about there. – Alright. – Next up, we got the tape. So just gonna grab a
little bit off right now. It’s not cutting at all. – Probably because it’s super soggy! – Well, I’m out of tape. Can I borrow some of yours Devan, please? – No, you cannot! – Where’s your tape at? – It’s nowhere. You can use it after me Collins,
you can use it after me. – Thank you, that’s
very kind of you Devan. – You’re welcome. – Got it, and then now
we’re gonna put it on here, over here, like this,
and then peel it off. I have a better idea! Take your phone case, take your aquarium, and then you take your funnel,
put the phone in the funnel so now you can just talk,
and you can be listening on the phone over here,
like hey, what’s up? And then when it’s your turn to talk, You can turn the funnel
around, and be like, wuddup mom? Cause that like the only
person that ever calls me. – It just doesn’t even stick. – I feel with you, you have to be a lot more careful than we were. Do not get baby oil every where. – The real note is not
to get water everywhere. – Oh dude, oh bro! – Alright, time to reveal it, you ready? Three…two… Wait, first, if you want to
win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text
“DIY” to 81800 right now. So pause the video, text “DIY” to 81800 and you’ll be automatically
be entered in to win. – Comment down below, who
you think won this round. – Exactly, and how do you
think we should attach it to the phone in the future,
cause we can’t figure it out. Oh snap! One of you guys challenged us, to make a snack pouch for your phone case. Right now, let’s go! Oh snap, whoa! So first up, we gotta cut out the pouch. But for me, I’m just gonna
use my trusty dusty fingers. – Your trusty dusty? – Not dusty! Very clean fingers, no dust, yeet! Side number one, yeet! Pouch side number two, there we go. And now it’s just time to att… (laughter) – What are you laughing about? – Just the way that mine turned out. – I have traced mine, now
it’s time to cut it out. – My case is done, I’m
just gonna hold it in place like this instead of gluing it, because I don’t trust glue ever! Just gonna hold it like this forever, bro. – That’s quite a promise you have there. – Oh, bro, trust me! – What if we wanna play ping pong? – That’s gonna be an issue. I’ll play with my mouth. – Alright, I’ve painted my phone case, now it is time to paint the cut-out. – Want to point out, you
have yet to catch me slippin. – Alright, the cut-out is
painted, now it’s time to fold the edges, and put
it on to the phone case. And just like that, our
phone cases are done. – Yep, and now it’s time to figure out what snacks we should add. Celery, slices of apple, sauce of apples, strawberries, strawberry sauce, peanuts. So you can comment down below, oh snap, who made the better
phone case snack pouch. And right now, we’re on to the next one. New challenge, we’re
gonna make a phone case as a stress reliever,
so right now, let’s go. So for this, we’re gonna be making elephant slime, yeet! And so what I mean by elephant slime, is we’re gonna use this little elephant, a cute little thingy, bro. You’re not making elephant slime Devan, you’re making regular boring slime. First comes first, glue is in, easy. Next up, we got a handy
dandy shaving cream. So we gotta get this open now. To get this open, we got to use my little helper over here, my little friend. There we go, see, teamwork
makes the dream work. There we go! – That might be too much
bro, I hate to say it but. – Gonna pop this in here, and
I guess we just mix it up. Elephant time takes a little
bit more slime, but what? Elephant slime takes a
little bit more time. Alright, it’s gotten super creamy now, and time to add in the
Sta-Flo, so here we go. We’re gonna take this over here, like this and of course we gotta
use the finger of fury, to get it in there, so here we go. The finger of fury, and
then you use the thumb to leverage it over like that. – Wow, alright, that’s pretty cool. – Yo, this feels like marshmallow fluff. Mr. L’s doing a great
job mixing up the slime. His name is Mr. L. – Mine is not turning out. – You know what you need? – What? – You need the silver ball of destiny. – Yeah, okay. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa How’d you do that? I gotta go for the hand
over hand over hands. – See, it’s because I
didn’t make elephant slime. I made, general, regular old boring slime. – Booooooooooo. – Now that my slime is done, it’s time to add it
into the wubble bubble. – It’s elephant slime, it’s
time to do something different. You gotta use the roller of, yeah! Yeah! – Yeah! – Yeah! – Gotta use my two talon fingers… – Wait, your two what? – My two talented fingers. – Oh, I thought you said talon fingers. – Nope, nope, I said talented… – Bird? – Dude! Look at that! – Work with me, I wanna be that. You can be that too. – Put it on the phone case here, take one of these, that you have cut open and you put it around it, and done. – Wait, you’re fully done? I’m going about it a different way. I don’t think it’s going in. – Well, you know… – There’s a little bit of stuff… – Just hold my…wow – Yours doesn’t do that. – Bro, you’re seeming extremely stressed out right now, I think you just need to squeeze this once or twice, and you’ll be all set. Oh, nope, maybe not. – What, what’s wrong, oh. – But your hands dude. – Take the slime, put it on
the phone case like this. Now whenever you answer
a call, you’re like ring ring, hello. You get to comment down
below, who made a better stress relieving phone case, right now. Yeah, I gotta give it up on mine. This is gonna go back
into the elephant bowl. And right now, we’re on to the next one. Bro, I’m about to turn you into a minion with a minion voice changer
3000 right here, you ready? – Okay, yeah. Three, two, one. (mumbling) – (mumbles in high pitch voice) My voice! – You guys challenged us to
create a huge minion phone case. So right now, let’s go! – Wait bro, can you change my voice back? – Boom, there we go! – Oh, oh, it’s back! Yeah! – You’ll need blue fabric. – Blue, yeah, blue fabric. – Yellow fabric. Black fabric. So, then you’re gonna wanna cut these up into these shapes. – The first shape is a small boat. – And lovely mustache. – Swiss cheese, but with only one hole. – Next up, we have the almost square. – It’s almost a square. And now it’s time to assemble the minion. So we gotta get some lining around it. And now, we gotta put this on here. Let’s see if I can nail the precision. Now I got time for little overall straps. – Oh no, the glue is falling off. – Bam! I’m crushing this thing right now. – I should’ve done it your way. – Usually I’m not better
than Devan at these things, but this time, taking home the W. No L’s today. Gonna put the pocket down. And last but not least, we got of course, gotta put on the strap for the eyeballs. – So much glue every where. The two fabrics rubbed
together, and ugh, ew. Now it’s time for the overalls, ugh! – So we’re gonna lift it
up, and then drop it on. It’s very important you get
the camera hole properly. – Alright, alright, alright. – Now, time for the most
important part, the eyes. My guy’s gonna have three,
four, five, six eyes. – Alright, now it’s time
to add the googly eyes. – Mine’s got six, how
many does yours have? – One, a little off to the left. – What? He’s not even gonna have
a fidget spinner one? That’s the whole point of this, is to create fidget spinner eyes, so you can spin his eyes around. – Oh, alright, sure. Orange, eye fidget spinner. Now it’s time to add the googly eyes, and we’re still only gonna do one eye, a little bit off to the left. – Done, okay. So now I gotta transport
this to the minion. Boom! There we go! Fidget spinner’s on, the eyes are done. So here it is, these are
our completed minions. They did not turn out as
well as I thought they would. – No, not at all. – You spin it… – Yeah! – With the eyes spin on it,
that’s pretty cool for me. – Mines getting stuck, and
oh no, the eye came off. – You get to comment down
below, who made a better one. Right now, we’re on to the next one. Oh! – Oh, hey, Burt the minion bro! – Oh my gosh! – Oh! – You challenged us, oh my God! – What was that? – So we got a phone case, which is also a wallet, out of duct tape. – Dude. – So right now, let’s do it. Take this side over here. – Okay, alright. – Go, go, go, go, go. – And stop, gotta karate chop it off. That didn’t work. – That did not work. – So we’re gonna start with
making the duct tape wallet… – Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. That’s my duct tape. I got a very clear idea
how my duct tape wallet is gonna turn out, I used
to make these a while ago. And I ripped it in half already. You know what, it’s all
part of the game plan. Devan, can you grab that side for me? – What, really? – Keep goin, keep goin, keep goin. – Okay, okay, okay. – Keep goin, keep goin, keep goin, – Okay, okay. – And stop right there. – Alright perfect, thank you. – Oops, it’s getting a little bit tangled. A little purse. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s my friend duck! – Three, two , one. We need the orange tape, cause you wanna make sure that if you
ever lose your wallet, or drop it, you can immediately find it. So for this, you’re gonna
wanna wrap it around the circumference of a duck. This is duct tape, and you
gotta have a duck for it. Cause it’s a duct tape wallet. Cut it out here, oh,
that was almost close. – It was almost close,
it wasn’t even close. – Alright, so here we go. So gonna squeeze my
duck, come on out dude. Boom, there we go, yeet! – I think you just dented the wall. – Alright, so here we go. This is now the little bottom pouch, and I just need to seal off the bottom. We’re just gonna take a little while, so right now let’s fast
forward to the very end. – Dude! – Well here it is, time
for the big reveal. Dude, that thing look so
cool, and it’s functional. So right now, here we go! Three, two, one. Tada! Dude, these are these are so cool! – It actually works, bro, look at that! – What? – And, you can store some money. – Well you got money bro,
all I got was a duck. – Wait, what? – This is not fair at all. You may be wondering
where the phone case is, but the thing is, I
don’t need a phone case. You know why? Cause I don’t need a phone to communicate. I just got rubber ducks, rubber ducks are all you need in life. So right now you get
to comment down below, who made a better phone
wallet, out of duct tape. – Alright, I made another
one that actually works, because I will not accept defeat. – Dude, that thing looks so good! Three, two , one. Tada! – It actually works. – I can’t believe that’s like, what it’s supposed to look like. – Alright, we’re at the end of the video, and I’m actually kind of thirsty, Collins. Do you have any water by chance? – Yeah, actually we got a
water bottle phone case. A bonus phone case right here, bro. So, alright, take a drink. – Alright, yeah. – Wait, wait, first, sorry
I just got a text message I gotta take care of this first. – Um, okay? – Alright, we love you guys. Bye! (dance music)

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