3 Steps to Building Your Email List From Scratch

3 Steps to Building Your Email List From Scratch

are you sending monthly email and
newsletters but aren’t receiving the results that you want
I’m Jamar Diggs I’m going to show you how to get your first 100 quality email
subscriber quemo marketing is one of the most important things you can do for
your business or personal brand it gives you the opportunity to directly
communicate to the people that follow you online and in your business it also
allows you to drive people further down your sales funnel so building an email
list takes work hard work you want to be able to provide enough value for your
customer in order for them to always want to engage with you but remember you
asking your customers for their email is actually asking for a lot when you ask
for their email and you actually get it that means that you have direct access
to them so you don’t want to ruin that privilege so let’s start with step 1
create a content marketing strategy you want to always be ready to provide value
to your customers so that means getting blogs podcasts or videos ready for them
to quickly consume if you don’t have your counter strategy ready and
thought-out you won’t be able to keep the subscribers engaged and they’ll be
more likely to unsubscribe from you if you’re not sure about what content works
best to engage your customer let’s start by identifying who that customer
actually is I have three questions you should ask yourself so the first
question is what’s your customers problem think about your customer
struggles and how you can help them solve it the second question is how does
your customer consume information so do they watch videos do they listen to
podcast or do they like to read blogs also do they use social media on their
mobile phone or desktop the third question is what information does your
customer search for online so once you find out what those answers are you can
use those thin keywords to make topics for your blog post or podcasts or your
video once you have the answers to all those questions start creating the
content start making the videos the podcasts and the blog post and then
share that information in your email list to your customer so now it’s time
for step two creating a lead magnet leave agna is any type of offering that
changes the valuable resource for contact information of your customer
this could be anything from a PDF a checklist an industry report or email
course so what makes a good lead magnet there are three things every lead magnet
should have the first thing your lead magnet should do is solve a problem in
order to attract your ideal customer you have to solve a problem that they really
have be sure that it has a high perceived value meaning they’re willing
to pay to solve that problem but let’s leave due to your resource they don’t
have to next you want your lead magnet to be easy to read or watch you don’t
want to overwhelm the customer so you don’t want to go into too much detail
unless the topic really requires it the point of this is to give your customer a
quick win without making them feel like they should give up hope
the third thing your lead magnet should do is position you as the expert
whenever throwing down loads your resource you want them to easily see why
you’re so experienced and how you’re different than than other people in your
industry this will help you tell your story and eventually turn your leads
into customers so now it’s time for the third and final step in getting 100
email subscribers promoting your lead magnet you can easily promote it on
social media for instance use Facebook and Instagram live to discuss comput
relating to your lead magnet and get people to obtain the resource that way
if you’re in a group setting use your text opt-in features provided by your
email marketing software to deliver your lead magnet that way this would be a
great way for you to step up and solve a problem that your customer has in the
moment I currently use Constant Contact and leadpages for my little marketing
strategy so if you’re interested in researching a little bit more about
those tools I have listed them down below but really you don’t have to focus
so much on getting your first 100 subscribers focus on providing value to
the people that zesting your list and people that are going to be in your list
when you’re providing value subscribers will come I hope you really enjoyed this
video if you have any questions be sure to leave them down below be sure to LIKE
comment and share this video and don’t forget to subscribe but thanks so much
for watching that’s super hard on camera I thought
it’d be easy

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