1999 Corn Pops Commercial (Aaron Paul)

1999 Corn Pops Commercial (Aaron Paul)

son I think we need to talk uh-huh no not the heart-to-heart not now acting a little odd yeah uh-huh just leave a pamphlet on the table and Rita after break off responsibility huh man all I want to do is eat what is water sad so do we have an understanding uh-huh Kellogg's Corn Pops cereal is part of this complete breakfast I think we really got through to him gotta have my pop

22 thoughts on “1999 Corn Pops Commercial (Aaron Paul)”

  1. Years later no one could have ever predicted that it would actually be Walt Jr. that would become addicted to breakfast.

  2. So. This dude gets a role on a pops commercial.
    Plays price is right.
    And gets on one of the most popular tv shows ever?
    Damn man

  3. Holy shit I’ve always watch this commercial when I was little every then and now and I thought it was just weirdo rock kids because of the hair and I was like this kid is complaining too much and now I know he’s actually Jesse! One of the best actors out there that I love!!

  4. What you couldn’t hear is his science teacher Mr white called and said he is doing horrible in his science class

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