1978 Star Wars Holiday Special Commercials -- all 19 minutes of them!

1978 Star Wars Holiday Special Commercials — all 19 minutes of them!

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50 thoughts on “1978 Star Wars Holiday Special Commercials — all 19 minutes of them!”

  1. 1978: "let's have our advertisements be based on the jobs of people who assemble our products rather than the quality of the product themselves."

  2. I had that tie fighter at 18:13. Those spring loaded wings would really fly off with gusto when you pushed the button.

  3. I would have hated being a young boy during the Sheer Indulgence Ad while his mom & dad was in the room.

  4. 7:39 Eleven inches of snow kept the men home so their wives weren't fooling around with the pool boy or the milk man.

  5. No wonder I've never seen The Wild Geese, it was only shown in 3 select theaters 2 years before I was born! Must…have…Tobor…

  6. Before my time. People looked funny. However America looked to be less 'crippled' than today. Better times.

  7. Lol at CBS

    "You're all going to die of a new super bomb"

    "Soviet spies are in our back yard"


    "Lol y'all couldn't even get laid when snowed in"

  8. wow, can't believe they finally uncovered the lost subtitles to the star wars holiday special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Zv3tpiSNk

  9. "This side of the medicine chest is mine, is has a lot of things for a cold, it has my Vicodan, Xanax, Ambian, and Marijuana"

  10. May the Force be with YOU and your CHILDREN.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Really sad actually watching all those keep jobs in america commercials… So sad that it failed. Damn shame, now we only get shitty crap from asia.

  12. 0:08– WHERE'S MY FLYING CAR?!
    1:05– Where's my flying car, Willie?!
    1:21– Hmm. I can see that being used improperly. "On the next 'Will It Fit,' we'll be drawing a line straight into my ass! We'll see what kinda tunnels this truck can fit in. Also, batteries are included, but you're not getting them back."
    1:54– Oh, now you're just talking turkey. (Rolls eyes)
    2:08– (Covering ears) LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!
    2:25– Dividing their medicine cabinet the same way that 2 bickering roommates divided their living room in a sitcom is really the only thing that's keeping their marriage together.
    2:43– Yes, but it's the 70s. So, that is 100% cocane!
    2:57– "Uh look, we don't know the names of those places. All you need to know is that they're made by GODDAMN FOREIGNERS!" And something tells me there's more to you getting kicked out of the ladies' garment business!
    3:14– Damn, the Quartets have really aged since "Lollipop."
    3:45– Hmm. "I'd like to buy the world a Coke and a Union Label" doesn't quite have the same ring to it. I blame Bald Elton John.
    4:15– Yes, but do any of them come with Twitter? And by that, I mean do any of them have a blue bird inside of them?
    4:58– Just like Reggie Jackson: made of nuts with a caramel center. I prefer Willie McGee-McNougat.
    5:26– WHERE THE FUCK IS WILLIE RAWLES?! Did he die in a horrifying blowtorch accident? Wait. Is this the opening scene from Christine, when Christine dropped her hood on the man's hand? THAT'S what happened to Willie!
    6:08– But does it have rich Corinthian leather, AND WILL IT FLY?!
    6:20– Pff. Fool.
    6:53– Whoa! What was it like going into labor with THAT?!
    7:27– FAKE NEWS! Tell us about the Neutron Dance!
    7:38– Woof! Too bad that happened in the 70s. Today, he'd get a promotion.
    7:59– "Maybe if you didn't emasculate my side of the medicine cabinet I wanna bang!"
    8:21– I don't care. I'm gonna be watching NBC.
    8:27– Sorry, I don't own nearly enough polyester for that. Maybe I'll just go to the movie theater instead.
    9:02– Hmm. I'm gonna wait to see what they say on Midnight Screenings before I decide if I'm gonna see that.
    9:32– Must have gotten that in the refrigerated dough center. He needs to dance that weight off.
    9:41– Haha. The memory of that special lasted about as long as its own ad.
    9:59– "To pick up a brief case. To circle. To circle. Does it do circles?"
    10:10– Oh, you really broke your necks on that one. Personally, I'm holding out for Grobyc. That's "cyborg" spelled backwards. I felt like telling you that, just in case the Star Wars Holiday Special made you too stupid to figure that out.
    10:35– She may have OD'd while doing the Hustle in front of Andy Warhol, but her blush looked superb.
    10:49– No one listened to me about the eagles taking over the planet, but they're listening now.
    11:19– I have no idea what's going on, but I have to keep listening, OR ELSE I HATE AMERICA!
    11:44– …I never thought that my non-Whirlpool home appliances were dirty commies, BUT I DO NOW!
    11:52– …Have I reached my limit on cocaine references yet?
    12:00– I know about safe medicine. That's why I snort my Anacin using NEW one dollar bills. Still, it doesn't give me as big of a rush as Comtrex.
    12:35– Ooh ho good, 'cause that lingerie's gonna get stained as fuck.
    12:57– Oh, I think my wife is having an affair with the NEIGHBOR'S wife!
    13:11– Pff. Not as sexy as the Union Label Grandma Choir.
    13:24– YOU'RE DRUNK! TRY AGAIN! Orson Welles can sell me things while drunk. YOU certainly can't.
    13:47– You sound drunker than a person ordering a Mc10:35.
    13:59– AND it's been canceled.
    14:21– Pff. That's not a real bobcat. That's a car.
    14:48– (Acting uninterested) Are they? Are they really?
    15:18– But enough about you.
    15:59– Holy shit, it's that hilarious Fruit of the Loom sketch from In Living Color!
    16:15– Hahahahaha! That was his nutsack! You just castrated him!
    16:42– And then they got lost and instantly butchered by Leatherface.
    17:14– Hmm! That other commercial had a nicer ass. I'm gonna go with that one instead.
    17:52– Thank you, condescending ass. Also, your baby just fell out of the crib.
    18:23– (Sarcastically) Ooh, but I thought only the NEWER movies got commercial!
    19:24– Ah yes, a wine that says "We know the word 'colon' is in there. We just added a Y to it."

  13. 7:27 I love how this woman says that… it's like she's directly talking to modern day Americans.

  14. I just sat through twenty minutes of commercials and it felt like less than five minutes. Strange.

  15. flying high looks hella fun, and i'm glad those sheer indulgence ladies have got real panties in their pantyhose

  16. Somewhere in the reaches of my mind these commercials were forgotten as the Stars Wars Special was, thankfully.

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