100 thoughts on “100 Years Of Dance (GAME)”

  1. Great guest 🙂 I hope he comes back! Super talented, seemed to have a lovely, fun attitude and really nice to the crew who were brave enough to try these on camera!

  2. I'm not saying this video in particular but does it seems like something is off with Rhett and Link they had a fight or are burnt out from doing so many videos a week?

  3. More dance, yes! Derek is indeed a phenomenal dancer! Kudos to the mythical crew, too!! Great jobs! Though I was hoping Rhett and Link would dance, too. I love it when you guys dance!

  4. How do you not get The Bartman, what have you not seen every episode of simpsons between season 1-18 multiple times?


  5. Game Idea. "Would you Eat This?" make food that is either real food or fake food made for commercials. Guess if its real and fake then you have to eat it. Like this comment if you want this Game on the show

  6. 2:27 Link was trying to replicate the dance but ended up looking like he was trying to do the HYPE dance from a popular game

  7. I'm binge watching GMM and I've seen this episode a few times, but I just love how Link gets his figurine to do the spin around the 5:55 mark.

  8. damn, they didn't even give them a metronome or anything. I guess it would give it away to have music, but damn, dancing with no music is really hard.

  9. I hadn’t heard of Derick Hough before this but now I’m in love with him. Such a great dancer, such a fun goofball.

  10. wow, bethany, a normal looking attractive possibly straight female on the show. did not know that was possible.

  11. Derek Hough <3 <3 <3 <3 Please find a way to get him back on the show!!! (y'know, when he's not hosting a major TV show or involved in an international tour…..)

  12. "Are these dances Solid Gold". See, I love the pop-culture references that only people from our generation will understand. I LOVED that show as a kid!

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