10 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Commercials

10 Hilarious Gordon Ramsay Commercials

every time I ask you a question you need to come back to me with yes chef got it Gordon Ramsay is a Michelin star chef but his empire was not built from food alone this TV personality known for his sweary chef persona from various food based shows can also serve a pretty good laughs to his audiences he's been hired to peddle everything from AI assistants to Korean beer but always manages to entertain and amuse he's become almost a commercial staple so to save you some digging time here are the top 10 most hilarious Gordon Ramsay commercials okay so what's so funny walkers on the run because I never ever run away Gordon Ramsay loves good-quality food and in this ad he is absolutely obsessed with chips he is frantically looking all over the kitchen for his precious potato chip treats and getting right up in the chef's grills pun intended to find out who took them we can all get like that when we get cravings to be fair after scaring the plates out of a waitresses hand he finds his way to the very last chef he needs to question finally he arrives at Gary Lineker a footballing legend and potato chips fiend who has cleverly disguised himself using a fake mustache the classic ruse it works every time 60% of the time it works every time however the disguise couldn't help him when Ramsay heard a rustle from Gary's hat so Gordon takes back his chips and serves Gary's head for dinner apparently before airing the advert Walker's had to issue a disclaimer saying Ramsay definitely wouldn't be swearing given his track record I can see why people were worried about what he might say it seems viewers weren't the only ones who were anxious about Ramsay as Gary Lineker said it's going to be great fun because Gordon has a wicked sense of humor I will just treat him like a referee and agree with what he does so that I don't get into any trouble that's a good plan Gary we certainly wouldn't want to get in his way does some painful isn't it Gordon meets Alexa no 32 years of age you don't know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich the Alexis Superbowl commercial shows many stars including Gordon Ramsay helping the Amazon team when the unthinkable happens Alexa loses her voice this is probably the most well known Gordon Ramsay at as it has over 50 million views and was the most viewed ad of 2018 in the ad Amazon is in crisis and Alexa's all over the world are falling silent who can they call to save the day Gordon Ramsay cardi B and rebel Wilson of course in the ad Gordon fills in for Alexa in the cooking department answering stupid questions from grown adults about how to make very simple recipes sounds familiar right following this a new function was added for Alexa so that Gordon Ramsay can tell you off ah we're finally living in the future apparently saying Alexa asked Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about my food will prompt a classic Ramsay reply making you the star of your very own kitchen nightmares not too sure if that's a good thing according to Amazon there's a few nice replies in there too so better get practicing how can you do this to food I'm sleep at night AT&T makes Gordon happy not an easy task in this ad Gordon Ramsay joins the long list of tough customers that these saleswoman lily faces at AT&T even with the practice it's a hard job to keep Ramsay happy but Lily is a true Pro and is ready for anything he can throw at her in true Gordon Ramsay style he is very clear about what he wants a great phone plan without compromises she reels off some stats and he seems pretty happy in getting his own way hooray she can deliver and that's not something we see often you may love to that carrot cake don't you it looks like the no-nonsense chef has met an equally no-nonsense saleswoman Gordon says he doesn't know what to do when he's not angrily throwing things and to be fair it is strange not to see him disappointed she calls him terrifying which is pretty spot-on even though he was much calmer than his usual self so she's really only seen the tip of the iceberg after it aired gordon tweeted that he was a fish out of water with his hands not in a kitchen a phone shop is probably the furthest you could get from a kitchen to in our opinion he's just as funny in or out of the kitchen and it's nice to see a happy ending every so often good job Lily mobile sites BT Glee I'm about to get rumbled speaking of a fish out of water this ad puts Gordon everywhere in the restaurant except the kitchen this is advertising bTW for business hence why Gordon is caught as the admin of running a restaurant rather than cooking his delicious dishes starting in the wine cellar he creates an absolute whirlwind of chaos trying to set up his broadband Gordon is flinging wine bottles on the floor and causing a stir in the dining room so nothing new there but it's not normally his own restaurant that he's ripping apart for a man who can make Michelin star food in minutes he seriously struggles to follow instructions for fitting a Wi-Fi router while he's figuring that out the kitchen is in flames the staffer kickin back and the food is spilling all over the place they're all lost without him quick looks like he needs the BT package I mean they make a strong case I can't bear to see Gordon struggling it's like watching a reversed Kitchen Nightmares although this ad is hilarious BTW actually dropped Gordon in favor of Peter Jones the entrepreneur and fire-breathing lizard from Dragon's Den UK apparently this was because Jones embodies the entrepreneurial spirit which characterizes many small businesses personally we're not too sure that was a good investment controversial choice bTW odd I'm shutting it down Cass tast Rafi nutty fresh Gordon Ramsay got in some hot water over his unintentionally funny endorsement of the South Korean beer Cass this advert sees him enjoying dinner with a few friends in a Korean restaurant wild drinking Cass in the ad he really emphasizes its ability to pair with sweet spicy and hot dishes calling it bloody fresh that must be the first time he has ever given such a nice review he also wrinkles in some Ramsey critique though such as that's older than me and a fair amount of swearing can we say this advert was made as Gordon Ramsay was guest starring in please take care of my refrigerator a South Korean cooking competition show the controversy came from Gordon's seemingly insincere endorsement of castes as many people did not believe he liked it a reporter tweeted I'm losing my mind over this recent Korean ad Gordon Ramsay did forecast which is maybe the worst beer in the world ouch following this reaction Gordon defended himself at a press conference in Seoul saying casas the freshest and coolest adding that it's not too expensive or overly sophisticated in fairness to Ramsay it's not like him to hold his tongue if he doesn't like something and he's not scared of upsetting anyone the jury's still out on his endorsement and no one really knows if he actually likes Cass or just did it for the ad money see the ad for yourself and decide hey I'm so sorry he's hit him with a ton the F word welcome to the S words and in case you're wondering what the S stands for it's food of course the F word was a cooking program on channel 4 in the UK where Ramsay made three-course meals for a restaurant of 50 guests including celebrities and of course engaged in top-quality banter and cook offs with some lucky diners should be Shi T it was fairly successful and was rolled out to the US and 2014 this ad however is pretty old-school as the UK show aired in 2005 it sees Gordon giving a foodie spin on the classic gladiator scene to inspire his chefs into battle Gordon walks through a forest of scared but eager chefs a bit like a general in an army although it is visually similar to an angry bride walking down the aisle Gordon rallies his troops by screaming at the chef's this axe both is a good teaser for a signature Ramsay show as well as a motivator for these lost chefs the battle cries are joined by pot and pan percussion as they drum their culinary instruments that are riled up by Chef Ramsay Gordon even breaks the fourth wall and says watch this as they charge into the battlefield for him and he stands triumphantly in the middle of chaos Gordon is as always ready for a fight amazingly he still manages to play it very cool despite the chaos like a modern-day Braveheart British Airways safety video will now demonstrate the safety features on this aircraft please pay attention when using any form of transportation you'll always hear people saying safety first well airplanes are no different and British Airways wanted to make sure everyone was up-to-date with all current safety procedures to do this they decided to make a commercial but instead of making your typical boring PSA style advert British Airways took the comedic route they gathered up some of Britain's most famous personalities and beloved celebrities to put together one of the funniest airline commercials you'll ever see the venerable Gordon Ramsay appears early on in the commercial and to no one's surprise he ends up hilariously cursing out the director Muppet Sir Ian McKellen most known for his role as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings series really brings some class to the production which is apparently not what they were looking for if the cabin air supply fails oxygen will be provided and even Rowan Atkinson better known as Mr Bean makes an amazing appearance towards the end when he loses some spare change he's trying to put in a donation envelope and hilariously tries to navigate his way around the airline seats to retrieve it speaking of which though this commercial has the laughs it is also promoting a good cause to help children in need so we definitely approve this message and please do not inflate your lifejacket until you've left Gordon's gym well it does look magnificent ever wanted to see Gordon's soaking wet and freezing cold us too in his Gordon's gin an gordon was even icier than usual as they essentially make a cocktail on his head made in 2009 Gordon was ahead of the curve with the ice bucket challenge as this was five years before the viral trend although this was for a less charitable cause than ALS although he starts by looking reasonably majestic he is immediately with ice cubes and freezing gin with fresh cut limes to top it off that is a nightmare the slow motion makes it even better as he goes through every facial expression from confusion to shock to joy as the cocktail drenches his nice chef whites he wins this wet t-shirt contest hands down it would be impossible for him not to as he's the only contestant surely this hilarious ad campaign was a huge success well not really the Gordon's Jim brand unfortunately saw a decrease in sales after the ad aired and Gordon's blamed Gordon a spokesperson even said that Ramsay had been overhyped is that even possible Ramsay was swiftly replaced by the British actors Philip Glenister and Amelia Fox as Gordon's gin went in a classier direction to attract its old fan base back we really can't believe they took the Gordon out of Gordon's gin he's always drinking Jamie Kay Martin nightmares relax his shoulders look too tense well it seems obvious that Gordon can sell kitchen appliances this is what he knows best Kmart nabbed him to advertise their everyday Kmart Gordon Ramsay line of mean tools appliances to you and me but in the most disturbing way possible the shouty chef jumps up a notch from his usual scary self to a borderline psychopath while showing confused customer Frank how to use his expensive new appliances emerging from the shadows as Frank makes a foodie faux pas Ramsey jumps into action in a very intense way he brandishes a knife uncomfortably close to Frank's head and gives a little massage to calm him down obviously a creepy massage is not going to do the trick although he is helpful it's so unsettling to see him eagerly invading Frank's personal space Kmart clearly wanted to switch gears with their marketing campaign with their previous celebrity endorsement coming from the one and only Martha Stewart who is not nearly as terrifying since it was going to be such a jarring change of personality I guess they decided to really double down on Gordon Ramsay's natural error of intimidation we're glad they did as it shows a realistic idea of what it would feel like to cook with him watching of course it also makes for a pretty hilarious add Specsavers this is a classic should have gone to Specsavers ad but this one is so embarrassing you can feel the cringe just watching it you could be forgiven for thinking this isn't a Gordon Ramsay commercial as he's only in the last few seconds but the twist makes the waiting worthwhile it opens in a nice expensive looking hotel cue a confused old man in a towel walking into what appears to be a sauna crucially he has forgotten his glasses you might be able to tell where this is going he checks this towel at the door and begins to relax and let the steam melt his worries away ah but what's this on the seat Oh Elka a carrot food is never a good thing to find in a sauna it turns out he's wandered into Ramsay's kitchen and has his bare bottom on the chef's shelf a well-placed pepper grinder conveniently hides his full glory but Ramsay is not happy with the view he plunges his knife angrily at a large sausage which may be a very subtle metaphor to tell this poor lost soul that it's time to leave this is a very entertaining way of getting Gordon who has near perfect eyesight to advertise the free varifocal z– offer it's also a great example of classic tongue-in-cheek comedy who knew Gordon was so versatile you forgot one spot a big stick around and tap that screen to check out one of our other great videos and if you're here for the first time we'd love it if you subscribe to our Channel go ahead and swap that subscribe button and ding that notification bell

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  2. Uhhhhhhhhh, you guys want to see Gordon freezing and soaking wet?🤔

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  3. I love this dude! Even though Hotel Hell along with Kitchen Nightmares are a bit older, he’s awesome!

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  6. Gordon in take my refrigerator show is hillarious anyone who like seeing GR panicking and troubling lmao

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