10 Advertising Tricks That Have You Fooled!

10 Advertising Tricks That Have You Fooled!

22 thoughts on “10 Advertising Tricks That Have You Fooled!”

  1. thankfully, most advertising tricks, dont work on me. if youre aware of what theyre Trying to do and you either outright ignore it, or dismiss it because you know better then it makes the shopping experience, if not easier defiantly cheaper as you arent falling for the attempted tricks.

  2. Yes, I've fallen for these tricks. Especially the cereal mascot one. Another trick used is playing familiar songs during commercials. And also using famous people to sell products.

  3. lol, bunch of people in the comment section boasting off about how they`re not being fooled by advertising.

  4. good stuff, now days i rarely try anything new, i go for what i know i like, so technicly i can choose to go with the flow of stay…

  5. It blows my mind how many people fall for this crap without even thinking. You’re not saving! You’re spending more money!

  6. Nah these tactics don’t work on me. I’d compulsively buy everything in sight with or without them.

  7. 'we've all seen pushy salesmen' oh no you don't, go to an Egyptian market and you will meet the real ones, they even grab you to stop you from leaving without buying something, I don't know how I didn't punch at least one in the face so they would leave me the f alone

  8. I only buy cereal that I don’t think is gonna rape me, it has always been like that

    And it always will be

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