good morning it is day two of animate evolution we are back at McDonald's surprise we really do want a diet for tea yesterday was pretty slow I'm hoping today will pick up we have hotcakes breakfast whole plum cake for the sausage I have an iced coffee he has an iced coffee and I have a sausage and egg McMuffin and I my body is craving vegetables we're set up at the table now Brian it's hard at work pressing new darkness buttons for me cuz we're running low on this Finch but you are it's real early it's 10:16 I guess it's not that early but as you can see there are not that many people here at the mome mongos having some sort of like Team Rocket event right now and oh L so we have talked about heat again cuz it's delicious and Brian caught a shadow Zubat you gonna show me what it looks like well then i purified it okay why did you purify it just look like a dumbass golbat now oh yeah but it's also stronger and now and now it caught it cost last two like the ball you had one job show me a shadow totally very flattering angle look hey guys my name John Ben here's my friend euros bag with my Planning Commission's I am so proud of his children and got me a mousepad because my current mousepad is my high school diploma has for high school and he got diva cuz you're a nerd I know I might Alex this is a secret Commission for somebody's secret I can't I don't know how much I could say but I'm working on something and then some other nice condo or gave us hockey because they're really nice a pure and not horribly incorrect thing to draw a not so pure ah-hey cow version of it sorry mom this is the culmination of my years and years and years of drawing this is the best thing I have ever made and I cannot retire I'm about to devour this delicious food food it's green tea ice cream with strawberries and bananas and looks like chocolate drizzle I love having diabetes feeling product look at this we have a thief on our hands actually now I gave him living poori on sticker to put on his suitcase that's your payment for the day was more last year [Laughter] [Applause] they already ruined your egg at all is it good yes hey guys I'm back home now it is the end of day 2 for anime evolution and I am beat oh my gosh this con it was fun because I did see a lot of my friends there weren't that many attendees to be honest it was pretty barren the artists alley just like day one and I actually did more business on day one as opposed to day two but I guess day 2 was shorter and I left a little bit early but you know what that's okay I did have fun I do appreciate everyone that organized it and volunteered in it and like you know work to make this con fun and nice and awesome thank you for your efforts and for doing that for all of us I just want to show you what I got today at the artist alley so my boyfriend bought me this Ken Cole she macaws a mousepad it's so cute I believe the artist is me you I'll leave a little plug of their info right here and I currently use my old high school diploma as my mousepad so this will be a nice welcome change to have an actual soft and like made for Mouse's mousepad I only have one more convention this summer which is anime revolution I'm not doing all three days I'm only doing this Sunday August 11th so if you do want to come see me I will put the information on the screen somewhere or in the description box and I will be blogging at that one too do you hope that that one's busier I do know that there are definitely a lot more attendees at that convention as it is a lot bigger than anime evolution but here's hoping the table is expensive I am planning to have some new button designs at least because there's two weeks till the next convention and yeah I'm hoping for the best and if you like this video give it a thumbs up leave a comment down below for what you want to see next and subscribe to this channel if you haven't already I will try and post more art content yeah thanks for watching you guys Oh


  1. I only found out your channel a week ago and I already love it! You're so cute!
    Pls keep doing this amazing work

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