Where did the pigeon fly? Look, guys, here they are,
the bride and groom! This is our charming blue-eyed bride in a white wedding dress with purple accents and violet rose. And here’s our groom who gives her his heart. Do you promise to love each other until death parts you? I promise. I promise. You may now seal your marriage with a kiss. Hooray! I love you. And I love you. Thank you. And now the next couple please. Now we are husband and wife. Yes, we now have a family. Now it’s our turn, honey, let’s go. This is our moment we’ve been waiting for! And there are Lace and Leather behind us.
Do you remember them? The owner of a limousine company, of course. Let’s go. Next couple, please, our time is limited. Come on, honey. I’m so nervous. Don’t be, I love you. So, dear Roman, I want to ask you. Do you promise to protect and keep
your chosen one safe, to look for answers only in her eyes, to find comfort and peace only with her? Yes, I do. I love her so much. I love you too. Julia, do you promise to be not only a beloved and caring wife
for Roman, but also the most loyal friend, support him in all undertakings and give him beautiful kids? Yes, I do. So having exchanged your vows, you announced your intention to leave together in love and harmony for the rest of your lives. Now you are husband and wife. You can exchange rings. Congratulations, dear! And I congratulate you! Now we are husband and wife. Please, the next couple,
come on, Lace and Leather. Guys, Lace and Leather are going to be
husband and wife! Oh, this is the day we’ve waiting for. I’m so happy for Lace. Oh, and it is so beautiful here! Yes, I want to get married too. Well done, Leather. Our Lace is the most beautiful bride ever. Hurry, come, it’s starting. It’s great that our guests
are ordinary girls again, and not these huge squishies. And for we thank the girls, who write comments on the ‘My Toys Рink’ channel. Now everything is going to start! Guys, look how many guests have gathered, LOL dolls, and behind them are brides and grooms, who have already become husbands and wives. We are waiting only for our Lace and Leather. And the “Wedding Ceremony” set was in this box from Playmobil. “Wedding Ceremony. City Life” I really like these Playmobil sets, because they can be collected as Lego. First, we will collect the pavilion. Good. Now here are the partitions. Let’s hang white and red roses
on green branches. Done! Let’s hang our decoration. And here is a wedding decoration on top. Now we will decorate the design
with ribbons and flowers. Oh, fabulous! And there should be a wedding ring holder, grass with bushes. This one is too much. Well, it’s much more beautiful like that! And fasten the roses on the sides. Table, beautiful wedding bouquet. Wedding registrar. He needs a table and the text which he will read at the wedding. A bride who needs a beautiful wedding dress, put this transparent veil on her hair. And fasten chignon on top. The bride is ready. And the groom should wear white cuffs. Handsome guy! Look what a luxurious
blue tailcoat he is wearing. Let’s go! Wow! Groom, where is your heart? Yeah, right. Where is it? In the chest, son! Well, here is my heart. That’s all, now I’m ready. Dear Lace and Leather, today is your family’s birthday! Today, Lace, you will become a wife, and you Leather – a husband! Tell me, Lace, do you love your fiance? Yes, very much! Do you promise to be with him in joy and sorrow, in separation and sadness? Yes, I do. And you Leather, do you love Lace? I do! Do you want to marry Lace? To love and respect her
for the rest of your days? I do. So, I now pronounce you husband and wife! You can give your heart to your spouse. Hooray! Congratulations! Lace, I love you very much. And I love you. Here is my heart. Thank you. Now you are my love forever. This is the best day ever. Of course! What a pity that it will end soon. Yes, it will, but tomorrow our honeymoon will start! That’s right! It really is, guys! The wedding journey of Lace and Leather begins. Congratulations on their
becoming husband and wife. And we will go with them to… I will not tell you where they’re going. There will be a series
about Lace and Leather’s wedding trip. So do not miss it! Bye Bye! Next, please. Come on, Lace. Oh, what is it? Honey, where is your fiance? Guys, such a beautiful bride,
and without a groom. I do not know, he did not come. Oh no! Why did you come here? With whom will I marry you? I don’t know, but I really want
to get married. Gee, guys. Would you like to get married? Well, write in the comments. Now they are husband and wife forever.

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  6. Май тойс Пинк Я очень люблю твои красивые видео потому что про куколок Лол я просто обожаю когда ты их мне показываешь то я всегда хочу выиграть шарик Лол твоём конкурсе но у меня это никогда не получится Сделай это шанс чтобы у меня всё получилось целую тебя

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