• Vincent van Gogh for Children: Biography for Kids – FreeSchool
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    Vincent van Gogh for Children: Biography for Kids – FreeSchool

    You’re watching FreeSchool! Today we’re going to learn about the famous artist, Vincent van Gogh. Born in 1853, Vincent van Gogh was a 19th century Dutch painter. Dutch is the word for people from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a small country in Western Europe. When he was a young man, van Gogh traveled to France, England, and Belgium, but near the end of his life he moved to France. Although van Gogh began to draw when he a child, he did not start painting until he was in his late twenties and many of his best paintings were only done in the last two years of his life, before…

  • The Revenge of Han van Meegeren, One of the Great Art Forgers of All Time
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    The Revenge of Han van Meegeren, One of the Great Art Forgers of All Time

    Han van Meegeren was born in 1889 and developed an interest in painting at a young age. He wasn’t supported in his dream to become an artist by his father, who forbade van Meegeren’s artistic development, trying to steer his son in the direction of architecture instead. Undeterred, van Meegeren met Bartus Kortelling—a teacher and painter—at his school, and Kortelling later became van Meegeren’s mentor. Kortelling loved paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and likely had a hand in van Meegeren’s love of golden age paintings as well. A particular fan of Johannes Vermeer, Kortelling showed his protégé how Vermeer mixed his colours—a lesson that would have a great impact…

  • Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Studio Ghibli Characters From Memory
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    Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Studio Ghibli Characters From Memory

    hey I’m Kira hey I’m butch creator of fairly oddparents Danny fan on the tuff puppy and Bunsen is a beast on Nickelodeon and today we’re drawing Studio Ghibli characters from memory and be sure to stick around at the end of the video to find out how you can enter for a chance to win this Wacom Intuos tablet courtesy of our good friends at welcome creative there’s two free creative software downloads and pistachios it doesn’t come with pistachios it’s the colors pistachio I think everyone’s gonna get mad at me I’ve always seen a limited number of Miyazaki films I appreciate what he’s done but I’m tremendously…

  • How The Rosetta Stone Unlocked Hieroglyphics
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    How The Rosetta Stone Unlocked Hieroglyphics

    I’m in the British Museum, after hours when all the visitors have gone, and here is the Rosetta Stone. It was the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics, and it is one of the most precious and valuable treasures of the British Museum. Okay, this isn’t the actual Rosetta Stone, that’s locked away in an incredibly well-secured cabinet on the other side of the Great Court, this is the replica that they let people touch. And so many people touch it that they have to hand-make a new replica every couple of years. Anyway. Until the Rosetta Stone was discovered, and promptly “acquired”, by Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt, no-one in the…

  • The Story of Bottled Water
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    The Story of Bottled Water

    This is a story about a world obsessed with stuff. It’s a story about a system in crisis. We’re trashing the planet. We’re trashing each other. And we’re not even having fun. The good thing is that when we start to understand the system, we start to see lots of places to step in and turn these problems into solutions. One of the problems with trying to use less stuff is that sometimes we feel like we really need it. What if you live in a city like, say, Cleveland and you want a glass of water? Are you going to take your chances and get it from the city…

  • NASA | Blazar Bonanza
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    NASA | Blazar Bonanza

    [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Narrator: Parkes 1441+25 is a distant galaxy powered by a supermassive black hole. It’s so far away its light takes more than half the current age of the universe to reach us. This is NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, our sharpest satellite eyes on the gamma-ray sky. But Fermi’s effective collecting area is about the size of two office desks. It can’t catch everything. Ground-based gamma-ray observatories sport much larger light collectors than Fermi, but like traditional telescopes, they only work at night. Both MAGIC and VERITAS work by catching faint flashes of visible light produced when a high-energy gamma ray strikes the upper atmosphere. This…

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Excel – Excel Basics Tutorial
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    The Beginner’s Guide to Excel – Excel Basics Tutorial

    Welcome to this excel basics video tutorial in this tutorial I’ll be showing you most of the basics that you need to know in order to get started using Microsoft excel and The version of excel that I’m going to be using in this tutorial is excel 2016 [for] Windows having said that if you’re using a different version of excel Maybe an older version or even a newer version or if you use excel on a mac there will be some slight differences But for the most part I would say 95% of what I show in this tutorial will [be] very applicable to You and your usage of…

  • C++ Tutorial From Basic to Advance
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    C++ Tutorial From Basic to Advance

    what is going on everybody my name is Bucky Roberts and welcome to your very first C++ tutorial now my guess is that if you’re watching this video you probably already have a basic understanding of what C++ is but for those of you guys who don’t C++ is a computer programming language it’s how you make computer programs computer games so if you’re interested in making any of those then congratulations you’re in the right spot so before we just start opening any program and trying to write C++ code I want to let you guys know that you need to download and install a few programs first now…

  • Sara Speaking About ANF Therapy
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    Sara Speaking About ANF Therapy

    o las harán muchas gracias por venir a yenes academy cuéntanos cómo ha sido tu experiencia usando la terapia bueno pues para mí la experiencia acción muy sorprendente porque yo llevaba muchísimos años muy enferma y los muchísimos especialistas no encontrarán la solución y está muy cansada ya de estar así y para mí ha sido sorprendente el cambio que dado el vuelto otra vez a ser yo misma físicamente y mentalmente tus niños también han tenido han hecho la terapia cómo le han ido pues mi hijo mayor venía por mucho dolor de cabeza muchas migrañas ya siempre con el cambio de tiempo tenía muchos problemas y ya no…